WSJ: “JD Huckster”

The Wall Street Journal has weighed in on the reality of JD Hayworth.  Not the spin, not the shiny object, revisionist history campaign fluff…the real story.  This reality is best personified in the portion of the infomercial  starring the “former member of the powerful Weighs and Means Committee” where he uses the trust of the people who elected him to sway the hearts and minds of others into a complete and total scam. 

These two quotes exemplify the duplicity that is JD Hayworth via the Wall Street Journal:

Everybody is allowed to make a living, but at a minimum Mr. Hayworth’s pitches on behalf of a company urging people to apply for “free” government money undermine his claims to be a legitimate conservative challenger to Mr. McCain.”

(Here’s a big question…What “real” conservative believes anything from the government is free? )

Then there’s his voting record. During 12 years in Congress, Mr. Hayworth may have talked a good game about restraining spending. Far more than Mr. McCain, however, he was an “enabler” of questionable budget items. It was Mr. Hayworth, not Mr. McCain, who voted for a 2003 prescription drug benefit that added enormously to the nation’s future liabilities. It was Mr. Hayworth who voted for bloated farm and highway bills, while Mr. McCain opposed them. It was Mr. Hayworth who was a consistent seeker and supporter of pork-barrel Congressional earmarks. Mr. McCain, on the other hand, never requested earmarks in appropriations bills and led many a crusade against those he felt were improperly slipped into bills.”

The country has been made aware of what many of us in Arizona knew all along…JD Hayworth is a smooth operator.  The guy can spin like no other, his ability to preen and perform is quite a talent.  

He says it was just a job, just a way to make a living, and no harm no foul…right?  (Tell that to the honest folks who lost money after they believed this could work because JD told them it would)  His starring role in the infomercial speaks volumes to his ability to pitch and sell, who cares who gets hurt…JD got paid!

Of course, Team Hayworth has come out blaming the McCain campaign for the public awareness of his choices and actions.  He even used a variation of the juvenile and insulting “so and so did it, too” defense and is, once again, blaming others for his choices.  Just never mind it was published in the Weekly Standard, Fox News, MSNBC and the YouTube video has gone viral!  He is like the cheating husband who is not sorry he cheated just sorry he got caught after it messes up his perceived reputation. 

For a guy who wants us to trust him enough to represent us in the US Senate, he sure has a bad track record for thinking things through, evaluating the consequences, and vetting his decisions. 

OK, we all know about his arm-pit deep involvement with Abramoff…more recently we learned about his “close friend” and paid advisor Chris Simcox….now we find out he was a paid spokesperson for a company that was given an “F” by the BBB and used his Congressional seat as evidence of the companies good name and truthful claims.

What’s next? Hopefully it is his withdrawal from the race and the end to his public humiliation.



  1. Nice try Molly, but no cigar.

    Both candidates have been weighed on the issue of spending along with others by professional Conservative monitoring orgs such as the A.C.U.

    And guess what?

    Hayworth has adhered to fiscal responsibility far more than McCain.

    On other issues, e.g. immigration and social matters, and 2nd Amendment issues, it isn’t even close!

    And since I don’t see any of John’s fan club on this list urging him to debate J.D., we can assume that you and they are well aware of the truth!

  2. Jacklyn M. says

    Everyone knows that the one leading doesn’t benefit from debates, and the one losing does. Thus McCain is putting it off, and Hayworth is drooling for the chance. Much like Hayworth never debated Mitchell, even though Hayworth eventually lost that one.

    And I don’t know why you say nice try Molly. EVERY news organization are running stories along the lines of, “Well, JD, it was a good run. But you are just too hypocritical to be believed anymore. See you in your next life.”

    So much for the big government “Consistent Conservative”

  3. McCain – Amnesty lover. McCain – not a man of his word!

  4. Jacklyn M.: These same McCain publications are ignoring McCain’s ties to the ponzi scheme friend who just went to prison. They also ignore his significant ties to lobbyists. Doesn’t give them much credibility, does it?

  5. Jacylin:

    Any dispassionate observer can compare voting records to determine who is/was a consistent “conservative”

    J.D. via the A.C.U. scored 98% while The John clocked in with a low 80’s.

    Furthermore, John’s voting record veered sharply to the left during non election sessions of congress and veered rightward starting a year before the election cycle.

    When it came to major issues e.g tax cuts, enforcement of immigration laws, cap n’ trade legislative efforts, behind the scenes gutting of conservative federal judicial nominees (see Gang of Fourteen) 2nd Amendment Rights, etc The John was nowhere to be seen and if spotted, was on the enemy’s side of the aisle.

    In RINOese, that translates as “creating a big tent” or “reaching out”

    Well, I along with many others will “reach out” to fill a ballot which will help flush This John from any further formal tie with a state which he has so misrepresented for over a quarter of a century!

    Bon Voyage!

  6. How much time did John Fund actually spend on this? From the months of McCain campaign talking points we get here daily on SA, it read like a lengthy string-a-long of sentences that had already been posted right here on this blog. Read half of it, glazed off, because by then I already knew everything he was going to say.

    Thought Fund made his living coming up with originality, not boilerplate. And because it’s boilerplate, it doesn’t encourage confidence that he’s done any serious analysis whatsoever.

