Will Ben Quayle Stick it to yet another Republican

Boyden Gray has NOTHING to do with National Horizon’s work in Arizona.

You might expect Ben Quayle to figure out from the name “National Horizon” that our group works all around the nation. But you would overestimate Congressman Quayle.

Since National Horizon went on the air with an ad highlighting Quayle’s not serious fitness for office, one of our supporters has been badgered.

Former Bush White House Counsel Boyden Gray contributed to National Horizon generously and we have always planned to use his support in the New York US Senate race. None of Mr. Gray’s money has gone to our ads about Ben Quayle.

But we hear the former Vice President himself has harassed Mr. Gray and demanded he ask for his contribution to be returned.

While it is gratifying the former Vice President of the United States thinks our ads are so powerful, it would be sad if his attacks pulled money out of National Horizon and stopped us from helping another Republican literally across the nation.

But since Ben Quayle ran away from a tough race against a Democrat in the Congressional district where Quayle actually lived, it would be no surprise if Quayle again puts his personal ambitions ahead of the good of all Republicans.


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