Yes on 102 Releases Financial Reports

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 2, 2008 Releases Financial Report
Says Prop 102’s simple and clear language is uniting Arizonans, the organization leading the Yes on Prop 102 campaign, today released its Post-Primary Election Report for the reporting period of August 14 to September 22. The report shows the following:

  • Total Cash Contributions to Date: $6,874,315.51
  • Total Cash Contributions for Reporting Period (8/14-9/22): $6,266,220.51
  • Percentage of Donors from Arizona: 98.65% spokesman Kelly Molique attributed the campaign’s success to Prop 102’s simple language saying, “Prop 102 is 20 simple and clear words that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Arizonans of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and political parties are stepping forward to support Prop 102.”

Molique said she believes’s fundraising success is the clearest indication yet of where Arizonans stand on the issue of marriage.

“Over 98% of Proposition 102’s donors are Arizonans. This outpouring of support is just more evidence Arizonans want to put Prop 102’s 20 simple and clear words in the Constitution to define marriage in our state once and for all — and keep the politicians and judges out of it,”Molique said.

The complete financial report can be viewed at


  1. Sounds like a pretty big waste of money from how I see it.

  2. kralmajales says

    Thanks for posting this. I would like to boycott anyone’s business who contributed to this cause.

    I don’t want a single cent of my money going into pockets of those who feel that they should sponsor putting discrimination into our constitution.

  3. I should stand against this. “Role of government” and whatnot.

  4. I will boycott all the bigots that have contributed to this HATEFUL, ILLEGALLY ENDORSED proposition.

    ANYONE that supports this is not a TRUE AMERICAN, because they support inequality.

  5. kralmajales says

    One big big donor is this dude in Mesa that runs a Catepillar operation. He donated $100,000…I will get his name and hope that not a single person ever buys a piece of his machinery again.

    There are at least three businesses in Tucson…including a local dentist that is likely to get plastered on the blogs as well. As soon as I get the names, they are going on the blogs.

    The horrifying thing about discrimination is that it hurts. It hurts the economy, it is economically inefficient, and it has the opportunity to backfire on businesses that support it.

  6. Marriage has historically had a qualitative and a quantitative component. Same sex marriage advocates seek to change the qualitative component, and have been doing so through the use of litigation — that is, they want judges to decide what marriage is.

    Society was constructed by, and benefits from, the traditional definition of marriage. You’d think that those who desire to radically transform such a staple of civil society could marshal better arguments than ad hominem and straw man attacks.

  7. Yesterday: I was so proud of my 16 year old daughter Heather and 14 year old son Dillon. At about 3pm, 8 high school kids showed up at my house, and went in my backyard, and created about “30” Say Yes to prop 102 T-Shirts. They did a great job designing these shirts themselves with a clear pro Marriage message on both Front and Back.
    I’m taken back by Heathers conviction; she spent her own money on the new shirts and painting supplies. All she asked of those helping was for them to wear a shirt themselves, and hand the other shirts out, only to those who would wear them.
    Now Today:
    Shortly after my two youngest kids came home from school this afternoon, my wife called and informed me that this morning, his teacher, Miss. Brownsword and the Principle at O’Connor Elementary School (here in Mesa) forced my 11 year old son to remove his “Vote Yes prop 102” shirt. They sent him to the nurse’s office to get another shirt for the day.
    This is the wrong child for them to disrespect like that; he will remember this! They may not realize it, but they just opened the eyes of a very clever intellect. Maybe I should thank them instead of feeling ticked; they taught him more about the promoters of intolerance and inexcusable adult behavior than I could in 100 conversations.
    My two older children showed him how to make the shirt; he just wanted to do his part on something that made natural sense to him. I can’t wait to get home to talk to him; our conversation of the 1st amendment and all the Bill of Rights will have a new level of reality.

    God Bless America.

  8. I do not think that it matters if two women or two men want to get married. If you are in love with someone then how would you feel if someone voted against your relationship? Thats sad and hurtful. Its not like they are hurting anybody guys. I know that it says in the Bible that marriage is only for men and women but still its a personal choice.

  9. In regard to comment #7 (Brian/
    November 3rd, 2008 at 7:01 pm) I think the school should have charged you for those replacement t-shirts as well as suspended your hate-mongering children for a week and had them attend a cultural sensitivity class instead.

    May God Have Mercy on Your Latently Hateful & Ignorant Soul

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