Will History Rhyme for Barack Obama in 2012?

I am really starting to get a sense that we may see a repeat of this historic event as we continue into the 2012 Presidential race.

Let’s face it. President Obama has failed.

His public policy agenda was completely mis-prioritized with Obamacare. He can no longer pursue Keynesian economics to fix the economy. He has run out of leftist options, he’s losing leftist support and he’s running out of time.

Many are now arguing that President Obama does not know what to do.

As his legacy falls apart, Democrats are starting to panic and quietly call for someone like Hillary to prepare. (After all, Democrats love to tout the Bill Clinton economy.) Even the DraftHillary.com site is active.

And with the economy getting ready to possibly triple-dip, the list of Republican candidates is growing.

Every high profile Republican leader is probably having their adviser whisper in their ear, “this may be your only chance to run.” And why wouldn’t they buy into that political prompting? Now Congressman Paul Ryan, Governor Chris Christie and others are seriously considering. Governor Perry was a “no-go” up until a few months ago and now he’s pedal-to-the-metal in the race.

So don’t be surprised if  we see some dramatic changes in the course of the 2012 Presidential race similar to what happened in March of 1968. Just remember, history doesn’t repeat itself, it simply rhymes.


  1. Steve Calabrese says

    I don’t know. At this point in ’67, there was firm opposition within the Democratic Party to LBJ from both Robert F. Kennedy & Eugene McCarthy. Today, there is indeed a lot of leftist muttering about anger at Barack Obama, but there is no solid Democratic national leader standing up openly and challenging him.

  2. America has never had a POTUS who spent all of his life in the company of violent and unrepentent people like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, and in the company of all those who could stomach to be in the same room as those two radicals. Ayers and Obama go back to the Annanberg Challenge which gave them access to tens of millions of dollars mandated for education philanthropy that they didn’t earn and steered for ther personal Left priorities, not to traditional reading ‘ritin and ‘rithmatic.
    Obama spent years with ACORN, which has been exposed as a powerful and corrupt political force.

    America has never had a US Senator go to a foreign country to campaign for a known communist to use US Senate prestige to influence voters in a foreign country’s presidential election. That favored candidate unleashed murderous mobs to change the outcome of an election and Obama shrugged it off and pretended he didn’t have anything to do with anyone, and was powerful enough as a junior US Senator nobody to keep the Senate from invetigating his misuse of US taxpayers funds, the Justice Department off him and the media silent, so the majority of Americans to this day do not know what he is perfectly willing to do while using other people’s money for radical causes he supports..

    The point is: all bets are off. American history isn’t the place to look for a precedent for a man like Obama. There are plenty of examples elsewhere, but not here.

  3. “As his legacy falls apart, Democrats are starting to panic and quietly call for someone like Hillary to prepare. (After all, Democrats love to tout the Bill Clinton economy.) Even the DraftHillary.com site is active.”

    Come on Shane.

    Remember in 2008? All the Hillary PUMAs that were going to not show up at the polls or vote for Palin by virtue of the fact Palin had the same reproductive organs as Hillary? Remember how that didn’t actually happen?

    Hillary Clinton is not going to be drafted, there will be no primary for President Obama, and it’s more likely that a 1968-style covention disaster will happen to the GOP. Bachmann wins Iowa, Romney wins New Hampshire, Perry wins South Carolina. Then the three start to fight for delegates. And then hello split convention. That probably won’t happen (the fix is in for Romney), but again, more likely for it than the conservative pipe dream of Obama losing support.

    And man oh man, would I love for the GOP to nominate Paul Ryan – let’s absolutely make the next election a referendum on Medicare and Social Security. But the GOP is too chicken**** to do that, and both you and I know it.

  4. Clark_Kent says

    Ron Paul’s candidacy is similar to Barry Goldwater’s campaign of 1964. Will the U.S. choose to prevent more wars and end war?Or will the U.S. bend in the direction of arrogance that Lyndon B Johnson pursued with war?

    U.S. has a choice after 50 years of entangled ,undeclared warfare.

  5. So Clark, you’re admitting Ron Paul would lose if nominated?


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