Yarbrough for Speaker of the House

Sonoran Alliance has learned that State Representative, Steve Yarbrough (LD-21), is seeking the position of Speaker of the House. That brings the total to three Republicans seeking the position. The current Speaker, Jim Weiers, has already announced he will seek the position again. Also with an eye on the Speaker’s chair is LD-19 Republican, Kirk Adams from far east Mesa.

Both Yarbrough and Adams will win their Primaries and will easily beat any Democratic challenger. Weiers, however, will face stiff competition heading into the General Election but will likely win re-election.

Sonoran Alliance obtained the following letter by Steve Yarbrough from a candidate and confidential source.


  1. You should probably remove his cell phone number from the bottom of the letter….

  2. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Speaker Jim Weiers might just stand in the way of this goal. But, of course, it’s good to see everyone want to be in charge.

    Of course, should the unthinkable happen, then the race is wide open and I would expect at least one, maybe two, other candidates for this job. Tom Boone is one of those. He presents opportunities that others can’t match.

  3. Sonoran Sam says

    How appropriate: A guy with the most blatant conflict of interest in the Legislature – someone who offers bills every session that benefits his lucrative business – wants to be the Speaker.

  4. I have to agree with you Sam.

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