Will Munsil Steps Into The Arena

Will Munsil 



One political and civic passion I have is to see young people get involved in the political process and help us “older” warriors carry the mantle of conservatism. For years I have preached on the duty to train up our youth and prepare them to take back the institutions we lost to liberals in the 60’s: education/universities, bar associations, medical associations, and even the church. Some day when all these old liberals are too tired to fight for control or when they decide to retire, we will need to have the best and the brightest conservative minds ready to step into place and take the reigns. Many an intern of mine has heard this speech and knows the impending obligation to serve.

One such young man I am pleased to see step into the arena is Will Munsil, son of culture warrior and friend, Len Munsil. Will has started his own blog called Time For Choosing which I have added to our blog roll. Please take time to visit his blog and encourage Will to continue following in the steps of his father, who I know is far from retiring from the many battles ahead.

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