Yellow Sheets on Barnes’ Poll

The Yellow Sheets ran an article today following up on the recent East Valley Trib’s article about a poll conducted by Copper State Consulting’s Stan Barnes.

Barnes ran the poll on his own dime independent of any political action committee. Like us, Barnes is also furious and disgusted by Sproul’s unethical campaign tactics. Like us, Barnes asserts that Sproul’s tactics have backfired.

The newest take on Sproul is best summed up in the Yellow Sheets as follows:

The general consensus among observers is that Sproul’s attacks thus far have backfired and have galvanized support for Pearce in the district. Beyond that, though, Sproul may face fallout on a professional level.

A Republican lawmaker told our reporter yesterday the now-infamous consultant has become radioactive.

“I don’t see how he’ll find any work in 2010,” said the legislator, who would be listed among Pearce’s critics. Not only were Sproul’s tactics akin to hitting below the belt, the lawmaker said, his judgment has been proven to be less than stellar – something that isn’t an isolated incident.

Besides the anti-Pearce mailers having the opposite effect on the electorate, Sproul also fumbled the marriage amendment initiative in 2006, in large part because he made several tactical blunders, the Republican said.

(To read the entire article, you will need a subscription.)

As mentioned, Barnes has formed a political action committee which can take donations toward advocating for the election or defeat of candidates. The name of the committee is called Mesa Voters for Positive Campaigns. To donate to the committee, send your contributions to 3033 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85012 or contact the committee by phone at (602) 229-1010.


  1. TwilightZone says

    If they had pics of Russell Pearce robbing a liquor store and taking hostages, you guys would say he was being smeared. Admit it, he can do no wrong in your eyes.

    New Times has a police report posted that shows similar behavior towards his first wife:


  2. just curious says

    If they are so radioactive and nobody wants to hire them, wouldn’t it be hard to support a payroll like this:

    Just out of curiosity, is there another Republican firm in Arizona as big as Lincoln? Maybe that’s the reason so many consultants are coming after them. Just a curious thought to pass along.

  3. Is this the same Stan Barnes that ran “Republicans for Nowakowski” in the Phoenix election? Now Michael Nowakowski is the floor manager for all the democrats in Arizona at the Democrat convention.
    Isnt that collaboration with Democrats? And a very high profile democrat official that can use his City profile to help democrats get elected in other offices?
    Isnt Nowakowski the President of Radio Campesina, and Cesar Chavez Farm workers Union?
    What is Stan doing?

  4. Oh, I forgot, Stan only supported the Democrat Illegal Alien Promoting Radio Campesina City Councilman as a favor to Martin Nowakowski from Southwest Ambulance. Soutwest is a big client for Stan and he felt he had to do a favor for Martin by supporting Martins brother, Michael Nowakowsi. Michael is now a PHoenix City Councilman thanks to Stan. Check it out –

  5. It’s funny how the Lincoln Strategy group staff list just mentions that Brian Murray was the Chief of Staff for “an Arizona Congressman” and District Director for “another Arizona Congressman”. Everyone elses bio lists names. Are they embarrassed to admit he worked for two crooks – Chief of Staff for Renzi and District Director for Hayworth?

  6. John:

    You’ve invoked my name…and as the old saying goes, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

    If I had done anything illegal, the Justice Department would have been all over me!

    For the record, I waived “debate and speech” protections, let the D-O-J comb through twelve years of documents, and after one year of scrutiny, the D-O-J essentially agreed with what I maintained all along: I had done nothing wrong.

    For the record, whatever past associations some of the personnel at Lincoln may have had with my staff, I have been strong in my condemnation of the wrong-headed strategy Sproul and Company have utilized in District 18.

  7. Dont you get it ? says

    Lilburn (post 3 & 4)

    This is all about bashing Nathan Sproul and anyone who is willing to jump on the bandwagon gets a pass (for now).

  8. Richard Wayne says

    Don’t you get it is right, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend..”? Nathan Sproul is Enemy number one.

  9. John,

    Get you facts straight before besmirching a Congressman who served this state quite well.

