Will Gov. Jan Brewer stand up to the crony capitalists?


To all Arizona Taxpayers:

Thanks to your efforts during the past few days, House Rules Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Weiers has agreed to put Senate Bill 1322, the municipal managed competition reform bill, on the Rules calendar. (Now that Weiers is on board, you can stop clogging his blackberry with emails…) And it looks like we may already have enough votes to get the bill out of the House of Representatives.

After that, the bill will probably go to the desk of Governor Jan Brewer. Gov. Brewer has some good policy people in her office, and she sometimes shows great courage (as she did last week by signing the balanced budget produced by the legislative majority), but she is under intense pressure from government-worker unions and from business lobbyists to kill the reform.

We all understand why the government-worker unions would oppose competitive bidding: They do not want to compete on a level playing field with private enterprise to provide city services. But why would business interests oppose a transparent and competitive bidding process for city services? Very simple: Many of the businesses that have lobbyists down at the Arizona Capitol are crony capitalists. They have sweetheart contracts with city governments and other governments that were not awarded under a truly open, competitive bidding process. If SB 1322 passes, the crony capitalists in Phoenix and Tucson will not be able to rely on cozy political relationships and campaign contributions to win contracts. To quote the actual language of SB 1322, the crony capitalists will be forced to compete to provide services at the “highest quality, lowest cost and most reliable performance.”

Gov. Brewer needs your help to stand firm against the corporate-welfare lobbyists. To understand the kind of pressures Gov. Brewer faces, read the first few paragraphs of the latest column on the Fiesta Bowl scandal by Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts: http://www.azcentral.com/members/Blog/LaurieRoberts/124401

Here are Two Important Action Items on SB 1322:

1) Call and email Gov. Jan Brewer and tell her to stand firm against the crony capitalists and the government-worker unions. Tell her you are a taxpayer and you want to see city governments become more efficient. Be sure to put the phrase “Gov. Brewer, please support SB 1322” in the subject line and in the body of your email. The phone number for Gov. Brewer is (602) 542-4331 and her email contact page is http://www.azgovernor.gov/Contact.asp

For an editable, pre-written email (please change the subject line to say “Gov. Brewer, please support SB 1322”), you can go to this page and scroll down: http://tinyurl.com/azfumble

2) Be sure to come to the Feet to the Fire Tea Party at the Arizona Capitol on Friday evening, April 15, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Our Legislators and our Governor spend far too much time at the Capitol, listening to lobbyists. Your physical presence at the Capitol on April 15 will help to remind our elected officials that there really are taxpayers out there, and that taxpayers want them to stand firm against the government-worker unions and the corporate-welfare lobbyists. Event details are posted here: http://www.aztaxpayers.org

More Information about SB 1322

The lobbyists from city hall are putting out a lot of misinformation about Senate Bill 1322, which would require Arizona cities with populations of 500,000 or more (Phoenix and Tucson) to open up city services to competition from the private sector. Unfortunately, too few Legislators have actually read the bill, so we have put together a fact sheet exposing some of the false claims that have been made about the reform:


For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity*

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