Wil Cardon: Flake Fights For Higher Energy Tax

Mr. Flake Pushed an Energy Tax that Republicans Opposed

In 2009, Flake Co-Sponsored A Bill to Raise Carbon Taxes

Career Politician Congressman Flake Claims to be a Conservative but His Colleagues on Capitol Hill Thought His Carbon Tax Was Anything But Conservative

“The bill puts the two lawmakers at odds with Republican congressional leaders, who’ve criticized the Democrats’ cap-and-trade plans as carbon taxes in disguise. ‘Cap and trade is code for increasing taxes, killing American jobs and raising energy costs for consumers,’ House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio said. ‘The so-called ‘cap and trade’ proposal amounts to a carbon tax, plain and simple.'” (James Rosen, “Republican Lawmakers Back Carbon Tax (Yes, That’s Right),” McClatchy Newspapers, 5/13/09; www.mcclatchydc.com/)

Flake’s Carbon Tax Would Cost an Arizona Family of 4 $1,000 a year

Jeff Flake Says He’s Watching Out for Arizona, but He’s Not

For documentation and to try to get an explanation call Congressman Flake at 602-845-0333.



  1. Here is Rep. Flake’s response:
    Dear Friends,

    You may have seen an ad running on television from my opponent claiming that I want a massive energy tax and suggesting that I support cap and trade. This, of course, is untrue.

    Let me give you, as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story.

    In 2009, President Obama and the Democratic Majority in Congress were pushing the cap-and-trade bill, which most Republicans and I opposed. During debate on the bill, there were a number of us that thought we needed a way to expose the Democrats’ awful plan for what it was — a revenue grab in the worst way.

    So we put together a revenue-neutral tax swap designed to counter the Democrats’ bill. Unlike cap and trade, our proposal cut taxes and didnot increase spending. The legislation stipulated that any carbon tax revenue raised by the government would go directly into the Social Security Trust Fund, and at the same time the payroll tax would be lowered by the same amount. This way, there was no incentive for politicians to raise the tax, since they wouldn’t get their hands on the money to spend. It was used as a way to call the Democrats’ bluff. I should note that in the end, we succeeded — cap and trade failed.

    Many notable conservatives supported our proposal’s honest, market-driven approach, including Arthur Laffer, a noted economist and former economic policy advisor to President Reagan, who said: “The bill that Jeff Flake cosponsored was a smart, free market, conservative approach to expose the Democrat’s Cap and Trade bill for was it was — a massive tax increase.”

    Laffer penned an op-ed in the New York Times in support of our approach, as did conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, writing in the Weekly Standard.

    Rest assured that I will, as I have in the past, lead the fight in Congress for lower taxes, limited government and less regulation.

    Jeff Flake

  2. LD 20 PC says

    Yea Yea revenue neutral, is that why you did not show up to vote no on the democrat Cap and Trade bill. Again Flake lies. He is not telling the rest of the story. Please soon to be Mr. Flake, tell us why you did not show up to vote on the cap and Trade bill the democrats had up for a vote? Oh you wanted to have it both ways tell the Conservatives you did not vote for Cap and Trade then tell the enviros you introduced your own bill. Where is the other side of your mouth. There is never any such thing as revenue neutral, why is it we know but you a life long leach on the tax payers is trying to take us to the cleaners.

    Arizona please do not listen to this career politician. he only comes out of his cave at election time. We have a chance to get rid of these career politicians lets elect Wil Cardin, if he turns out to be Flake/McCain JR, it will be easier to rid uf of him in 6 years. They did it in Utah and Indiana, lets make the change here too.

  3. @LD 20 PC, Your foolish comments tempt me to rethink my pro life stance.

    Jeff Flake opposes cap and trade, and he said so at the time:


    “The last thing a fragile economy needs is a new energy tax, yet that’s essentially what this cap and trade bill is,” said Flake. “This bill is more about generating revenue for the federal government than it is about addressing climate change.”

    Unfortunately, Congressman Flake was unable to vote on the bill due to a family obligation. Congressman Flake’s daughter was Arizona’s representative in the America’s Junior Miss scholarship program, and Congressman Flake and his wife were there supporting her.

    “Obviously, it was a tough decision to miss voting against the cap and trade bill. But I’ve let my daughter down enough over the years, and I felt I just couldn’t let her down again.”

    Had he been able to vote, he would have voted against the bill.

  4. I think LD 20 is putting out Cardon’s autotweets. Can’t spell and gets all the facts wrong.

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