Who should the Republican Nominee be from Arizona’s CD-9?


  1. I hope everyone recognizes who the only TRUE constitutional conservative is in this race. Martin Sepulveda.

    • Andrea Garcia says

      AMEN!!! The only conservative who can beat the Dems. I have a couple in this race I like but let’s be honest only Martin can win in the end.

    • This really just means he’s the Ron Paul robot in the race.
      He’s also the candidate who approves of the draft, strangely enough.
      Don’t believe me? Have a couple screenshots of his Twitter posts on both subjects:

      Sepulveda thinks Ron Paul “viable” candidate for President: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=jts8dw&s=6
      Sepulveda thinks Americans won’t “appreciate” military without the draft in place: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=acr2b6&s=6

      And CD9 Paulbots just seem to gravitate to him. Wonder why?

      RP R3VOLUTION members host meet & greet for Sepulveda: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2isv2tx&s=6
      Oh hey, Andrea Garcia, there you are!

      AZ RP for President 2012 members host meet & greet for Sepulveda: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=29fpk48&s=6
      Looks like this one was a bit sparsely attended. I’m guessing the “Marc” there is Sepulveda’s little boy, who was also a mid-level organizer for the Ron Paul sheep at the State Convention. You know, the sheep that included convicted felons recruited from the Occupy Phoenix protests, or the guy who pretended to be a sniper, or the droves of screaming Paulbots, making threats and (in at least one case) assaulting a police officer.

      That’s the movement Martin Sepulveda represents. Not the people of CD9.

      • Here’s the Republic article (on AZ Central) where Sepulveda says “There needs to be a draft again. If everyone’s got skin in the game they wouldn’t be so quick to jump into war.”

        Sounds a lot like Bill Maher. “[N]either of the Bush twins has been able to find work. Why don’t they sign up? Do they hate America or just freedom in general?”

        Or Ralph Nader. “Well then, why don’t his daughters, 25 year olds Barbara and Jenna join the armed services and share in the sacrifice?”

        Sepulveda supports the draft: http://www.azcentral.com/community/chandler/articles/2009/03/19/20090319cr-sepulveda0320.html
        Maher attacks Bush through his family: http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/blbushtwinjokes.htm
        Nader says the Bush twins should “share in the sacrifice” by going to war: http://www.commondreams.org/views07/0310-22.htm

        • I know I said I wouldn’t respond but I did feel it necessary to point out that you obviously take offense to people “attacking” politician’s family (as referenced in your post by one of your articles) but you feel it perfectly acceptable to do it? Irony? Boy you are a very angry person. Have a wonderful day Sir!

          • It’s a tad different when the family is actively engaging in undermining the processes of the organization, as you most certainly were. There is video evidence of your presence at the State Convention as a participant in the out of order meeting of Ron Paul supporters, after security attempted to clear the building.

      • Mr Neal,

        I am Marc and I am confused, as I was present at the convention, but I was not an organizer for any campaign. I am not sure where you are getting your source as far as the convicted felons (it seems they would have a tough time meeting voting eligibility requirements), occupy people, snipers or whomever you are saying was present. I can not speak for them, but I can only speak for myself and give you a little bit about my background.

        I have been a registered republican since I turned 18 and could vote, have been very active in local charities and organizations both politcal and not. Shortly after that, I joined the U.S. Military. I am a Combat Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan where I left my home and family to fight and defend your rights and way of life including your freedom of Speech that is allowing you to Slander myself and my Father right now.

        I am sorry that you have a disagreement and are upset or angry, but I am sure that my father would be more than happy to speak and explain his views. I am sure that you will respond with a lengthy assault to make you feel better about the pettiness of your post, but I will not respond. It was merely brought to my attention by a supporter that you felt it necessary to bring family members into the debate, and for that I wanted to defend myself and my father. Again, I am sorry that you are very angry. Have a wonderful day.

      • Neal,
        The basis of your argument seems to be that you don’t like Martin because his son supports Ron Paul and because some Ron Paul backers are supporting Martin.

        Did you have anything of substance or was this just an anti-Ron Paul rant. Have you asked the other candidates who their supporters were supporting for President in November (the month your quoted tweet was from.)

        You also may need to brush up on twitter, because “RT-ing” someone else’s remarks is not some kind of endorsement.

        I don’t suppose you’d care to reveal your choice in district 9? Or did you just want to rant against Ron Paul and his supporters? You’re actually on the wrong thread if that’s the case.

