¿Did John McCain just lose Somos Republicanos?

Either John McCain compromised his principles or Somos Republicanos compromised theirs.

Arizona Hispanic Republicans React To SB 1070 And We View It As An Attack Against Our Civil Rights

For Immediate Release: Friday, April 23, 2010 – 1330 hours

Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Hispanic Republicans believe that it is unfortunate for Jan Brewer to support Pearce’s bill. The greatest leaders in our nation had courage, and we believe that Brewer made her decision in an effort to save her political career. Jan Brewer’s decision will mark today as the day in which Hispanic Americans will follow the footsteps of the Great Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Pearce and Brewer do not see the unintended consequences of their actions, and it appears that they were willing to make decisions that affect us at the cost of trampling on our Constitutional Rights.

We believe this party was founded by Abraham Lincoln, a man who was instrumental in doing away with evils towards people of color. We must never forget the price Abraham paid with his own life, and for that we at least owe a fight to bring this party back to our true roots. Later, the Republican Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. picked up Abe’s mantle and helped fight the injustice of racism. Republicans in that era fought to free blacks from slavery, which gave people of color freedoms and citizenship.

It is unfortunate that our own members of the Republican Party believe that we have to trample on our Constitution in order to “enforce our laws.” We believe that Pearce is easing the requirements for “probable cause” and his attempt in expanding our government. What Pearce’s bill proves is that he does not have the answer for illegal immigration within the confines of the American Constitution, and in fact he is not solving the problem by creating more problems.

We believe United States Hispanic citizens have a right to be safe in their person from illegal searches and seizures, and we believe Pearce’s efforts are violating that. SB 1070 is a direct slap in the face to Hispanic Americans who have fought and died for several American wars because this new law can be abused by authorities to pull us over with mere “reasonable suspicion”.

That said, and even though we are taking a stance against Jan Brewer and Russell Pearce’s law, we are ultimately holding President Obama accountable. Obama promised Hispanics that he would pass immigration reform within 90 days of his Presidency. Had Obama carried out his promises to Hispanics last year, the Hispanic community would not be experiencing the crisis we are experiencing right now. There has been recent criticism over our Senator John McCain because John McCain probably feels he cannot win the primary elections due to his previous stances on championing immigration reform and the consistent untrue attacks by Hayworth. It is understandable on why McCain believes he is in the fight of his life. For the record, Senator McCain has taken action in the past while Obama has not. McCain’s valuable experience contributed to Americans winning the Iraq war. The problem is this: There are more Latinos registered as Democrats in the State of Arizona that cannot vote for McCain in the primary elections and McCain wants to win. How can these hypocritical democrat leaders lay blame to the McCain when at the very least McCain has action to back his words? Why aren’t Democrat leaders holding Obama’s feet to the fire? Hispanics are more aligned with Republican values because of our social conservative values and our belief in the Creator; and if Hispanics want to make a real change to help change the face of our Party to bring it back to the Party of Abraham Lincoln, then I call upon all Latinos (Democrat and Independent) to register themselves as Republicans in order to bring it back to those roots.

Hispanic families are agonizing over this issue. Russell Pearce has not articulated a proactive approach to what will happen to American born children and their welfare as they are ripped apart from their parents. In fact, Russell Pearce believes that children born of illegal immigrants should not be declared as citizens.

Arizona Hispanic Republicans will not vote for Jan Brewer this year because we are holding her accountable for supporting a bill that violates the Constitution and our Civil Rights. I have sounded the alarm to all Republicans in this state that the passing of this bill is political suicide.

The State of Arizona already has a blemish because we were the last state of the Union to recognize Martin Luther King as an official holiday. Arizona Hispanic Republicans will write an open letter to our RNC Chair, Michael Steele, as he continues to consider where to hold our next 2011 GOP convention. We will caution our RNC Chair to consider the consequences of that because then it could be perceived as rewarding the state that implemented strong anti-Hispanic laws that has rattled our community and our Civil Rights.


  1. Yeah right. says

    Gee, I guess they are not real Republicans either.

    So why should this matter to the folks who love this blog so much?

    After all, these folks are not Real Republicans.

    And they are telling the RNC not to come to this moronic state.

    Good for them.

