Will Andy Tobin Run for Congress?

By Lynne LaMaster
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Are more candidates for CD4 lurking out there? And is one of them the current Arizona Speaker of the House, Andy Tobin?

Sounds like it’s a possibility. At the end of today’s Republican Women of Prescott (RWOP) meeting, when the club’s President Pam Jones, was telling the ladies (and gentlemen) about next month’s meeting (Tuesday, May 22) she explained that all the Republican Congressional District 4 candidates would be attending. She named Sheriff Paul Babeu, Congressman Paul Gosar and AZ State Senator Ron Gould, as being confirmed for next month’s meeting.

Then Jones said, “There might also be another candidate. One that is said to be 98% certain to get in the race. I won’t tell you his name, but you all know who he is.”

Andy TobinShe also hinted that there might be a fifth candidate, but didn’t give any further information on who that possible person is.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Speaker Tobin might get into the Congressional District 4 race. As a matter of fact, at Saturday’s Republican County Caucus meeting, AZ Senator Lori Klein was in attendance to make a quasi-announcement of her own.

“I’m the Senator for LD6, and I actually live in Anthem,” Klein said. “Anthem is now part of your district. So, now, we’ve been hearing rumblings for a long time that Andy may run for Congress, and if so, there’s a House seat that’s open. I serve at the pleasure of your Senate President, who is really an outstanding guy, and it’s been a pleasure working for him. We’re in a battle right now to keep our budget lower, where it should be so that we don’t have a structural deficit of almost a billion dollars in 2015. So, we’re in an interesting battle, but our Senator, your Senator [Steve Pierce], has really been standing by us and conservatives in our caucus and holding the line. So, I’m trying to decide, I have a long history here, I have a cabin in Breezy Pines, so I’ve been up here quite a bit. I may run for the House in your district if Andy runs for Congress. So, that’s something that I’m exploring.”

When asked, Speaker Tobin said that he’s focused right now on this session in the Arizona House, especially on the budget.

Beyond that? “Hmmmm… no comment,” was Tobin’s reply.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with the current candidates for CD4? Have you already decided who you would vote for? Would you like someone else to get into the race?


  1. Rick Murphy just announced that he is running. He is from the Lake Havasu City area.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    Gould, Murphy and Tobin … between them less than $65,000 Not even close to Young Guns status –

    How silly. Just like Kirk Adams… going nowhere.

    Notice that even with the teaser here the only other comment to a possible Tobin run was an announcement of a Murphy run?

    Hey Andy, I love ya like a brother buddy… but this ain’t your year.

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