Why public schools are failing our kids

Two stories about why our public schools are turning out masses of semi-literate, selfish and mannerless kids.

A middle school in Fairfax, VA has banned all forms of touching.  Not just fighting, but also congratulatory hand-shakes, holding hands and anything else that could show affection or emotion.  Dr. Helen nails it:

This no touch rule seems wrong in so many ways, I don’t know where to begin. I used to think schools were becoming like prisons, but honestly, prisoners have more rights. As one parent so aptly put it in the article, “how will you teach students right from wrong?” Indeed, how? For, if every behavior is seen in terms of black and white, how will kids learn where the boundaries are? Physical touch, along with adult guidance teaches kids where the boundaries are, no touching at all teaches them that normal expressions of behavior are aberrant–or that they have to sneak behind the backs of those in authority to get or show affection. What kind of lesson is that to teach?


toy_victimsThen there is the pervasive anti-boy, anti-military midset:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Fifth-graders in California who adorned their mortarboards with tiny toy plastic soldiers this week to support troops in Iraq were forced to cut off their miniature weapons.

Which leads to an interesting debate on if our society, boys in particular, is being feminized or neutered?  We have two America’s where the pacifist elite is attempting to neuter the warrior class.  As I mentioned in ealier posts here and here, this is an attempt to castrate the military with kindness.


  1. Bad parenting turns out selfish and bad mannered children. Schools can only do so much to enforce personal propriety.

    As for the toy soldier thing, absolutely ridiculous, but completely irrelevant of “pacifist elitists.” I don’t think anyone is trying to neuter anything.

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