Zealots Everywhere!

Did you catch the quote in today’s Arizona Republic in which a Napolitano campaign consultant called Len Munsil a zealot? Here’s the quote:

Barry Dill, a Napolitano campaign consultant, responded in kind.

“Over the next eight weeks, we are confident that Len Munsil will be exposed for the inexperienced, out-of-the-mainstream zealot that he truly is,” Dill said.

Wow. Almost 232,000 votes cast for Republican conservatives Len Munsil and Don Goldwater and that’s the best the Napolitano camp can do? Imagine if the Bush administration had called a quarter million muslims zealots? Think of the outrage and outcry by Democrats.

Something tells me that the only thing Napolitano can run on is fear from people of faith. Calling Len Munsil a “zealot” will only further reinforce the notion that Dems are godless and see Christians as 2nd class citizens – big and probably politically-fatal mistake.

Anyone who knows Len Munsil, will tell you that Len is anything but a zealot. In fact the Len Munsil I know is one of the most compassionate gentlemen I’ve known. So I have to wonder if this tactic of faith-based discrimination will put Mr. Dill in a pickle with the Napolitano campaign.

One must remember that during the debates, it was Len who rebuked (now there’s a zealous word) the other minor candidates for speculating on Napolitano’s sexual orientation.

No, Len Munsil is no extremists and many more Arizonans will discover that his views are far more in line with their own views of raising a family in a safe and prosperous community.


  1. Yes, really – I do!

    What happened to all my conservative buddies who were blogging on the CD 8 and gubernatorial races?!?! Did everyone go on vacation? We need more coverage on the southern Arizona races too!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    We’re still here. After 13 hours in the sun, wind, and rain working the polls some of are a little tired. Have no fear. We will be back in force and more organized than before.

    Vacation, what’s that?

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    As I commented on the post below… And so it begins…

    “And Len will be put into a tiny box on the far right and not let out. Not by Napolitano, and not by the media. They don’t give him enough money to fight his way out and if he’s the victim of another “push poll” its really going to start to look suspicious. His problem is the same as Andy Thomas’ four years ago. No name id and not enough money. You wanted him, you got him… Now who’ve we got to run in 2010?”

  4. I am here as well – yeah a bit emotionallly drained from working the polls for Rosati who lost to Rhino Allen! UGH! Scottsdale -you got what you wanted!

  5. Looks like DSW has a little too much time on his hands.

    Jeeeeez he must have had at least 12 or 13 posts and comments in the past two days. He needs to remember this is an “Alliance” not a DSW Blog.

    Will someone PLEASE find him a job?

  6. I’d hardly call a McCain endorsement putting Len in a “tiny box on the far right…”

    Everyone needs to remember this is a Republican State. Republicans hold a margin. The dynamics are very different than they were in 2002. There is no major 3rd party candidate syphoning votes away. Len is running clean just like Janet and the GOP holds an even larger voter registration margin! This is going to be a quite different race with Janet trying to explain her record number of vetoes and Len presenting a very different vision for the future in which there is no obstructionism.

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  8. To Oro Valley Dad….

    Yes we will be out in force the next two months.. count me in for all our candidates.

    My feet still hurt 🙁

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