Who is in charge of the Republican Party?

That is a question that many have asked recently.  The media usually goes to the elected officials because for too long, the elected officials have run the organization simply because the grass roots did not take the time and energy to make sure they elected leadership accountable to the Precinct Committeemen and State Committeemen who actually elect the officers of the party.

As a result of a very close election in January, we have a Party Chairman who is doing what we should have every right to expect – standing up for the grass roots instead of taking marching orders from the Congressional Delegation and Central Avenue/country club operatives.  That is a major milesone in the Arizona Republican Party, but there is no guarantee that this will be the future of the Party.

Legislative District and County Party officers are elected by the local Precinct Committeemen who are elected and appointed from their individual voting precincts.  For every Precinct Committeeman elected in the Primary Election, there are four to five positions left vacant.  State Party officers are elected by State Committeemen, who are elected by the Precinct Committeemen. 

If you have never been a Precinct Committeeman before, now is the time to get involved.  Arizona has been known since its inception for the five C’s that represent the important features of this state – Cattle, Citrus, Climate, Copper, and Cotton.  Well, in the pollitical arena of this state, we have traditionally had the five C’s that represented the power and influence in the Republican Party – Congressmen, Central avenue, Country club, Capitol lobbyists and Chamber of commerce. 

Overall, these groups, under the direction of Nathan Sproul and his henchmen, are doing their best to denigrate Chairman Pullen.  Chairman Pullen has stood tall in the face of unbelievable pressure, publicly and privately, from these power brokers.

What can you do?  First, send a donation to the Republican State Party and say thanks to Chairman Pullen for standing up for us.  (The good news is that small donor contributions are up over fourfold since this debacle has happened, which is incredibly important with the lack of support from the 5 C‘s).  Second, when you call our Arizona elected officials, tell them you are supporting Chairman Pullen and that you expect them to do the same.  Third, contact your county or legislative district chairman and tell them you would like to be appointed as a Precinct Committeeman – you can find their contact information at azgop.org or, if you live in Maricopa County, maricopagop.org.  That is the only way we will retain control of the Party.

So, to the question of who is in charge of the Republican Party.  Well, that is up to you.  Average voters across this state are in charge of this Party at this time due to the efforts of a few valiant people.  However, if we want to keep the Republican Party accountable to us, it is time for everyone to step up to the plate and participate.  It is the only way that the Republican Party will represent the people of this state. 

Remember, Chairman Pullen was elected by only a four vote majority and the 5 C’s will be redoubling their efforts to try to elect one of their own through the Primary Election next year. 

 PS: Don’t forget that starting tomorrow, we have to inundate the Senate offices, the Republican National Committee, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee with calls, e-mails and faxes.  This is a process, not an event.  We have won a couple of battles, but the war will only be won if we persevere and continue to put the pressure on the other side.


  1. Tom Setter says

    I agree. Support Randy Pullen and stop the invasion. Donate today and get your friends involved.
    We need to enforce our LAWS.

  2. Ken Going says

    What a breath of fresh air Randy Pullen brings to the Arizona Republican Party. First of all he is not a pompus (a–) secondly he looks at all the PCs and the grassroot workers as equal to him. And he is not afraid to take on an issue like Immigration especially when he knows his own US Senators sold out our Republican Party and it’s workers. I have no problem helping financially to either the MCRC or the State Party and I ask you to do the same. We are united so we will not fall,they are divided and they will fall.
    Ken Going

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