  7. Should not the “Molly Pitcher” by line ALWAYS carry a disclaimer for the casual reader? After all, we know it’s an alias and that she works for Juan, but many do not.

  8. Michael Holliday says

    All of this noise has me simply delighted!


    When I see the total establishment press: MSNBC, the Wall Street Joural, the Weekly Standard and the Arizona Republic SIMULTANEOUSLY striking against JD Hayworth, at this critical moment in time, I realize how big a prize is at stake: the future of Arizona and America!


    That was your big shot and you took it!

    But here’s the real deal folks: most Americans don’t read or watch your shows. They’re too busy working three jobs to get buy since you’ve screwed this economy up by allowing the onslaught of illegal aliens to take the jobs “Americans won’t do!”

    JD Hayworth will oppose, to the last breath, comprehensive immigration reform/amnesty.

    John McCain will support it, to the last breath with stupid rationalizations that have and will prove more false day after friggen’ day! Just look at the stories pouring in on the Drudge Report about illegal alien violence!

    And all of you paid hacks in the media, who’ve probably never worked a real friggen’ day in your life, will be proven dead wrong once again!

    The populist wave is crashing on your very doorstep and you lightweights are frantically trying to stem the tide by accusing JD of consorting with the devil!

    McCain will debate JD. JD will stand against the forces of immigration chaos. He will tell the American people the truth: John McCain did not fight for the presidency and gave us the worst president since Jimmy Carter! That’s right McCain, you friggen’ foisted this piece of…you know what on the American people! How the hell are you going to fight for Arizona?

    JD will guarantee that he will fight for Arizona and the American people against the forces of immigration chaos and amnesty!

    And all of you “experts” will be left on the trash heap of history with your heads spinning.

    There’s only one issue on everyone’s mind and that’s immigration/amnesty situation. It’s as big as the slavery issue was! Economics, national security and the future of America hinge on this one issue.

    I don’t care if JD Hayworth was caught on camera running naked through Encanto Park whistling Dixie! You are not going to stop the juggernaut of rage against the McCain/Obama axis as personified by JD Hayworth!

    You are feeding the fire of resistance!


  9. CharlotteW says

    Molly actually works for Juan McSlime? Opps yes, that is the only way he can get anybody on here to post for him. How easy I forgot what a sham the new McNasy’s conservatism is.

    JD Is my candidate, I never got to vote for him I was never in his district, but I certainly respect him, and have seen him speaking in many different forums. He is the best man for the job. Lets help Juan retire.

  10. larry davis says

    “Molly Pitcher”. It must be a work day at the taxpayer paid for office so you can write on the blog.

  11. JD – Arizona’s FIRST line of defense.

    McCain Arizona’s LAST line of defense.

    Which would you rather have? McCains inaction speaks loud and clear.

  12. azmesan:

    McCain IS the first line of defense: For the U.S. & Arizona State Chambers of Commerce!

  13. John McCain is the leader in the polls for a reason.

    McCain is a conservative and this is the season for fiscally responsible leaders. No earmarks, no excuses, no recent bandwagon to ride in on. McCain is the real deal.

    That does not describe JD Hayworth and that’s why he is losing ground.

  14. McCain a conservative? Only when it benefits him.

    He has supported or proposed almost 3 trillion dollars in spending over the last two years. Whos Master Card, Visa Card, Discover Card,and American Express Card is he using.

    Oh I remember, my kids cards who aren’t even of age to have one yet.

  15. Just gonna apply McCain’s campaign advice to both McCain and JD Hayworth, “Forget about my past, think of what I can do for you ahead.”

    Hmm. Hum. Hmmm.
    As for pasts to put to forgetting:
    JD Hayworth —-
    John McCain ———————————-

  16. AllUsBadGuys says

    I don’t think the meaning of the phrase “Gone Viral” would ever be used to describe any YouTube video’s mere 11K views.

  17. Here’s where I am at.

    1) I don’t want to vote for McCain because of the compromises he has made on approving conservative judges a few years ago among other problems. On the other hand, I am a little worried that the other candidates might lose in the General election.

    2) I don’t want to vote for J D Hayworth because he seems like a political opportunist. The “Free Government Money” endorsement smacks of this kind of mind set. He either didn’t research the company he was working for or he didn’t care. And I don’t know how else to say this. He just is bombastic. I tried listening to his radio show several times and just couldn’t stick with it. I may have agreed with him. I just don’t like his approach.

    3) On a third hand, is Jim Deakin. It does not seem plausible that he can win. But I thought the same of Scott Brown. And I didn’t think Bennett would not get re-elected.

    Perhaps I have too many hands. Anyone out there to persuade me to not vote for Jim Deakin?

  18. Hayworth, back in the private sector, a media guy was hired to be the voice for ads for a legal company.

    What’s the big deal? That it’s somehow, “Inappropriate?” In comparison to what? It’s way more respectable a media past than foul-mouthed AL Franken in DIAPERS. Frikkin’ DIAPERS and after a recount that was straight out of “Key Largo” and sneering gangsta Edward G. Robinson, “We count until we get the right result,” Mr. “Pampers” Franken is now SENATOR Pampers.

    Fake outrage on NOTHING and silence on the disgusting frauds that go on every day.

  19. That would be Senator “Pampers” Franken (D) for DEMOCRAT.

    Past time to see Senator McCain(R) for RETIRED.

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