Yes for Marriage – Yes on 102!

The effort to protect and preserve Marriage in the State of Arizona is on with the formation of the committee. This committee will be working hard to promote passage of Proposition 102 which was referred to the November ballot by the Arizona Legislature.

According to their latest campaign finance report, the committee has raised almost $610,000 since June 1st! Your donations will help even more with the media campaign ahead as opposition is growing and will take every chance to thwart it.

Cathi Herrod, President of the Center for Arizona Policy, has issued a challenge alert to supporters to raise $224,000 in the next few days. Please help her in this effort by making an online donation now.


  1. If the committee keeps Sproul and his cohorts away, we just might win this time.

  2. C’mon folks! Let’s return to our roots and focus on conservative issues that matter: taxes, immigration, etc. This gay marriage issue is an embarrassing distraction that has a good chance of backfiring on us. Karl Rove used it successfully in 2004, but this is 2008 and this sort of wedge issue is a two sided-sword.

  3. Carl Hay,

    I agree. If “Yes on Marriage” brings on Nathan Sproul and Lincoln Strategy, it will kill this effort and divide the pro-marriage community. I’d stay as far away as possible from him.

  4. GlendaleGOP says

    This issue is a winner AND its the right thing to do. Keep Sproul’s filthy hands off of it and its a sure winner! Thanks to the legislators who got it through, especially Verschoor, Bee, Weiers, et al.

  5. I hope you guys are right . . . I just think there are bigger fish to fry.

  6. Prop. 102 might pass, but it may have cost the GOP the race in CD-8. I’ll doubt it will pass, though. People will realize it’s the same thing they rejected two years ago, I doubt it will pass this time around.

  7. It’s the right thing, but even if it loses, at least it will keep Kriten SINema occupied. 🙂

  8. I’ve seen a few blogs on some of the more well-known initiatives (gay marriage, TIME, illegal immigration, etc.) and there is a lot of coverage of some of the Legislative and Congressional races, but I’d like to see some of the pros/cons on the other ballot measures. What do SA readers/writers thing about the possible majority rules question? Where do you guys stand on payday loan stores? Increasing the salaries of our state elected officials? I am a PND that is trying to weigh some of these questions and I’d rather not just go off of the mailers and pamphlet I get from the SOS since I know people pay money to list the pros/cons. Some of the initiatives that have $$$ from out of state will obviously be able to buy more space. I’d rather hear the thoughts of my fellow residents.

  9. People—WAKE UP!

    We have competitive races in several Congressional Districts, and even more on the State Legislative front. We have ballot measures supported by Napolitano that may still make the ballot that will raise our taxes. WHY are we even concerned about this? It doesn’t change a thing, and only serves as a wedge with potential suppoters amomg independent voters and disenchanted Democrats.

  10. Robert is right.

    Way to go Kathi Herrod–leading us down the road to defeat al la Len Munsel. Its time we take back our Party from those who just use it as a fundraising tool for their own causes.

  11. If good people do not vote, the forces of evil will, and they will try to take over the earth. God created marriage between the woman and the man. How dare we try to change His plan.

  12. Let’s just do what is right, then let the consequences follow. We do not need to argue about what God has already spoken, We need to support what God has spoken. I want our laws to reflect the correct position on this moral issue. I say yes to marriage and proposition 102.

  13. Gene, I completely agree with you. Everybody needs to vote so their voice is heard.

    Sure hope this passes in Arizona to preserve traditional marriage.

  14. Wow! There are so many issues to be concerned about why is there such an effort to create hate and discrimination? I want to know how my 25 year relationship with my partner affects you in anyway! We eat,sleep, go to work, do our share of community work, coach Special Olympics, and go to church. How does it hurt your marriage at all if I am allowed to visit her in the hospital or file taxes together. If your following what the bible says then don’t pick and choose what you like. I thought the greatest commandment of all was to love one another.

  15. What a bunch of hate mongers. How dare you try to take away peoples right to marry who THEY love. Millions of people can’t afford healthcare, I’m one of them, and with this dang prop, millions of more people are gonna lose their healthcare that they may recieve under their partner’s benefits. Since when is this country about oppression? This country was founded on freedom for EVERY man, woman and child no matter their race, religion, color or who they love. And who are you to say it’s God’s will? Wasn’t the bible written by man? Yet more corruption thanks to the right wing. I for one will be voting NO on 102

  16. Dude,

    You can marry whoever you want and whoever you love. I’m sure you can find some nice Unitarian or Episcopalean church to do it. Just don’t ask the State of Arizona to recognize it. Go out and get yourself a lawyer to set up a civil union contract and get on with the rest of your life!

  17. Chris, quit try to spread the radical gay agenda’s lies here. The hatred is all from the radical gay groups who can’t stop judge shopping trying force gay marriage on the rest of us. If you don’t have healthcare now this proposition can’t take what you don’t have, nor will it take any away from those that do. You have the same freedom the rest of us do, to marry someone of the opposite sex. It has never been ONLY about who you love. I love my sister… can’t marry her. I love my mother… can’t marry her. I love my cousin… can’t marry her. Rational people GET it here.

  18. Whats wrong with being gay?
    Isn’t marriage about love? Whether or not you think its gross or unnatural, its still love in someone elses eyes.

    Some one explain to me why its bad to be gay.

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