Winners Apparent – 2006 Election

(Key word here is Apparent) 

Janet Napolitano & Terry Goddard: Janet was the clear winner in this election cycle. Although she set a new record in vetoing reasonable legislation over the last four years, she managed to win re-election handily because her opponent failed to define her as the Governor who stood in the way of progress. Terry Goddard was invisible until July of this year when anything and everything law-enforcement-related became associated with his name. Whoever handled his public relations campaign as Attorney General deserves a raise. Look for Goddard to resubmerge until 2009 when he will again resurface to begin his bid for Governor. Look for Janet Napolitano to begin her bid for the US Senate when McCain starts his campaign for the Presidency. One interesting note here on vote spreads: The difference in votes between Napolitano and Munsil was 262,374 while the vote spread between Goddard and Montgomery was 176,272. This may be an indication of who ran more successful campaigns for each of these candidates. Montgomery was far more visible in his media buys than Munsil in the last days of the campaign.

Harry Mitchell & Gabrielle Giffords: Both candidates benefitted from an anti-Bush/anti-war climate. Mitchell capitalized on the ASU-Tempe-liberal climate while Giffords benefitted from the UA-Tucson-liberal climate. Both were beneficiaries of strong get-out-the-vote efforts by the Democratic party. This was an effective use of resources and the Arizona Democratic Part knew it. Look for Harry Mitchell to be a one-term congressman. Giffords will be more difficult to challenge unless the State GOP can get its act together. Also with the defeat of JD Hayworth, Michele Reagan’s stock goes up. Forget the LD8 Senate, Reagan will likely be recruited by WISH listers to run against Mitchell in 2008.

Jon Kyl & Rick Renzi: Both clear winners in races where the DNC attempted to front formidable challengers. Jon Kyl walks away from this race inpenetrable and even more deserving of the title “One of America’s Best Senators.” All the money in the State of Arizona could not beat Jon Kyl but most important, Jon Kyl really is “Our Senator.” The indirect winners in this Senate race were all the printers, mailhouses and media buyers who managed to separate millions of dollars from developer, Jim Pederson. Rick Renzi walks away the winner in this swing district because his opponent, Ellen Simon,  could not shake off the radioactivity of her ACLU ties.

The BGLT Movement: Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian & Transgendered activists won by defeating Proposition 107 last night (that is, if the margin holds with the absentee ballot count). As the only state in the country that has now defeated a traditional marriage ballot, a message has been sent nationwide that Arizona is now a BGLT-friendly state. Look for the BGLT community to challenge Arizona’s marriage law just like they did in New Jersey and Massachusetts. Given our State Supreme Court composition and the fact that Arizona is in the hyper-liberal 9th Circuit jurisdiction, it is only a matter of time before some judge strikes down Arizona’s marriage law and forces gay marriage on the rest of us.

Arizona Democratic Party: AZ Dems faired well last night by not only keeping two major statewide offices but by also electing a handful of Clean Elections candidates in traditionally Republican districts. LD 10 lost Republican Doug Quelland in the House while LD 26 failed to elect conservatives Al Melvin (Senate) and David Jorgenson (House) in Northwest Tucson. In LD 23, Dems also made gains by electing father and daughter Rios and newcomer McGuire. This district is quickly moving toward the Republican column but will probably not make that transformation until 2008.

Anti-Smokers: Proposition 201 and 203 won while the tobacco industry’s 206 lost. Voters were apparently smart enough to tell the difference between 201 and 206. We will now see this sin tax increase and the legislature’s hands to be further tied by 203’s mandate.

Organized Labor: With the passage of Proposition 202, workers will now receive periodic increases in pay over time. Beginning January, almost every employer will be required to pay $6.75/Hour to their employees.

Animal Rights Activists: With the passage on Proposition 204, out-of-state animal rights groups like PETA will now be able to shut down one family farm in Arizona. This win also opens the door for other PETA agenda items to find their way to Arizona.

Private Property Rights: The biggest win for conservatives came in the passage of Proposition 207 which will now prevent activist judges and revenue-hungry governments from taking away private property from the citizens of Arizona.

Conservative Talk Radio: There is no doubt that conservative talk show radio hosts will have plenty to talk about leading up to the 2008 elections. Given that leadership of the Democratic party is hyper-liberal, struggles will probably occur within that party over what agenda to pursue. Pelosi’s San Francisco values coupled with Howard Dean’s Michael Moore’s 9/11 conspiracy-theory mindset will run into challenges with the newly-elected conservative Dems. Look for conservative activists to take advantage of this wedge within the Democratic party and while pointing out their extremists agenda.

Republican National Committee: Not immediate winners following the political enema they just suffered but look for major fundraising to occur over the next two years to reclaim Republican seats that will be held by one-term Democrats. There are no excuses this time as Democrats have to answer the question of what they will do now that they govern. Back to the point that their leadership will be tempted to govern from the extreme left . Republicans will take advantage of this fatal flaw with leftist Democrats and remind the voters of this in two years after Dems fail to present a mainstream-conservative agenda. There will be tons of money to be raised and made on the GOP side of the ticket.

More on the Losers in my next post.



  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    How many EB’s are still uncounted in Pima and Pinal? I’m not sure that Melvin can be counted out if he’s down less than 150 votes… Maricopa County has between 150-200,000 early ballots plus provisional ballots still to be counted… They should trend Republican, but who knows in a crazy year like this!

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    51,000 still uncounted in Pima… Don’t know from where in Pima, but…!

  3. Where did you hear the 51,000 number? I heard it was 16,000–at least for the mail in ballots. Does your number include provisional ballots?

  4. Janet is a shooo in for Seante now that JD is history

    Brewer will beat Goddard, if the Calif libs stop moving here.

    If not we will morph in Illionois very fast and I’ll be singing

    “All my exes live in Eexas”

  5. Should be “Texas”

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