You’ve earned a rest, Joe

Joe Arpaio 

A letter from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrived in my mailbox. It was a friendly note, calling me by name in the salutation. As I read further, Joe told me he is running for re-election and would like to be able to count on me for a campaign donation. I was delighted to find that my spouse and I can donate $390 dollars each—just a tad short of $800 big ones.

In his letter, in which he implores, “Please don’t set this letter aside,” he goes after his 2004 opponent, Dan Saban. Arpaio chastises him for switching parties to run as a Democrat, an expedient move which will give Saban a better shot at getting through the primary.

Arpaio states, “if this isn’t political opportunism, I don’t know what is!” He should know. Joe Arpaio was a lifelong DEMOCRAT until he decided to switch party affiliation to run for sheriff in 1992. Was that political opportunism, also, Joe? His 2002 endorsement of Janet Napolitano did little to endear him to the Republican base, but his well-oiled spin machine keeps his name in the public eye and his challengers have an uphill battle. Especially Saban, who was the subject of an seamy “opposition research” campaign.

First elected in 1992, Joe is 75 years old. The election will be in 2008. Self-described as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” Joe will be 76 if he wins this race. Multiple lawsuits against him and accompanying settlements in the millions, have also made him the Most Expensive Sheriff.

The elected sheriff serves a four-year stint, which would put him at 80 as he nears the end of his term. This is a full-time and stressful job in the fourth largest county in the United States.

Question: Could the time have come for someone else to take a turn at wearing the badge?


  1. FDR thought he was indispensable, too. You can’t be king forever.
    Here’s an idea:

  2. Be careful what you say, or you might make it on his list. You don’t want to wake up and find the Maricopa County tank in your driveway one day, do you?

  3. Hometown Guy says

    So citizens exercising their First Amendment rights need to fear our county’s elected top cop?

  4. Be afraid, be very afraid. If anyone would look into the amount of beer that is sold at the swap meet located at 35th Ave & Buckeye Rd. every weekend, then look at the number of incidents that have been reported by MCSO since they were hired and the Phx. PD removed from the location… from what I hear, you just might consider it criminal.

  5. The Politico Mafioso gang are touting Arpaio, saying he called to give them the scoop on his latest arrests. That’s great news! No one is taking the sheriff to task for his aggressiveness in dealing with illegals. More power to him for that. Kudos to the Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas, in that regard, as well. Both of these guys are dealing with a major problem in the best ways possible.

    The issue is Arpaio sending out a campaign letter in which he is grousing about his opponent doing exactly what he did prior to his first run for sheriff, and he calls it “political opportunism.”

    Also a eighty year old sheriff, as he finishes off his next term, IS a bit over the top.

  6. Jean McGrath says

    Arpaio is the most expensive elected official Maricopa County has ever had. The insurance deductible for the County used to be $1 million. Arpaio has killed and maimed so many people in his jail and lost the subsequent lawsuits, that the insurance company has mandated a $5 million deductible. Every lawsuit in the county now costs Maricopa residents the first $5 million whether it is the sheriff or any other part of the County being sued. We can’t afford him.

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