      • Andrea Garcia says

        Oh yeah, HI Neal. Sorry I work a full-time job and am in Paramedic school. I do not have time to sit online and respond to everyone’s comments. What is so ironic is the Ron Paul movement is split between Grantham and Sepulveda. Some are John Birch people who like Grantham and others do not like Martin because he worked for McCain. I support Martin for 2 reasons. He is an straight forward shooter. with a pair of balls, I do not need to agree 100%. He is intellectually honest. I also support him because I do believe he is the only one to beat Sinema. I have been harping on cd9 for 2 years. I have friends who worked with Sinema and know the strategy. I will tell you all this, If cd9 doesn’t get some cash rolling for the general (which I suggested a candidate “GOP Smokeout” get them all up in a boxing ring for fun ” But the GOP has it’s head wound so far up its own ass it won’t happen. Vernon and Martin are both men I like I also like Leah but I support Sepulveda not because he is or isn’t Ron Paul but because I think he can win and he has balls. Unlike you Neal who make no sense and attack people on some pretty stupid shit.

        • @Andrea Garcia, re this statement: “Some are John Birch people who like Grantham”

          I know the John Birchers in our district. They’ve invited me to their meetings. They hosted a meet & greet for Martin Sepulveda. Not for Travis Grantham.

    • Martin who?

  2. Mr. Sepulveda has the proven leadership to do what’s right for Arizona, and the nation. Not only does he want to represent CD9, he actually has chosen to make his home in CD9 for decades.

  3. How do I vet thee?

    This is a difficult slate for me as I am not familiar with most of these people, only some unflattering publicity for Vernon Parker. A surf through their websites provides the standard fare about jobs, the economy (lower taxes and less regulation), etc., that are staples in the “issues” columns for political candidates.

    I wanted to examine their stands on illegal immigration beyond “seal the border”, and was looking for their stands on SB 1070, amnesty, interior enforcement, employer sanctions, the Dream Act [amnesty] and so on. For the most part, that was a big disappointment. I also was looking for their position on traditional marriage, which NONE of the candidates addressed. In very short order, that is going to become a major issue knocking heads with the economy and illegal immigration.

    Vetting a candidate’s stand on illegal immigration can be difficult, as it is the current trend for some to talk out of both sides of their mouth, if at all. One candidate was off my list before I hit their websites, and two more are out because I did. As a voter, I expect everything to be centralized on a candidate’s website, not requiring the chasing of quotes, articles, and videos all over cyberspace. Further, I will not ask questions on mainstream topics by email, their positions are worthless if I’m the only one who can see them.

    Most or all of the candidates seem to be hiding behind the border issue “once we get that darned border sealed, then we’ll see…” I want to know what the candidates think should be done about 20-30 million illegal aliens in the interim between right now and when the border is finally sealed in 2063.

    Travis Grantham: Seal the border – yes. Grantham appears to be interested in deporting illegal aliens with criminal records – only. As I said, this is where it gets tricky. I can’t tell if Mr. Grantham considers all border jumpers to be “criminals’ or not. I do. He also wants to issue long term visas for legal immigration. I cannot understand candidates talking about visa programs (other than degreed professionals) when we have 20-30 million illegal aliens right now that we can’t afford and can’t get rid of. SB 1070, amnesty, interior enforcement, employer sanctions, and the Dream Act [amnesty] were not addressed on his site.

    Wendy Rogers: Seal the border – yes. I think Rogers shows the strongest conviction to seal the Mexican border, but that is the extent of her stance. SB 1070, amnesty, interior enforcement, employer sanctions, and the Dream Act [amnesty] were not addressed on her site.

    Vernon Parker: Seal the border – yes. Parker also shows a stronger stance on sealing the border, and also steps up about employer sanctions for hiring invaders. SB 1070, amnesty, interior enforcement, employer sanctions, and the Dream Act [amnesty] were not addressed on his site.

    Leah Campos Schandlbauer: Seal the border – yes. On this site, I ran into pure double-talk re: amnesty. Schandlbauer says there can be no “blanket amnesty”, and references “previous failed amnesties.” But then she goes on to suggest “reviews” for those who are “otherwise law abiding.”
    When I see the approach of one foot in each plane, I error on the side of amnesty monger. SB 1070, amnesty, interior enforcement, employer sanctions, and the Dream Act [amnesty] were not addressed on her site. Schandlbauer is off my list.

