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cute baby.jpg One of our astute readers pointed out that Randy Pullen’s wife wrote a check to the Arizona WISH List, a front group for abortion-on-demand Republican politicians. The story was recently covered on several other blogs.

After sending it to our research department we found out that back in 2003 when Randy was running for Major of Phoenix a campaign fundraiser at the time advised him to attend a WISH event. Under the impression that it was just a Republican women’s group she purchase a table.

(This is really a side issue in the debate of who should run the state party but if association with Arizona WISH List is a drawback then Lisa James is in a lot of trouble. She is not only endorsed by several prominent WISH List supporters but Lisa chose to highlight their names on her web page. We won’t mention them all but if Carolyn Allen and Michael Reagan are behind James then Pullen is not the WISH candidate of choice.)








  1. Sounds plausible, but I didn’t think anyone as involved with Republican/political circles as the Pullen’s didn’t know the WISH list was the response to the Dems “Emily’s list” in an effort to attract Republican women, pro-choice that is. It was a pretty well covered entry into the world politic.

    As for the highlighted names of supporters on Lisa’s site, actually all names are highlighted, among them are Len Munsil, Bill Montgomery, and Dean Martin…real pro-choice libs those three! I noticed the Cavanaugh’s, as in Arizona Right to Life, are no longer on Randy’s site.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Actually Ann, WISH conceals their abortion agenda. It isn’t in their literature and its not on their website. That’s part of the problem with that group. They pretend they’re just for Republican women until you look around and realize that they are actively working AGAINST good Republican women, including those already in office. Like most leftie pro-aborts, they will even work for a pro-abort Democrat rather than a pro-life Republican woman. They should have their charter yanked so that they are no longer a recognized “Republican” club…

    And again, you with the keeping score of who is more pro-life… What part of “They’re Both Pro-Life” do you not understand? Why do you keep banging these drums hoping to change people’s minds with this stuff? If, in your mind, the presence of Munsil, Montgomery and Martin balance out the pro-aborts on Lisa’s website, cool for you. But you seem to be the only one trying to make either of the candidates seem not pro-life… I don’t get it… You want to attack Pullen by linking him to WISH, then when someone shows that James has a ton more connections to WISH than Pullen, you want to talk about some of her pro-life supporters. Then we’ll point out that Pullen has more pro-life supporters than James and you’ll circle back to WISH…

    Give it a rest… They’re both pro-life!

  3. I will accept that and am glad you have agreed to put it to rest.

    To paraphrase Billy Joel, “I didn’t start the fire…”

  4. If they are both Pro-life, I could support either one. They both seem to have a decent list of support among conservatives and both have the experience needed to run the party. James has the ability to attract moderates and Pullen has the ability to solidify the base. Both are good attributes. The only question I have is which one will insist that candidates actually hold to the Republican Platform? If you can’t run on the platform, don’t run as a Republican. Pretty simple really. If you want change, start at the grassroots.

  5. This is the same EXACT c**p that the RINOs behind Mike Hellon pulled against Randy Pullen in the National Committeeman contest 2 years ago. I was a delegate and yes, it did cause confusion. Randy Pullen is 100% pro-life and the pro-life wing of the party is behind him. Lisa James SAYS she is pro-life (I’ve seen no evidence either way) yet she is supported by the pro-abort RINO wing of the party. And that says it all.

  6. Oro Valley Dad says

    We welcome your comments but please monitor the language, after all this is a family values blog.

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Stuff… He meant stuff…!

  8. Actually, WISH List’s website proudly announces that they support pro-choice candidates.

    The Arizona Conservative originally published the list of WISH List supporters. Randy Pullen announced that his wife had already repudiated the WISH List and that they are solidly pro-life. Though the story is old, bloggers have only just recently discovered it, in light of Randy’s candidacy for state GOP chairman. Folks should remember that Randy Pullen has attended many conservative meetings and supported even the smallest of conservative organizations that Lisa James has never paid any attention to. He is a conservative to the core.

  9. az_conservative_alltheway says

    I believe Lisa James and Randy Pullen are both pro-life conservatives. Their positions on issues are similar enough to not use as a reason to support or not support either one.

    As a State Party Chair, one must support all Republicans in primary elections and obviously all Republicans in general elections.

    I guess that is where I draw the line when it comes to who I support for State Chair.

    Randy Pullen’s donation to Democrats Harry Mitchell AND Paul Johnson, were given in 1998.

    Republicans worked very hard in 1998 to keep pro-life Senator Gary Richardson and defeat the Democrats attempt to defeat Gary with Harry Mitchell’s run. People viewed Harry Mitchell, former Mayor of Tempe, a likely candidate for Congress, and all he needed was to step into a legislative seat and run for Congress from there.

    When Randy Pullen gave a contribution to Harry Mitchell for Senate to defeat a REPUBLICAN just DAYS before the General Election, it certainly was an error in judgment which cannot be tolerated in a State Chairman.

    Not only did Randy Pullen’s donation (and others) fuel the victory of Harry Mitchell’s, but it definitely paved the way to Harry Mitchell’s ultimate victory last November, in which he defeated J.D. Hayworth.

    I don’t buy Randy explanation that his “employer” requested he give a donation. Give me a break! If he was loyal to Republicans at the time, he would have known our fears about Harry Mitchell’s future political aspirations.

    This donation blunder by Pullen’s contributed to the loss of pro-life J.D. Hayworth.

    I would like to think some of you are logical and bring opinions to bear that contribute to a more intellectual discussion of issues here. And, I know some of you support Randy Pullen. That’s fine. But just consider the facts.

  10. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So Lisa’s role as GOTV leader in 2006 doesn’t mean that she is responsible in any way for JD’s loss in 2006, but a nine-year old contribution for $100 in a race decided by almost 11% makes Randy responsible?

    Wishful thinking dude…

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