Why is Pima GOP sending $ to NM?


     I know, I just don’t get it. There is some good reason that funds from the Pima County Republican Party are going to a congressional candidate from New Mexico by the name of Darren White. What that reason is I don’t know. Maybe the county decided it had enough money and didn’t need the extra $10,000 for local candidates in the November general election.


  1. Frank Cameron says

    The Democrats do it all the time as well.

    Its a loophole in the law. Pima GOP has a donor who has maxed out, federal dollars. These are the dollars that can be spent on federal candidates. Said donor wants to give more, but anything that he gives can only be counted as soft dollars. Pima GOP takes the soft money.

    Pima GOP then solicits and “buys” federal dollars at usually 3-1 or 4-1 with their Federal counterparts. See, the non-competitive states that rarely have real races are not always flush wish cash and don’t have races they would need to spend federal dollars on anyways ( like state and county races ). So they can get $20k soft for $5k in individual donations now.

  2. Josey: Check out the Tucson Weekly blog for more on the Pima County/New Mexico connection. It’ll help you understand the connection. blog.tucsonweekly.com.

  3. Forest for the Trees says

    You can’t use Federal funds to help with local races

  4. Frustrated By Division says

    This is a silly post made by someone who is clearly trying to divide the party and create controversy. State and county parties contributing to target races within our area is nothing new and is perfectly legal. In fact, it is a common practice.

    Look at some of the contributions from 2006….

    Targeted race in Colorado:
    Arizona GOP contributed $5,000 to Rick O’Donnell for Congress in Colorado on 3/23/06, as did New Mexico and the RNC.

    Targeted race in California:
    Arizona GOP gave $5,000 to Brian Bilbray for Congress in California on 5/25/06, along with Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and the RNC.

    And looking at all the contributions that were received by a race that was targeted nationally in 2006:

    New Mexico made 5 separate $1,000 contributions to the Rick Santorum for Senate campaign, along with the state parties of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the RNC.

    Congressional campaigns in Arizona received contributions from half a dozen Republican state parties during the 2006 cycle. Again, this is all a perfectly legal and common way for state or local parties to support candidates with federal dollars. It has nothing to do with soft money and suggesting this is “collusion” reflects a complete ignorance of the federal campaign finance laws.

    The real question is why is Tim Bee for Congress getting more support from the New Mexico state party than he is from the one in his own home state?

  5. Frank Cameron says

    LOL. Yes and every single one of those was followed by by a similar donations to another GOP Committee.

    Its called laundering money and its legal according to the FEC. So don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    Read the link on post 2. Right after Pima GOP made that donation to New Mexico, New Mexico made a donation to Bee.

    That allows Soft Money to be effectively trasnsfered from Pima GOP to Bee.

    BTW. The Democrats do this A LOT. How do you think Jim Pederson transfered all that money all those years. According to the FEC, he is the number one donor to All State parties. Do you think he really gave all that money to all 37 state parties? No, he washed his soft corporate money and got back federal dollars into the State.

  6. Frank Cameron says


    “It has nothing to do with soft money and suggesting this is “collusion” reflects a complete ignorance of the federal campaign finance laws.”

    OMG. What a FOOL. Do you REALLY THINK the State party of New Mexico magically gives 2 %#&# about Arizona? Do you think they sit around and go “Hum, well guys, how can we help Arizona today?”

    No. They got a call from Judy and she said ” hey, we got a bunch of money from the Rover fundraiser and we want to give it to Bee, our CD8 candidate, can you arrange something”

    They say yes. Pima GOP transfers to one of their Congressionals. They transfer to Bee.


  7. Kralmajales says

    I have to really commend Josey for writing this post and calling it as it is.

  8. Kral,

    I did not call anything, I just asked a question. Thank you for the commendation though. You do realize that a kind word from you puts me one step closer to being drummed out of the party.

  9. I’m surprised you didn’t do your homework before you printed this article. I’m sure you know the difference between local and Federal accounts and how each can and can not be used. You should know the Pima County Republican Chair has no control over how Federal accounts are used. You should also realize who controls where the funds are spent and it isn’t at the County level. Knowing these funds can only be spent at the Federal level what is your point?

  10. Walt,

    This post was less an article and more a questions.

    The FEC filing clearly states “Pima County Rep. Party Fed Campaign Com, c/o Judi White …” Please enlighten us. If the Pima County Chair does not control the account who does?

  11. Walt:

    WHAT are you talking about. A county party can control whatever they want- all they have to do is sign up for correct account and fill out the paperwork. In the case of local races, it would be with the Elections Division of Pima County and in the case of Federal it would be the FEC and in the case of the State it would be Jan Brewer.

    Most people have separate accounts because its easier that way, but its not legislated. You just cannot “double report” money to both the local account and say the state or federal accounts. You can use any of the money however you want, you just cannot double report it or report it as local and then spend it as federal.

    When Rove came into town, you usually raise hard dollars ( federal ) and soft dollars ( local, state , party building etc ).

    Frank is right in that that FEC ruled 3 years ago that collusion amongst the parties is not illegal due to the latest Supreme Court decision. Thus, if New Mexico wants to send money quid pro quo, it can. If Pima county wants to send money, it can too. AS LONG as they are not mixing the money up in how they reported it, they are fine.

    IE: They could not take money they reported to Pima County and give it to New Mexico. They would have to take money they reported to the FEC.

    The reason this is new is because Pima County has never had to have many federal dollars before. They could hold a fundraiser, drop it into their main account and spend it however they wanted on party building activities but if they wanted to say give money to a Supervisor race, they would have to keep to the limits of say Judy cannot use all $2000 of the money she personally wrote. She could only use up to the county limits, which is $390? The remaining balance would have to remain with the party.

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