Wright Files Signatures for Phoenix Mayor’s Race

CONTACT: Colleen Lombard

Over 3500 signatures submitted

PHOENIX, AZ (May 31) – Mayoral candidate Jennifer Wright today filed over 3500 signatures on verified Nominating Petitions with Phoenix City officials, making her eligible to run in the August 30th, 2011 mayoral election.

She said she had the signatures independently verified with a 78% verification rate and was “absolutely confident we have secured more than enough names to be in this historic race.”

“It’s always easy to say how overwhelmed a candidate is with the support being offered,” Wright said. “But in this case it is true. We started just three weeks ago, with little name identification, a few volunteers and only high hopes for this city’s future.

“Today, we enjoy broad-based volunteer support and a growing base of contributors,” she said.

Wright is campaigning on a platform to improve jobs and opportunities, increase safety and security, and ensure fiscal responsibility in city governance.

“I am the only conservative in this race and a true Tea Party Patriot,” she said. “I am giving the voters a clear choice – we can head down a new path of prosperity and security or we can continue with the failed policies of the past.”

Wright is a native of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from Marquette University, a law degree from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, nearly a decade of policy experience, and has worked in small businesses, large corporations, and nonprofit organizations. Wright is not only committed to the community, but has the skills and experience to get Phoenix back to business.



  1. Oberserve says

    If Colleen Lombard supports her, I support her!

  2. Spiked Flail says

    While I’ll likely vote for Wright as the best candidate in the race (that ain’t sayin’ much), she’s got exactly a 0% chance at winning. I believe Phoenix still has a Republican registration advantage, but it’s meaningless when no one pays attention to city politics except public employee unions and contractors that want big government handing out taxpayer dollars for make-work projects. Until we have EVERY election in the state as a partisan election, until the TEA Partiers actually DONATE to city candidates, until the weight of Republican and TEA Party voters can crush the public employee unions and selfish contactors, there’s no way conservatives can win this election. Perhaps we even need to move city elections to even numbered years so a higher turnout will factor into the races. Maybe if Wright could raise money, I wouldn’t be so cynical, but I bet she doesn’t raise a respectable war chest. Unfortunately, money is still king and you can’t win an election on ideology alone. Good luck, Jen, but I’m not hopeful.

  3. Ben Tyler says

    Just saw you channel 12 noon cast. You need to get your facts straight on public transportation. As the interviewer pointed out, our bus system is privatized and light rail has experienced big cuts already. We need a public transportation system that meets people’s needs. It helps low wage earners get to work.

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