You Tube hides truth of abortion.

Warning – Powerful examples of cultural bias against human life! 

     A video exposing the truth behind the modern abortion industry was posted on You Tube on February 7, 2007. You are not able to view the video with out being logged in because it has been tagged as inappropriate. But if you search for “Saving Private Ryan” at You Tube this video is available without restriction (posted in October, 2006.) Hopefully You Tube will review their practices and stop restricting the truth and start actually limiting gratuitous violence.

     The video about Baby Rowan can be viewed without restriction at ProLifeBlogs.

Monday 2-12-07, 5:10 pm


  1. I didn’t watch, I can’t. But, if it shows the reality of the horror that is abortion and if you have any question about it…you should. Many years ago when I first began a career in medicine I believed the premise that I could not judge my patients because I had no idea what their life experiences were that may have brought them to place where I would give them care. I worked in the emergency room of a very small hospital; a part of the service was scheduled procedures during the week, things that now would be done on an outpatient basis. Among them, TAB’s, or therapeutic abortions, which was the technical term for elective abortion. I assisted with one and the sight of what happened made me sick. I tried to convince myself it was not my decision or my judgment to make. So, I agreed to assist with another on another day. That was the end of it. I could no longer hide my own convictions behind the lie that was a “procedure”. To this day, the visions make me so sad and sorrowful, not just for the innocent lives that were taken but the lives of the women who made that decision.

  2. Here is the text of the story on Pro-Life Blogs:

    Baby Rowan 911 call
    This is a 911 call unlike any other you may ever hear. It was just posted on You Tube. Made on April 2, 2005, the call was to report a baby had been aborted alive in an Orlando abortion mill. It was not clinic workers who made the call but a friend of the aborting mom, reporting clinic workers were attempting to ensure the baby’s demise. It seems to me 911 operators also helped ensure the baby’s demise by mishandling the call, solely because the person in life-threatening distress was an aborted baby.

    Clinic workers turned the response team away at the door, and the response team complied. Rowan died in his mother’s arms as she sang to him, alone in the bathroom where he was aborted. The photos you will see are of Rowan, taken in the morgue.

    I interviewed and later met Rowan’s mother. You can read Rowan’s story here. Rowan’s mother is a gentle, sensitive person who made a terrible decision under distressing circumstances.

    The abortionist, James Pendergraft, is still in business.

  3. i want to see a abortion video reeal

  4. this is the sadest thing i have ever heard i needed a site for an english assisnment we are doing papers on what we think is right and wrong and if we could make it a law to change it would we. i am so against this sort of thing i am 16 years old i know that is young but people dont give me enough credit for what is going on in the world. my dad just died this past october i am grown up enough just going thru that to know what i am talking about. this just makes me sick what people do to these helpless babies! i would give anything to have my dad back death is a horriffic thing! these poor babies dont even have a chance.

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