Winkler looking at CD-3

Update: Do I hear an echo?

Rumor has it that Paradise Valley Mayor Ed Winkler is seriously looking at running for the open seat in CD-3. Some even expect Winkler will make an announcement at tonight’s LD-11 meeting. Besides his work as mayor Ed and his wife are real estate agents in the area.


  1. Paradise Pete says

    Winkler will make an excellent candidate. He is an intellectual conservative with a strong business background. This CD will require a lot of eggshell walking with McCain, Kyl, Shadegg, Symington & Magruder in the district as well as a strong, vocal base of opposition precinct committeemen.

    Shadegg tried to come down on both sides of the illegal immigration issue and strongly backed McCain. Voting against McCain’s legislative attempt to turn our sovereignty over to Mexico while campaigning for the same McCain Presidential candidate who would do it does not compute to conservatives

    Will the candidates back McCain’s liberal policies & legislation, will they dance around the question, or will they oppose? Should be an interesting campaign

  2. Actually, Shadegg opposed the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill. He waited a while to do so, but he ultimately did oppose it. So did Trent Franks, although Trent didn’t wait to do so.

  3. W Phx Activist says

    Can you define the ideology of an “intellectual conservative.” Does that mean that he thinks he is a conservative, but he is still debating with himself to make sure what that entails?

  4. ld6grassroot says

    Pete, Never heard of Winkler until yesterday. If he spoke at LD-11 though, that’s a credibility builder.

    Thanks for pointing out Rep. Shadegg’s conflicting sovereignty work. My understanding previously was Rep. Shadegg was the individual most responsible for defeating McCanin-Kyl-Kennedy amnesty. Then I was very disheartened to see him campaigning for McCain. I can’t see this as anything but a sell out by Shadegg.

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