    Jeff Thompson: Thompson has nothing on his website regarding illegal immigration, as though the nation-ending invasion doesn’t exist. Thompson is off my list.

    Martin Sepulveda: Seal the border – yes. SB 1070, amnesty, interior enforcement, employer sanctions, and the Dream Act [amnesty] were not addressed on his site.

    Lisa Borowski: I did not visit the Lisa Borowski website. She lost my vote instantly while debating on Horizon, expressing the defeatist attitude that the border could NOT be sealed and even channeling the Jammit Napolitano idiocy about “50 foot ladders.” Borowski is off my list.

    So as I continue to look at candidates for my vote, I’m down to Grantham, Rogers, Parker, and Sepulveda. I would like to see them elaborate on their illegal immigration positions in the areas I mentioned above, so I will be checking their websites up until a week before election day for any revisions or additions. I am not stumping for anyone, just sharing.

    • Tom Dodson says

      Hello Zoo, Early on in this race I had an opportunity to discuss your very good questions and was convinced he had a good undserstanding of the costs to the taxpayers and jobs due tothe problem of illegal immigration. I offer you this comment from a direct response he gave a potential voter on his facebook page Travis Grantham For Congress. The response is as follows: ” In regards to your second question, I would fight for the immediate securing of our open border by use of any means necessary including positioning our armed forces on the border. Secondly, those who are in the country illegally must be processed and dealt with in accordance with our laws. By returning those who have broken the law by entering our country illegally to their home countries, we could easily stop the problem of spending that you point out. Thanks for the question!” Feel free to visit the page and ask your own question and he will answer you as he has many others. My understanding is Mr. Grantham has the support of a guy named Russell Pearce. There is a CD-9 Candidate Forum tonight in Ahwatukee at 7PM. Your concerns are my concerns and no talk of Dream Act or amnesty from Mr. Grantham.

      • Sgt. Flapjaw says

        Zoo and Tom, I too have had extensive conversations with Travis Grantham much of it concerning the border. Sealing any way possible including fence and National Guard, no amnesty, work visa’s for legals with proper tracking and inforcememnt of the visa laws. Deportation for all law breakers including being here illegally. In short, enforce all laws that are on the books and adding the no amnesty provisions.
        Illegal immigration is not the only strength that Grantham has. He is a businessman, and a pilot in the Arizona Air Guard, active Major and planning to stay in. He also has served in the two current wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Travis is not a politition and will stand against anyone in Washington who is not ready to reverse the many decades of economic abuse that have been foisted upon us by both partys.
        I believe that he is our best candidate.

        • Thanks very much Sgt. “CD9” and I have brushed this issue, and he did suggest I contact Grantham via his website. I almost did, then I changed my mind and want (and expect) answers on these FUNDAMENTAL elements of the immigration issue to be made public via their cyber “headquarters.” Not just from Grantham, but all the candidates. Both you and CD9’s support for Grantham means a lot to me. But I just can’t get around that NONE of the candidates, including Grantham, supports SB 1070 directly on their websites. The ol’ illegal immigration conscientious objector in me tells me that the candidates are only committing in-writing to the universal cry of “seal the border.” That said, thanks very much for your imput, it makes this a little easier.

      • Tom, thanks very much for the information, it certainly adds fuel. As I stated above, I’m not looking for answers on these basics via email or telephone. I want to see public, fixed positions. At your words, I returned to Grantham’s website but did not see Russell Pearce under “endorsements”. I hope you will let us know how your CD 9 meeting in Ahwatukee went.

        • Sgt. Flapjaw says

          Zoo, Travis did issue a press release on April 26th supporting 1070. It can be found on his facebook account “Travis Grantham for Congress” April 27th of this year.
          Also, on some of his literature I will quote:
          “The U.S. immigration system is broken, particularly in the Southwest. Travis believes honest immigration reform starts with a secure border and a system that rewards those who enter our country legally, while holding individuals and businesses that violate our laws accountable”.
          This may help you a bit as to your questions.

    • How do you decide? You have narrowed the field so now, call and talk to each candidate you are seriously considering. That’s what I did. If they won’t talk to you, scratch them off your list. You are the employer! I liked Grantham best. He strikes me as authentic. None of these people has all the answers but Grantham understood the questions including having options to solve some of the problems. Parker runs for every office that comes along. Seems he just wants to get elected to something, anything!

