Worst Hunting Dog Ever!

Hunting Dog.jpg According to the Congressional Budget Office, “this dog won’t hunt!”. Well, that’s not the actual language they used, but they did say that the triggers being proposed in the immigration bill won’t be reached until at least 2010 (although the scamnesty visa, I mean the “Z-Visa” begins 48 hours after the bill is signed). More damning is that Congress’ own analysts are predicting that the bill will only reduce illegal immigration by about 25% per year. You can read the entire article here.

It is nice to read that there are various reasons why Kyl would turn on the bill and try to kill it (does this mean there is hope for the man? We certainly hope so!), but here are three that seem to have escaped his attention:

1) Why give amnesty (or whatever you want to call it) to 100% of people in exchange for treating only 25% of the problem?

2) If the best we can hope for is a 25% reduction in the flow of illegal immigration, then how can you call this a “solution”?

3) If the flow of illegal immigration is only going to be cut up to 25%, then how can anyone ever, honestly certify that the triggers themselves have been met? Remember the triggers? That our border is secure?

You see, that’s the big problem with this shamnesty bill. Everyone knows, Kyl included, BEFORE they vote for this bill, that it will NOT fix the problem. They know that the triggers will never be met but that they will be certified anyway. They know that this will legalize 20+ million illegals immediately with millions more to come, AND they know that the flow of illegal immigrants into the country will be only slightly diminished. Instead of one million illegal aliens making it in each year, we will have 750,000? That is the “Grand Compromise”? Amnesty for all in exchange for failed border security? How can any elected official take seriously their pledge to defend this country and still vote for it?

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