Wil Cardon for U.S. Senate Gains Momentum

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 21, 2011
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Wil Cardon for U.S. Senate Gains Momentum

Phoenix, Arizona – Mesa businessman Wil Cardon launched a statewide tour to announce his candidacy for the United States Senate last week and on Cardon’s weeklong tour he garnered support from many Arizonans who liked his conservative outsider approach to Washington and his ideas on job creation for the state of Arizona. The campaign launch also gained attention in the media. Here’s what they are saying about Cardon’s campaign:

East Valley Tribune
By Nora Avery-Page

Businessman Wil Cardon kicked off his campaign for the Senate in Sun City on Tuesday, emphasizing job creation and illegal immigration as his top platform issues.

Arizona, Cardon believes, needs somebody who understands how to create jobs, someone with a career in business.

Cardon, an Arizona native, thinks he can offer that solution, saying he has always been involved in his family’s business, an entrepreneurial investment company.


Kingman Daily Miner
By Suzanne Adams

Cardon said he threw his hat into the Senate race because of jobs and the fact there are too few of them and it doesn’t appear anyone is doing anything to create more of them.

Education is another issue that hits home with Cardon. He is a fifth generation Arizonan. His grandfather grew up in the 1920s and 30s with eight siblings in a tent with a dirt floor. The family pledged that every child would go to college and they did, he said. Some earned bachelor’s degrees and others went further and got doctorate degrees.


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Tucson Citizen
By DA Morales

A “conservative job creator” is entering the US Senate race against primary opponent Jeff Flake.

Arizona Daily Sun

By the Associated Press

He says he’ll be campaigning for border security and against taxes and government regulations that he says kill jobs.

Arizona Daily Star
By Becky Pallack

Cardon spent 40 minutes answering questions from a dozen Tucsonans at a gathering at an east-side library Tuesday.

Fox News 10 Phoenix
Cardon on Statewide Tour for GOP Senate Candidacy

Cardon on Statewide Tour for GOP Senate Candidacy: MyFoxPHOENIX.com


  1. Conservative American says

    “He says he’ll be campaigning for border security…”. Really? Tell us about that!

    Also, tell us about your position on illegal immigration and illegal aliens.

    You are Mormon and the LDS Church supports the “progressive”, liberal Democrat position on illegal immigration and illegal aliens. In fact, the LDS Church NEW statement on immigration refers to illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants”. As a Mormon are you going to break with the position held by the LDS Chruch on illegal immigration and illegal aliens?

  2. Bradley Reneer says

    Conservative American: I’m not sure where you get the idea of the LDS Church being “progressive.” Please see http://newsroom.lds.org/article/immigration-response. I don’t think the media has been accurately reporting the LDS position. It looks like the LDS church wants us to treat everyone with compassion while at the same time they oppose amnesty and support securing the border. I’m with you on the need to enforce the law. I believe Wil’s approach will represent what is best for Arizona and the nation (including people like me that live a bit farther north and appreciate all that the people in Arizona are doing: ) .

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