      • Pat, I’m looking for “up or down” answers on the four non-border issues I listed (SB 1070, amnesty, interior enforcement, employer sanctions, the Dream Act). That does not require a candidate to have “all” the answers – just express their support or not.

        This is Arizona and I find it unacceptable that NONE of the seven congressional candidates demonstrate support for SB 1070 on their websites, while stumping to be our representative in Washington where the stranglehold on enforcement is growing in manure.

        I have purposely ‘boxed out’ other issues (Parker’s baggage) to vet them on this issue, then look at other things. I appreciate your getting answers the traditional way, but responses via telephone or email only serve to inform (or enrgage) the recipient. We must require candidates to take PUBLIC stands for world to see, and that means on their various websites.

    • Please do a simple google search on Vermen Parker. Please do not vote for this lying snake! In his last campaign, he supported “anchor babies”. He is not to be trusted.

      • Colleen, that google only turned up an accusation by Sam Crump with a link to a Facebook page – which has been removed. Crump is said to be a square shooter, so his accusation is likely accurate. As I said, the candidates should address all basic areas of illegal immigration on their websites – now we know why they don’t. Immigration aside, Parker has bounced around in recent history like a ball of Silly Putty. If he was applying for a job with a hop-scotch resume, he’d be out of luck. His endorsements are mostly unknown to me, except George H.W. Bush (a damaged brand) and Jerry “Los Suns” Colangelo.

        Assuming Wendy Rogers has been the recipient of a poll-bomb, that puts Vernon Parker within twenty points of front-runner Travis Grantham. Even though this is a flawed poll, Parker’s votes are worrisome. With that, I’m going to end my trek early and vote here and on paper for Travis Grantham.

        • I was in the room when Vermen Parker said that he supported anyone born here is a US citizen. I am glad you are not voting for him.

          • Thanks for outing Parker; as I said a few days ago, I wanted to look at all the candidates with blinders on – solely on the illegal immigration issue. Your posts and Sgt. Flapjaw’s helped me go with hopefully the best pick. I did learn from this exercise that a candidate’s “endorsements” can be quite revealing. I’m hoping that with 80 some days before the general, voters will demand that candidates give a COMPLETE picture on their illegal immigration stances, but they likely won’t and that is why they call it “politics.” It is likely that Martin Sepulveda is also a fine candidate, but then the “can-win” factor comes into play.

  4. I don’t understand why the Az. Republic endorsed Sepulveda, they are at best a left leaning rag and will ultimately get behind whoever wins the Democrat primary so why the Sepulveda endorsement ? Either he is a moderate republican that will give in to the Democrats just when we need him to be a strong conservative vote ( the media loves john Mccain until he is running against a Democrat ) or he is the most likely to lose in the general to the Democrat. I don’t trust the Az Republic and their endorsement gives me a lot of concern about Sepulveda.

    • Andrea Garcia says

      Fred, Neal, Martin was endorsed by the Republic because he is the only common sense candidate who can win.

  5. Fred,

    The Arizona Republic endorsed Martin, due to the fact he is the only front runner that won’t be slayed by the Democrats come the general election. IF they endorsed Parker, the other candidate with some traction they would be endorsing a guy who was found guilty of fraud, Rumored marital issue (which Demorats will say are fact) personal finance issues (which will be sued to prove he isn’t savvy enough for congress) and the list goes on. His own Wiki site list scandals he is associated with, and to add insult to injury he is suing the SBA for 2 million dollars in pain and suffering. If he wins that pain and suffering will come out of GOv funds, which are our funds that were taxed away from us. Not the best platform to run on.

    • So Tommy suddenly the Republic wants to get a conservative elected ? have you ever read the paper ? like I said they will ultimately endorse whoever wins the Democrat primary mark my words.so I’m skeptical of anyone they endorse.as for all of your issues with Parker they all sound like Republic hit jobs and I think if I remeber correctly used by Ben Quayle before he received a cease and desist order in 2010 for using lies in campaign robo calls. your canditate has issues as well, there is an issue of him using the city of chandler credit card to pay a phone bill that wasn’t his. there are some other issues with him that I am aware of that have not yet been brought up in the campaign yet so I will not bring them up now because as a true conservative I agree with Reagan that we should not be slinging mud at each other.the fact of the matter is whoever wins the primary we are all going to have to work together to assure district nine does not go to a Democrat, from what I’ve seen so far in this campaign all of the other candidates and there supporters understand that except for Selpuveda and his people.

