Will Bouie drop out? What about those who endorsed him?

Lighthouse Blog has some analysis of Bouie’s endorsements. Considering how heated some of this discussion has gotten lately, we offer no opinion on this.


  1. I'm In Trouble Now says

    The Seel people (person) are (is) adding plenty of fuel to this fire. Can anyone agree with me that virtually ANYONE, including Bouie, would be a better legislator than Seel?

  2. I agree.

  3. IITN & Kerrie R.,

    It depends on your philosophy. I would rather vote for someone I don’t like, but who agrees with me on all issues than vote for someone I do like who doesn’t. What’s important is that my causes and ideas get pushed forward, not my emotional appeal to a candidate. Thus, if my best friend is running against a conservative, I’d vote for the conservative every time. It’s a no brainer for me, but you may see it differently. You seem to have a purely emotional dislike for Mr. Seel, as I haven’t read anything about your disagreements re policy. You have to decide whether emotions or ideas should have more weight.

  4. It’s not so much his policies. It’s the delivery. I don’t like his campaign tactics. I found his mailers to be offensive. I have yet to hear Bouie state a policy that I don’t agree with. So…it comes down to delivery.

  5. Kerrie, if Bouie lies about his voter registration, how can you trust what he states about his policy positions? He sounds like someone who will say whatever he thinks will get him elected without regard to the truth or fundamental political principles. Bouie accused both Crump and Seel of lying about Bouie’s party registration, but it turned out Bouie is the liar.

    Bouie’s positions on the issues look crafted to establish conservative positions without actually making conservative commitments. He says he is against higher taxes, but he refuses to sign a pledge saying he will not vote for new taxes. He says he is against illegal alien employment, but he will still be searching for the best way to resolve the issue. We already have that with current laws; he obviously doesn’t agree with them.

    He offers no real specifics on anything. It looks like he is justing putting out some conservative sounding messages to lull the voters. If you look at Pete Hershberger’s campaign material, he sounds almost as conservative as Bouie does, but he was the biggest RINO in the state legislature. We need someone whose vote we can trust AFTER the campaign is over.

    Bouie’s backers are obviously people who want to reverse current illegal alien laws and don’t care about having another reliable conservative vote in the legislature.

    Bouie does not have an established reputation as a conservative Republican. Crump and Seel, the other two candidates, regardless of whether you personally like them, do.

  6. I'm In Trouble Now says

    Let me use a less emotional, oversimplified example. Say I am a hard-line immigration opponent, and there’s an open borders candidate running against the hard-line immigration person I’d naturally support. But the guy just got out of prison for kicking his dog and tax evasion, plus while in prison he got a bunch of tattoos he won’t let anyone see and he’s trying to have removed. Sure, I support his public policy agenda on the issues, but it ends there. Represent me? No way he can do that.

    My point is that I don’t care if Bouie wins or loses, it’s Seel that I’m afraid of.

  7. See Rep. Sam Crump’s press release. I am proud to DITTO every word of it.

    Bouie is a drain on our legitimate candidates. John Shadegg and Pamela Gorman are losing voters every day they stand behind the selfish liar Bouie. Shadegg and Gorman do have challenges this year. Their Bouie endorsements are progress toward losing both offices to the dems.

    Can you not accept leadership from the likes of Sam Crump? Lead, follow or get out of the way has never been more appropriate. BOUIE–WITHDRAW!! You are a lying distraction to our REAL efforts.

  8. I can hardly wait until Sept 2nd when Tony Bouie wins this election. Going to be a lot of *ss kissing. The PAChyderm Coalition ‘talking points’ aren’t working. The voters of LD-6 aren’t fooled by Con-Man Carl Seel and his deadbeat pals!

  9. Oh and BTW, ALL the people and organizations who have endorsed Tony Bouie stand by him 110%! Nice try Pat! More to come!

  10. Keen Observer says

    I thought the use of profanity was against the rules. Yet it’s still here.

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