Winners and Losers.

ClickandClinton.jpg      The election on Tuesday was very interesting for the NW Tucson area. We had open primary races for Congressional District 8 and challengers in the Republican primary for State Legislative District 26 (LD 26) with one open seat in the house. LD 26 includes the Foothills area from Craycroft west, north of River road, to I-10 up to the Pinal County line and included the retirement community of Saddlebrooke in Pinal. It includes the Town of Oro Valley and the eastern portion of Marana. The district has long been represented by moderate to liberal Republicans.

     There were a few surprises in the legislative races and serious challenges to the status quo. To summarize the outcome I am going to cover the winners and losers starting with losers.

The Tucson Association of REALTORS (TAR) and REALTOR PAC (RPAC.)

     They spent a fortune backing Huffman. I know real estate agents that received 20 mailings just from RPAC. They went all out for Steve and were running phone banks out the of the TAR offices. All that effort to lose. And I never heard once why Randy Graf was not just a good as Huffman on the issues. I suspect that the endorsement was an inside job and had little to do with the issues. PAC’s should not waste money like that unless the other guy is really bad for them on issues. Anyway they lost.

NRA Political Victory Fund.

     They did a post card mailing right as early balloting was starting endorsing Toni Hellon. Toni was good on their issue but so was the guy running against her, Al Melvin. Why send out a mailer when either candidate is fine on your issue? Waste of money. In the state house race they first endorsed Carol Somers and then either Lisa Lovallo or David Jorgenson. They urged members not to vote for F rated Pete Hershberger. David won followed closely by Pete. Carol and Lisa were distant third and fourth place. Little to no effect on the race.

Jim Kolbe

     He supported Huffman and Steve lost. Jim does not like the rules of the game and is taking his marbles home with him. He is not endorsing the Republican nominee. Not a big surprise but it makes Kolbe look petty.

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC.) 

     If you are going to intervene in a primary do it for a good reason. They said Huffman was the only one who could win. Other than the absurdity of that comment, right before the primary a poll showed Huffman and Graf both losing to Giffords. Oh, so I guess we should have voted for Steve because he would lose by less. Despite all the support for Steve he lost and so did the NRCC. They went out on a limb and it broke on them. They fell to the ground and got hurt with nothing to show for it.

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Matt Salmon.

     Salmon made a last minute call that only mentioned Steve Huffman. It was a very thinly veiled endorsement. I doubt Graf supporters will take kindly to the gesture and don’t expect Shadegg or Franks to come to Salmon’s aid. State delegates from CD 26 and probably 30 will not be carrying the Salmon banner at the next party convention.

County Supervisor Ann Day.

     The State Senator from her County District (almost a twin of LD 26) will most likely be Al Melvin. Ann recently voted to continue to allow pornography in the public libraries. Now there is a losing issue in an area where the social conservative just got organized.

Car dealer and Republican insider Jim Click.

     Jim supported Steve Huffman. Steve lost despite all the bigwigs supporting him. Click’s candidate in the LD26 race came in 4th place in a 4-way race. I think they call that last.

Later the winners.

Thursday 9-14-06, 10:15 pm  (modified to note that Al Melvin is not yet in office)


  1. You mentioned the “State delegates from LD 26 and probably 30 will not be carrying the Salmon banner at the next party convention”. You may want to add LD 29. None of the elected PCs I know in this District are happy wth Salmon.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    We would be very happy to include LD 29.

  3. Duke the Dog says

    Hey OVD! What about the winners?!!!!

  4. More fallout from the Huffman phone calls?

  5. Oro Valley Dad says

    We should cover them tonight or tomorrow.

    I am working on a CD 8 story so not sure which one will get posted first.

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