Wil Cardon Announces Support from the Students for Wil Coalition

Phoenix, Arizona – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Wil Cardon is proud to announce support from the Students for Wil Coalition. The group is made up of dozens of ASU students led by Chairman Nasser Kompani. Kompani is a native Arizonan born to parents who both legally emigrated from Iran in pursuit of the American dream. Nasser is a pre-law student involved in numerous groups on campus including, ASU Students for Mitt, Political Science Honors Society, Campus Recreation Student Advisory Board and ASU Game Day Spirit Committee.

The Students for Wil Coalition is backing Wil, in large part, because of his plan to get the economy back on track and get Arizonans back to work. In the past few years it’s become more and more difficult for recent college grads to find jobs. But the group believes Wil’s business experience and acumen will change that. For his part, Wil is proud to have Nasser, and all the students, on his team. He’s excited that his conservative message of creating jobs, securing our border and protecting families resonates with the younger generation of Arizonans.

About Wil Cardon:

Wil is a business owner, a fifth-generation Arizonan, a father of five and a true conservative who is willing to step away from his successful business ventures to serve the people of Arizona. He grew up in a family business where as a young man he worked on the construction crew and made change at the family’s gas stations. He went to both Brigham Young and Stanford for his undergraduate degree and earned an MBA from Harvard. He came back to Arizona to be a part of the family business where he has created hundreds of jobs over the past 20 years – a debt free business that has thrived by investing in our community.



  1. AZDryheat says

    Wil’s jobs plan is to just hire everybody to work on his campaign.

  2. Flake’s jobs plan is to find work for illegals handed amnesty by his idol Obama.

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