Wishin and Hopin


Our official Howard Dean theme song.

Chairman Pullen responded to the DNC’s wishful press release that Senator McCain will not do well in the West. As head of the state Republican Party Pullen was right to focus on Arizona. We will take it a step further and make the bold prediction that McCain will not only take Arizona in November but also Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and both Dakotas. I realize the head of the DNC is from Vermont so I have prepared a map of the state in which a liberal Northeaster U.S. Senator has little to no chance. Certainly New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada will be in play but the whole Rocky Mountain West? Dream on! But who are we to tell the Democrats what to do. I hope they poor tons of resources into all of the Rocky Mountain States. Please Chairman Dean make this the year that the Dems win Utah.

Speaking of the Arizona Republican Party check out their cool new web site.


  1. Cactus Wren says

    McCain will have to take Arizona without THIS Republican. I refuse to vote for him.

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