  10. Yea, quit lying about my next Governor!

  11. Free Speech says

    Be careful about what you post on here about the District 18 race. There have been several comments by the moderators of this site that they have your IP address. As long as you don’t post anything illegal, that should not be a concern. The last I heard, expressing an opinion was not illegal or anti-American. In fact, suppressing opionions is anti-American. Could it be that the Pearce supporters running this site want to use your IP address to send J.T. Ready and his brown shirt buddies after you? I don’t know the answer to that but it is something to think about.

  12. Frustrated in Mesa says

    So, This is the same Stan Barnes who supports Nowasaki, who states on his site that he is a disciple of Cesar Chavez and who is an advocate and pro active voice of open borders (proudly I might add).

    Also, is this the same lobbyist Stan Barnes who is our DEMOCRATIC Governor’s lackey who was hired to fervently support the dastardly T.I.M.E. Tax? This is the same Stan Barnes who stood before Leg. Counsel to PLEAD with them not to refer to the T.I.M.E. tax in their publicity pamphlet as a $0.01 tax increase and NOT the 17% Tax increase (of which it is).

    I just find it interesting that the Governor’s lackey is taking such fervent interest in Russell Pearce. Perhaps because he’s just a lobbyist- and that’s what lobbyists do.

    PS- there is such a thing that we beleive in called Free Speech.

  13. Frustrated in Mesa says

    I’m Sorry- but I don’t think that there should be free passes (don’t you get it). Facts are Facts. Stan Barnes is tight with the Open Borders crowd, and he’s trying to cover his tracks and prove that he isn’t. But we have Nowasaki as a new councilman, of which we can thank dear Stanly for. Remember: An Elephant Never Forgets.

    From the website below:

    Michael Nowakowski
    General Manager

    Michael is a life long resident of Phoenix. He holds a
    Bachelor of Liberal Arts from ASU. He is married to Delia, and
    is the proud parent of four children, Victor, Michael Ray, Irene,
    and Carlos Raul. He has long been a community activist and
    servant, a prodigy of Cesar Chavez, and has served as
    General Manager for Radio Campesina for over 7 years now

  14. Frustrated in Mesa says

    Correction- STAN BARNES actively lobbyied and Pleaded with the Leg Council to refer to the Dastardly TIME Tax as a $0.01 Tax increase AND NOT a 17% tax increase. The Governor would hate for the public to think that they are voting for a 17% tax increase, and somehow by putting the spin on and calling it a $0.01 tax increase, they were hoping to pull a fast one.

    Thanks, but no thanks, Stan.

  15. Give it a rest. The nowakowski race was in heavily dem district and was between two dems. Considering one of them was laura pastor. I think barnes was on the right side and most readers on this site would agree. You are fighting a losing battle.

  16. Frustrated in Mesa says

    No Mark, I am not. You know why? Nowasaki could in turn run for future office and take out one of our conservative Republcians, and Stan Barnes helped him get there. Its completely hypocritical to give Stan barnes a pass on this one.

  17. Frustrated in Mesa says

    NOT ONLY THAT- He is a chief proponant of the Governor’s TIME TAX. The TIME TAX is one of the largest Taxes that we will see in the history of Arizona. Its a 17% Tax!! The governor and Stan Barnes want us to pay a 17% Tax. No Way Jose!

  18. Both Stan Barnes and Russell Pearce belong to the “I wanted Jeff Flake’s seat” crowd. Coincidence that they’re working together now?

    Stan’s polling methodology was about as accurate as my kid’s classroom game of Thumbs Up, Seven Up.

  19. I guess so goes the saying “my enemies enemy is my friend” — I take it the enemy is Jeff Flake too?

  20. tired of the hypocrisy says

    Stan. Stan. Long gone are the days that you were a two time Republican primary candidate.

    For all the readers out there, please ask yourself, when was the last time that you gave $5,500 to the Democratic Party and Democratic Congressional candidates? Surely, no accident, right Stan? Since you’ve last ran for congress, thats exactly what you’ve done.

    $3k to the AZ Democratic Party? Check.
    $1,000 to Ann Kirk Patrick? Double Check (2 donations)
    $1,500 to Gabrielle Giffords? Triple check (3 donations)

    Stan, sure hope you don’t run again for office. Giving $$ to Democrats in an election against Republicans are a big fat no no. Sure don’t want that to come back to haunt you.