      • Fred, You haven’t been paying much attention to this campaign if you believe that only one of them is slinging mud around, but I am not surprised to see someone propagating such information, given the way in which campaigns have hit at rivals then disavowed those who carried out the act. Although I do agree with you that we should not be slinging mud at each other, I have issue with your stance that in regards to Parker (who is the only candidate besides Sepulveda with the traction to win) background. Do you believe these “stories” (facts on record) won’t play in to a run against the democratic challenger? You cannot be so blinded by your loyalty to candidate & believe that the Republic, DNC, New Times, etc., etc. (THEYRE PUTTING BIG MONEY IN) wont drag out Parkers background in every medium possible?

        In addition to his background the net is alive with stories of campaign sign stealing, Planted stories from campaign to campaign about back room deals, I mean heck! Parker brought up Sepulveda’s Cell Phone bill (which he paid upon return from combat) in a Q & A forum! So, Fred, You may want to research your facts a little further about the mudslinging and who is doing it. If it were Parker versus Leah, I’d take Leah – Parker versus Grantham, I’d take Grantham and on & on, for the simple fact Parker has too much the DNC can use against him, which doesn’t make me anything but a smart conservative who wants to win this district.

    • Sorry, no sale!

  6. Martin should win hands down, with Jeff Thompson a distant 2nd.

    I see lots of lip service coming from Grantham and Rogers. Parker is just damaged goods and is a good fit for the self-important P.V. crowd, so he’ll be back to showing up late for their town council meetings in no time.

    Borowski and Schandelbauer really do not bring much to the table at all. Lisa is way too much of an academic and the CIA credentials are more of a drag on her than a positive. Borowski saved a strip club in Scottsdale, which would make her a great fit for the beltway debauchery that happens “after 6 pm,” but she’s clearly a non-factor in this race.

  7. I am more than disturbed that Vernon Parker is neck and neck with Martin Sepulveda in this poll. I hate to think that the residents of CD9 are so uninformed that they would consider voting for Parker. His past is riddled with scandal! The Dems will absolutely DESTROY Parker in the general election. From the termination from the SBA, to his foreclosure issues, ending with his $2,000,000 lawsuit. A lawsuit for “pain and suffering” which was dismissed with prejudice, but he is STILL attempting to appeal.

    A “fiscal conservative” who says “he supports tort reform for frivolous lawsuits” is trying to sue the United States of America for TWO MILLION IN TAX PAYER MONEY.

    Every American has an obligation to educate themselves before voting. Just typing “Vernon Parker” into Google provides you with page after page of information on Parker’s scandals. Our Republic cannot survive if we send dishonest people with a total lack of character to fight for our values in Washington.

    • No Brainer says


      If a google search can find that type of stuff, can you imagine what a real campaign with DNC backing can dig up on Parker? It would be a Landslide for the democrats.

  8. Martin Sepulveda is a man of integrity and an unwavering conservative. I have known him and his family for years. He has a finely developed set of principles, ideals, and values. He has sacrificed for our country again and again, and will bring his understanding of our military community and his nerves of steel to Congress.

  9. Wasn't it says

    Wasn’t it Sonoran alliance that busted Parker a few years back? Funny he would get any play on here at all?

  10. As a RET military man, I have looked at all the choices carefully, and I believe that Wendy Rogers has the strongest commitment to help this Country. As a (RET) Lt. Col. Wendy knows all about honor, courage and devotion to duty. I will be voting for her in the elections, as will most of the Veterans I know, which is quiet a few since I am the Founder of a Veteran Organization started in 2009, with over 40,000 members.

  11. Quayle should be the CD-9 Republican candidate, but, unfortunately for the party, he decided to run in CD-6 instead.

  12. Azwatchdog says

    Would this help you Zoo? Many candidates have the soundbites you are speaking of, but from my knowledge, Mr Sepulveda is the only one who has put a formal video piece (which is also running on tv) out about some of the issues you are referring to.

    I do agree that it is frustrating that campaign websites are not one stop shops, but that is why I attempt to go to events whenever possible to see the interaction. In fact, although I have not gone to many, I feel that the on the spot environment, and multiple views from the audience tends to eliminate the ability for a person to placate to an individual on the phone. These are often recorded and it would be difficult (although not impossible and in fact some candidates have been questioned for flip flopping) to lie about a position down the road.

    At any rate here is Mr Sepulveda’s piece. If I have missed any of the other candidates I apologize but I am not sure any of them have put something like this together.


