Wil Cardon: Congressman Flake & President Obama: Advocates for Amnesty

Congressman Flake says he does not support comprehensive immigration reform.



In 2007, Congressman Flake co-sponsored a bill promoting comprehensive immigration reform which included amnesty for illegal immigrants. (H.R. 1645)

Sounds a lot like President Obama’s decision to grant amnesty to more than 1 million illegal immigrants…

See For Yourself:

To read President Obama’s latest amnesty plan, click here.

To read Congressman Flake’s STRIVE Act, click here.

To read Wil Cardon’s plan to secure our borders and enforce our country’s rule of law, click here.



  1. RussellPearceWatch says

    Wil, keep straining at gnats. Jeff Flake has been an outstanding representative in Congress. BTW get your Dad to repay all the suppliers and subcontractors that Cardon Homes left hurting. Now THAT is something worth advocating for.

    • Jeff Flake is an amnesty supporting anr is not representing his district. All he does is say YES to whatever John McCain wants. We told him we did not want Amnesty, how did he respond, he wrote the bill himself for the house version of amnesty along with Luis Guitterez. He came out agaisnt SB 1070, please tell me why? I read the bill so dont try “Oh you are a racist””. His staff is just as nasty as he is sarcastic and arrogant. He did not show up to vote on Cap and Trade in the house, then he wrote his own cap and trade bill after his constitutients told him we did not want that. He is not representing us and what we want.

      I will be supporting, volunteering and voting for Wil Cardon.

  2. Jeff Flake has been an treasonous amnesty-sucking RINO in the tradition of his mentors, McKyl and Cain.

  3. AZDryheat says

    In 2007 Wil Cardon gave almost $5,000 to Jeff Flake. So isn’t Wil an amnesty sucking RINO too?

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