    PHOENIX,AZ 85012 COPPER STATE CONSULTING GROUP/LOBBY 8/6/07 $500 Kirkpatrick, Ann (D)
    PHOENIX,AZ 85003 COPPER STATE CONSULTING GROUP/LOBBY 3/25/08 $3,000 Democratic Party of Arizona (D)
    MESA,AZ 85213 COPPER STATE CONSULTING GROUP/PUBLI 6/4/07 $500 Giffords, Gabrielle (D)
    PHOENIX,AZ 85004 SELF/CONSULTANT 12/23/05 $500 Giffords, Gabrielle (D)
    PHOENIX,AZ 85004 SELF/CONSULTANT 12/29/05 $500 Giffords, Gabrielle (D)
    MESA,AZ 85213 COPPER STATE CONSULTING GROUP/LOBBY 6/18/08 $500 Kirkpatrick, Ann (D)

  21. Stanley Oscar Barnes has done more for the Republican cause in the last 5 years than any of the people posting on this blog could do in a lifetime (except you JD). How many of you were elected to the legislature at the age of 27? Barnes was a crazy east valley right wing wacko before it was cool to be one. Stan is a friend of mine and of anyone who is willing to risk it all to run for political office. If you are not willing to throw your hat in the ring and allow you and your family to be put thru the ringer, dont throw stones at those who are.

  22. tired
    why dont you post how much Stan has given to the Republican party and Republican candidates? My guess the number is about 8 times what he gave to Ds. Check what he gave to Sydney. I know it is more than what he gave Kirkpatrick and Sydney has no chance to beat Kirkpatrick.

  23. tired of the hypocrisy says

    Since you asked (not that you couldnt look it up yourself) Stan has donated the following to All Political Candidates (Democratic and Republican)

    Search Criteria:
    Donor name: Barnes, Stan
    Donor State: AZ
    Cycle(s) selected: All
    Start another search
    Sort by Name
    Sort by Date (Descending)
    Sort by Amount

    56 records found in 0.774 seconds.
    Total for this search: $43,450

    Now, for comparison’s sake : a little apples to apples if you will, here is a look at what your nemesis Nathan Sproul has donated (and ladies and gents this is strictly to Republicans):

    Search Criteria:
    Donor name: Sproul, Nathan
    Donor State: AZ
    Cycle(s) selected: All 2008
    Start another search
    Sort by Name
    Sort by Date (Descending)
    Sort by Amount

    55 records found in 1.216 seconds.
    Total for this search: $63,831

    Apples to Apples. Guess Nathan Sproul does more for Republicans– don’t y’all hate to admit it?

    (I’m sure my IP address will get threatened or this comment will dissappear- Free Speech and all).

  24. tired of the hypocrisy says

    So- its ok to donate to Democrats who won’t win?

    WRONG!! Again- I’m tired of this hypocrisy!

  25. Excuse me but Nathan has sucked more money OUT OF the Republican Party than he has given to it. For example, in 2006, he made $7,886,518 off the party. In addition, he’s lost several major elections including an initiative that has passed in every other state except Arizona. The latest crap he pulled has created a divide in the party that will take years to heal. Now there’s someone who you can hold up as a standard of hypocrisy. I’ll take Stan any day of the week! Stan IS the MAN.

  26. Common Sense says

    As a Repulican I supported Michael because he was the only pro-life candidate. When it came down to the run-off the safe bet for consultants would have been Laura Pastor. Stan did not take that route even though Michael hammered Pay Day lenders(a big client of Stan’s) Michael has worked well with the Republicans on the City Council floor,(from what I see on the floor). Really I will take Michael over Laura Pastor anyday.

  27. We had two Dems to pick from. Michael was pro-life, asked for our votes, and wasn’t a Pastor. Every Republican I know down here voted for Michael, so I’d give Stan a pass on this one!

  28. JD – being cleared by the Bush Justice Department is kind of like believing the Chinese Government when they tell us those gymnasts are actually 16.

    However, if you are confident that you did no wrong, I will believe you and apologize for my previous comment.

  29. John,

    Your “apology” is preconditioned on an inaccurate cheap shot.

    If, in fact, you take me now at my word, then please believe this: the Justice Department is full of career prosecutors who do just that–prosecute–IF there is evidence of wrongdoing.

    There was no wrongdoing…hence no prosecution.

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