    After all, they are just trying to make some changes in the Republican Party.

    BTW, a few new faces might make some of the radicals here uncomfortable. I am sure that a little renaming will have the desired effect.

    Gov. Wallace’s American Independent Party is now pretty much available, and has such a fine southern populist tradition available for those who follow the folly.

  2. Does that group really support ANY Republicans? Go away.

  3. nightcrawler says

    “I call upon all Latinos (Democrat and Independent) to register themselves as Republicans in order to bring it back to those roots.”

    Now there is an unforseen twist. For those who voted yes on 1070 did you make that calculation ? Timing is everything..

    This is what Democracy is all about. Just as the Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters are welcome in the GOP so should be Somos Republicanos.

  4. I have no clue what he said. That was so disjointed.

    I agree with this new Bill, we need to get a handle on our Illegal Alien problem. The Fed Govt has been remiss in their duties to the American Citizens. The only way to reduce the hugh numbers of these people who seem to think we owe them a life in the United States is to build the fence and stop all employment. Take a new look at the citizenship amendment. A child of illegals or of a Diplomat born here does not make them an American citizen, contrary to Teddy Kennedy who had the immigration policy changed back in the 60’s. Another generation we must have slept through thinking we should trust our elected Representatives. This could be political suicide or saving Jan Brewer’s career we will find out in August. But we deserved better from our government and we were not receiving it.

  5. Remember, the latest poll shows 70% of the people support this bill. It is NOT a republican bill, it’s and Arizonan bill. The democrats voting against it will answer to their constituents next election.

  6. kralmajales says

    I’d like to see that poll done again. Now that people know what the heck they were being asked whether they support…might be interesting.

    I just watched George Will trash it after the “traditional” argument for closing the border with yet more and more and more taxdollars. I also watched David Brooks trash it.

    Oh…I forgot…they are RINOs. Keep pitching them out and, yeah, you’ll be left with a party that couldn’t elect a soul to office.

  7. Like deja vu. The same verbatim lines gobbed up comments right here this week.

    1) Hispanic soldiers’ sacrifices for all our rights dashed to pieces when they might ever get pulled over for say, speeding and the cops look at their licenses, and … well, that ends that. The Marine cop tells the Marine Hispanic Semper Fi. The Army cop tells the Army Hispanic Hoo-rah. Probably get a warning instead of ticket. Next.

    2) Families rent asunder. Illegal parents regretting their decision to have anchor babies and ten years later, STILL haven’t lifted a finger to rectify their own illegal status … so they get mad at everyone else because their gamble didn’t pan out. Why are the appeals to everyone ELSE to feel sorry for their kids, when the appeals should have been to the PARENTS ten years ago, nine years ago, eight years ago, five years ago to make sure they wouldn’t put their own kids in a bad position? And is there something peculiar about taking their kids WITH THEM to Mexico if they must go? WHat’s this artificial crisis business about having to LEAVE their kids in the USA? What? What?

    3) “Republicans in that era fought to free blacks from slavery, which gave people of color freedoms and citizenship.”
    Well, that’s nice to hear at last, since many commentators deny this history, but the problem is of course, that Black slaves by 1864 were all US born and thus 100% citizens by birth and were being denied their Constitutional Rights. It absolutely required correction.

    However, illegals in America are LEGAL CITIZENS OF OTHER COUNTRIES. They have not revoked any rights or loyalities to their birth nations, and by staying in the USA, despite being fully cognizant they are illegal, have demonstrated a lack of respect for laws of the host country, in this case, the USA.

    It is not the same thing at all.

  8. Stephen Kohut says


    “I’d like to see that poll done again.”

    There is no need. It’s called the ballot box where EVERY anti-illegal immigration referendum passed by at least 70%. It is what Arizonans want and agree on as a whole more than any other issue. We agree on this issue and have made our stance. Any politician that backs the 30% over the 70% is a fool.

  9. What don’t Kral, Yeah Right and Co. grasp about the word “illegal”!

    Does any other country on the planet have an “open borders” policy?

  10. Dee Dee Blase is the spokesperson for this “Somos Republicans” group. Can she please stop lumping in ALL Republicans who are Hispanic into the same group. I am Hispanic. I am a Republican. I SUPPORT SB1070. She does not speak for me, or anyone around me. Who made her my spokesperson. I don’t need a “leader”, as I am fully capable of leading my own self.

