Who’s Your Candidate?

Here’s a pretty cool web-based indicator that tells you who your ideal candidate is based on your web survey.

It only takes 1-2 minutes to complete.

I was shocked to discover McCain was my candidate!



  1. I am a Fred Head with McCain and Hunter close behind, the Huck, then Mitt and then Paul? Then Rudy.

  2. Iris Lynch says

    I am a Fred head too. I think the questionnaire is flawed. I am thrilled he came in third and not surprised, DESPITE ALL OF THE NEGATIVE PRESS, the lousy pictues, the total misrepresentation of what he has said and the blackballing of his campaign in general. He is skipping New Hampshire. Huck will have a different outcome. And there is no guarantee Mc Cain will come out on top as the media gurgles will happen.

  3. I look like Iowa,….Fred and McCain so close it’s too hard to call! Then it’s Hunter, Romney, Giuliani, Huckabee, Paul.

  4. Kralmajales says

    I ended up with Chris Dodd.

  5. Kral,

    You better take a look at your second place finisher…

  6. I ended up with Richardson.

    One MAJOR thing which the questionnaire does not include is the voter’s view of the candidates’ character, temperament, management skills, and leadership/inspirational qualities, along with perceived electability.

    Given “perceived electability” and my negative view of Hillary on character, temperament, etc., I’ll probably be voting for Obama.

  7. kralmajales says


    hahahahah that was TOO funny. Have a wonderful night!

    Yeah, I am voting Obama also. He has inspired me and makes me so much prouder to be an American everytime he speaks.

    Take a listen everyone. He is the real deal.

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