You Can’t Have It Both Ways

Senator Larry Craig

The Idaho Statesman published a damning indictment today of Senator Larry Craig detailing the encounters Craig had with several homosexual men.

As part of the GOP housecleaning activities, we’re wondering why Craig still hasn’t been forced to resign – as he said he would.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to snicker about Craig’s hypocrisy.

It actually makes sense that the party of homosexuality as-just-another-lifestyle-choice, wouldn’t demand Craig to resign but rather chastise him for not being honest to himself before tempting him to join their ranks.

For years now, homosexuals have pushed for social acceptance and normalcy so why then is Craig’s outing even a big deal? One would presume that homosexuals would be celebrating Craig’s homosexuality. Log Cabin Republicans should be coaxing him to becoming the highest ranking elected homosexual in the GOP.

So as the saga of the senior senator continues, Craig either needs to resign and remain true to his word or he needs to walk away from the GOP and join those who see the homosexual lifestyle as celebratory. Until then, his liberal critics can’t have it both ways.


  1. So, is the concern of the media that he may have engaged in homosexual activity or that he denies it? My thought is that they so hate the idea that anyone would consider it inappropriate that they will turn the table of disgust on the bad actor himself.

    The bad act is not the sexual one but the denial. It is OK to deny straight sex just not gay sex.

    I was shocked and sickened by the descriptions and details. It was if to say, we have so much on you and will gladly print it for God and everyone to read, so don’t even try to deny you are a raging homosexual! And to what end? Who benefits from such publication? A shameful action on the part of the paper.

  2. I think as far as the scribes at the Idaho Statesman are concerned, Craig’s biggest sin is not being gay, but opposing gay marriage. Being a Republican would probably be a close second. I noticed when this story first broke that almost every MSM report had to mention the fact that he opposed gay marriage. How DARE he. If the media wanted to be consistent, any story about a Democrat busted for tax evasion would have to include a statement about whether or not they opposed the Bush tax cuts.

    Having said all that…this guy’s gotta go. He reminds me of a wild animal caught in a barbed wire fence, slowly bleeding to death. Even on Day One, it was clear that Craig had a lot more problems than just his wide stance, and he was doing a lousy job just explaining that. There were sure to be more accusations (as there previously had been), and it wouldn’t even matter whether or not they were true. I’m surprised it took this long. Some lawyer may have convinced Craig that he had a way out of this, but the history of the Republican party proves otherwise. Also, that lawyer was most likely a liberal Democrat with a vested interest in dragging this out. The longer he hangs on, the more damage he will do to his party.

    I agree that Craig could get out of this by switching parties, but that would be the case regardless of the scandal. A Democrat literally must be behind bars before he/she will suffer any political consequences. Meanwhile, a Republican can be destroyed by even the most minor scandal (or non-scandal in the case of Libby and Gonzales). It’s the price we pay for having standards.

  3. Well said Poison!

    Frankly, what Larry Craig does with another consenting adult is none of our business so I really don’t care what is sexual behavior is. That’s something he’ll have to explain to his Creator some day. In the meantime he still originates from a party that does believe in some form of moral absolutes and principles but his credibility is shot and he needs to go. Like Mark Foley, the political damage is too much for the GOP.

  4. If…and that is a big if.. he has a lot more to account for than his choice of sex partner. When he entered into a covenant with his wife he made a commitment, I can only imagine her pain. The party is made up of many individuals and we should never be so weak as to be only as strong as the weakest among us. But her life is in a turmoil that we cannot imagine.

    He needs to do the only appropriate thing regardless of his guilt or innocence, resign, and respect those who are suffering. That includes the Republican Party. The inner motives of his own self-serving ways are very telling.

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