    I have never felt harassed, threatened, or fearful, ever! Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas have my vote! Illegal immigration is a huge cause of Arizona’s budget mess. Dee Dee, please say you speak for your particular organization, but do not say you speak for Hispanic Republicans. You do not, nor will you ever. SB1070 is what this state needs. Period. How do you think every illegal immigration proposal put to the voters has passed with overwhelming majorities? Well, simply, it’s because of huge support from fellow Hispanics. LEGAL Hispanics who respect the laws of the United States, not illegal aliens!

    Dee Dee, I know you do good work for the pro life movement, and help most conservative causes, and you should be commended for that! However, it’s disappointing to see you using the same misinformation and smear tactics that liberals use against the very issues that you advocate for.

  11. I understand Rasmussen admits that 80% of the persons polled were white. Hispanics comprise 30% of Arizona’s population. You can decide how ‘representative’ the poll is of the electorate of the Grand Canyon state.

  12. kralmajales says

    “And is there something peculiar about taking their kids WITH THEM to Mexico if they must go? WHat’s this artificial crisis business about having to LEAVE their kids in the USA? What? What?”

    You are a horses ass…you are so ignorant and cruel, I cannot even believe it. These kids have grown up here, have friends here, and if you knew any of them you might not slather your hate of their “illegal” parents in front of them either.

    I would take any of them as American before I would you. They likely wouldn’t go around blaming their problems or strike their weird assed vision of the world on others.

    I hope the hell you aren’t a christian because if you are, I can assure you that Christ would have never, ever, condoned such a statement.

    But go ahead…just shows your character.

  13. kralmajales says

    Ron…Hispanics don’t count anyway. Not sure anyone cares about their opinion. Some of them are “anchor babies”…after all.

  14. You are a horses ass…you are so ignorant and cruel, I cannot even believe it. These kids have grown up here, have friends here, and if you knew any of them you might not slather your hate of their “illegal” parents in front of them either.

    I take care of my kids, country to country. They had to leave ALL their friends when they had to move, over 8 times in their lives alread, and start over from zero each time. Millions of American kids every year have to leave their friends and move with their families.

    You are demanding a special category of treatment, standards, privileges, benefits and phony sentimentality for ONE group of people and kicking anyone who objects.

    NOt a peep for the plight of millions of American kids, forced to relocate with their families’ work, but tearing of robes and ashes on the head and crocodile weeping for “Hispanic” kids who MIGHT have to relocate to stay with their parents.

    Pathetic. Phony. Hate-filled.

  15. I hope the hell you aren’t a christian because if you are, I can assure you that Christ would have never, ever, condoned such a statement.



    Illegal status is unChristian, counted as rebellion against the governments God has placed over the affairs of men, and by that a rebellion against God Himself.

    Lying, a sin, is always associated to cover up the illegal status.

  16. “Some of them are “anchor babies”…after all”

    Which by definition means a deliberate conceiving of children as TOOLS to work entry into the USA.

  17. Johnnyshine says

    Latinos are the largest minority group in the US, and as such, have the highest birthrate of any minority group in the US.

    I admit that I am fearful of great changes in the social and ethnic fabric of the United States. That is why I support this bill. I do not think that makes me racist.

  18. If Mexican Americans will not vote for McCain because he is trying to keep our State and Nation free of crime and drugs then I would call those voters unpatriotic. We need secured borders, Obama has been hearing this from McCain for over a year now. Obama clearly has issues with McCain and it has reached the time that McCain seemingly had to take a different, more forceful approach to protect our State. Obama should have taken steps to secure our Nation long before now…

  19. This will cause a split within the illegal Hispanic community – between the working families that like where they are and don’t want to go back to low wages and Spanish colonial heritage race-based oligarchy government, they want a LOW PROFILE, quiet, innocuous, an inoffensive tactic that’s served them well for years – versus the agitator/activists with a radical political, confrontational agenda. Actually maybe a three-way split with the drug cartel criminals trying to decide which side they should bet on to preserve their drug monopolies – the laying low quiet ones or the aggressive, maybe actually grab some power and control types.

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