Who cares how Joanne Goldwater votes?

A quick post to answer another post on Tucson Citizen blog by blogger “Nasty Jack.” Supposedly, the daughter of the late Senator Barry Goldwater has decided to vote for Richard Carmona for U.S. Senate.

To which we answer, “Who cares?!”

When another Goldwater family member was asked about Joanne’s decision and public pronouncement, the answer was, “Oh, she’s the liberal in the family. No one takes her seriously.”

Sonoran Alliance is willing to bet that the vast majority of the Goldwater family is supporting Jeff Flake – the true conservative – in the race for U.S. Senate.

Never mind the black sheep in the family.


  1. Conservative American says

    Furthermore, who cares what the “vast majority” of the Goldwater family supports? They put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us, LOL!

    “Jeff Flake – the true conservative…” Bwahahahahahaha! “True conservative”? Really?

    Well, let’s have a look at “true conservative”, Jeff Flake, defending his STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation to Lou Dobbs and fellow Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray:


    So “true conservative”, Jeff Flake, crafted and promoted illegal alien amnesty legislation, the STRIVE Act, which would have given B. Hussein Obama and the “progressive” Democrats EXACTLY what they were after! Well, ain’t that “conservative”, LOL! But that’s not all, Folks! It gets even BETTER!

    Flake co-authored his STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation along with “progressive” Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago. You know Chicago, ground zero for the Obama political machine. But that’s not all, Folks! It gets even BETTER!

    As congressional Republicans were seeing to it that the Flake-Gutierrez STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation went down in flames, then Congressman Rahm Emanuel was co-sponsoring the bill! That’s right, the SAME Rahm Emanuel who went on to become B. Hussein Obama’s White House Chief of Staff and who is now the Mayor of Chicago!

    Could Jeff Flake possibly get any more “conservative”? Only if he moves to Chicago and officially becomes a Democrat or if he runs for Democratic U. S. Senator from Mexico, LOL!

  2. Reality Check says

    Quoting Joanne Goldwater as a representitive of the “Goldwater family” is like quoting Patti Davis as a representative of the “Reagan family”.

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