    • Thank you for the link Azwatchdog, this is a clear message that Sepulveda stands against amnesty. I received two mailers today from Sepulveda. One was for his jobs program, the other dissecting Vernon Parker. Neither mentioned illegal immigration. I agree with you that the scrutiny of a live audience with recorders is where the rubber meets the road. But if a candidate has the best stands on the issues, he needs to get that information out to as many people as possible. And if that candidate does not have the millions required for TV spots, he/she should be thrilled that he can spill his/her guts over the internet – for a little bit of nothing.

      Maybe we need P.C.W.R. – Political Candidate Website Reform. I think few would argue that in 2012, most people get their news and information from the web. And you put it quite eloquently, ‘one-stop shopping.’

      I am guilty of harboring illegal immigration as my bell weather issue. But the majority of Arizona voters passed laws in 2004, 2006, and 2008 addressing that very cancerous problem. SB 1070 was challenged all the way to SCOTUS, and the key element survived. That is why I am astounded that none of the CD9 candidates declare support for it PERMANENTLY on their websites. As the eternal skeptic, I don’t think that is by coincidence. Pssssst – I’m against illegal immigration – but don’t tell anybody. In my opinion, since the leftist-engineered recall of Senate President Russell Pearce, political candidates are now wearing yellow underpants – to match the stripe up their backs.

      Thank you again for the info on Sepulveda. It is quite helpful.

  13. joe leaphorn says

    After reading all the comments I only feel comfortable running Wendy Rogers in the primary.
    She is the only clean candidate that can beat Kyrsten Sinema.

  14. THIS JUST IN – A military flash-mob has landed on the CD9 poll. Wendy Rogers has jumped from 5th place to 1st. Stay tuned for more details.

    • Military flash mob, huh? Looks more like poll stuffing from a computer lab to me. 😀
      @Joe, aka Austin?, I wouldn’t bet on Wendy Rogers beating any of the Dems in the race. People only have to see her in a few different venues to observe that she says whatever she thinks the audience wants to hear. Since the Dems have trackers taping each candidate already, that forked tongue would hurt her hard in the general.

      • Wow, that lead has really grown over the past 12 hours; maybe you’re right about poll stuffing, I figured it was just a mass email to military personel. I don’t know Rogers, but was impressed with her response to border security on Horizon. A friend gives her thumbs down for stumping for the mega-expensive F-35 jet, at a time when the country is in financial decay.

    • joe leaphorn says

      i’m confused, there are other candidates with military background, why would they “flash mob” just for Wendy? Where did you get your info?

      • Just common sense. Rogers sat there for about 3 days with 6 votes, then picked up 250 votes in about 24 hours. Had you been monitoring the poll from the outset, you wouldn’t have made your inept assumption (below). I have no problem with it, if Rogers has that many supporters who parachuted into the poll, more power to her.

  15. joe leaphorn says

    Oh I see, its “Lets slam who ever is at the top.”. Okie Dokie.

    • Bashing the top runner is just par for the course in American politics, whether liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. Having said that, it is unfortunate that people opine without knowing all the pertinent facts, and don’t take the time to find out about the real person behind the ads.

      I have known Wendy Rogers for many years. Her character is absolutely above reproach. She is honest to a fault, steadfastly conservative. devoutly spiritual, and, without question, one of the most energetic and hard-working people, man or woman, I’ve ever met. She is a classic overachiever who genuinely feels called to serve, and I believe she would sacrifice everything before she would ever compromise her core beliefs and principles.

      Like any human being, Wendy (and her campaign) do have a couple of shortcomings, neither of which will affect her decision-making. The most glaring flaw is that she is not an eloquent orator, like so many politicians, most notably our president. Wendy can be overly forthright, speaking her mind and letting the chips fall where they may. This kind of honesty can be uncomfortable, to say the least. The other concern is one of my pet peeves about a lot of politicians and their campaign managers: candidates talking endlessly about their qualifications and their credentials, and assessing our country’s problems to a fare-thee-well, but never really putting forth new ideas or solutions. This fault lies at the feet of the campaign managers, in my opinion.


      In closing, I believe that, in politics, character trumps political experience every time. And, if you take the time to find out about Wendy Rogers, who she is and what she stands for, I think you’ll agree.

  16. No Brainer says

    Simply shocked CD9 is even thinking about some of the canidates running? There are two ability and only one of them doesnt have a checkered past.

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