White House Gibbs wants the old John McCain back

Today, during the White House Briefing, White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs was asked by reporters about the issue of immigration reform.

Gibbs responded:

“John McCain was very instrumental in getting immigration reform to the point that it was in 2005, 2006 and 2007,” he told reporters during Thursday’s briefing. “I doubt we’re going to get comprehensive immigration reform if we don’t have John McCain doing — doing what he believed in, in those years.”

Memo to Robert Gibbs: The White House will get the old John McCain back if he gets re-elected.

If you’re wondering if we can really trust John McCain’s new found convenient conservatism, here’s what conservative activist Michelle Malkin said the other morning (5/27) during an appearance on Fox & Friends.



  1. Stephen Kohut says

    Will McAmnesty ride again? Will the Lone Naturalizer come to the rescue of criminal aliens everywhere? Stay tuned for next exciting episode of McAmnesty, “Will He or Won’t He Build That Danged Fence?”

  2. The Mole says

    I heard the new plan is to give citizenship to anyone that works on the “danged” fence.

  3. Gee, with White House friends like those who needs enemies? He’s out and about pushing hard core border secuirty and the WHite House is cooing he’s really not like that. That “dang fence” may be McCain’s political undoing.

  4. LOL! Is this the best you can do on the day that the NRA endorsed McCain over JD?

  5. Actually, I can do better!

    Gun Owners of American endorsed JD Hayworth back on February 19th – way before the NRA made a decision.

    Wait! It gets better! Many NRA members are cancelling their memberships and instead giving to JD Hayworth’s campaign! The NRA’s loss is JD Hayworth’s gain!

  6. I for one am one of those who will be cancelling my NRA membership. And I will be sending a check to the Hayworth campaign. I will also be seeking membership in Gun Owners of America. McCain has never been a strong ally of gun owners!!

  7. SuzanneC says

    I know quite a few members of the NRA, all have canceled their membership.

    I too believe if John McCain is reelected the first thing that will happen is Amnesty. His new found Conservatism is a farce and I hope all the real conservatives out there understand why McCain is trying to deceive each and every one of us. We need to rid this state of McCain and his ilk to saves us and this Nation from disaster.

  8. Perhaps the Obama people think that since McCain has so altered his stance on immigration they think he can win. Now hear me out, the primary election is August 24th. Congress usually takes all of August off for vacation and then comes back after Labor Day to finish their legislative agenda.

    Perhaps the Obama folks think that after McCain wins, or for that matter loses, he can once again morph into himself and push amnesty.

    I know it is a little far fetched, but it would probably help Dems with Hispanic voters in November, Obama needs another win, and after all we thought Obamacare was dead, but somehow (a few select Senators) he was able to get it through.

    Sounds like he has the same strategy with McAmnesty, and Gibbs statement is intended to send a signal to the amnesty folks to get ready.

    And to all the McCain people who love to hate, NO I do not believe in black helicopters or any other crazy conspiracy.

    And yes this sounds far fetched, but who would have believed John McCain wwould try to run as an immigration hawk? It’s a strange, strange world!

  9. Oh I too sent the NRA my membership card cut in half.

    Got Sig?

  10. My advice to Gibbs:

    Don’t worry about John!

    If he returns, you can bet that he’ll be a main cog in any “comprehensive” immigration bill which, of course will ensure that you Dems will control the Southwest for the next two decades and his fast food patrons will make a “quick” buck before departing the industry as it becomes organized!

    And you won’t even have to worry about this from a p.r. standpoint.

    McCain has more than enough local RINO shills to cover it.

  11. Carlist:
    I agree with you. I just don’t understand Republicans who are supporting him knowing how he votes. Especially the Sheriffs. The Mohave County Sheriff just introduced him as the best senator we have ever had? Huh? Cap and Trade, McCain/Feingold, supplement regulations, amnesty, etc etc is good? What would it take to be bad?

  12. Not Crazy Pam says

    I think C2C might be on to something here.

  13. DeAnn,

    Two words why the McCain Mafia is able to pull this off: intimidation & retaliation.

  14. Stephen Kohut says


    You forgot to ask how many endorsement McAmnesty bought with his war chest, you know the one he only uses against Republicans.

  15. Walt Stephenson says

    You all are running out of Republicans to like. Ronald Reagan granted over 2 million illegal’s amnesty in the 80’s so I guess he is a RINO. The NRA and Mitt are the latest to lose your support. You refuse for some twisted reason to even look at JD’s record.

    I guess your not considered paranoid if they really are out to get you.

  16. McCain sucks.

  17. Jacobite says

    When are you going to look at McCain’s record.

    Yes Reagan supported Simpson-Mazzoli. It was thought to be “comprehensive” at the time but was uneforceable in regard to employer sanctions due to the U.S. Chamber and its strange new allies, the Trial Lawyers!

    McCain tried to revert to the same poinsed well along with Ted Kennedy three years ago.

    If anything he should be held to account for stupidity!

    Mitt Romney laid the basid for Obamacre in Massachussetts! Nuff said?

    Find yourself a creditable role model, your candiates are not cutting the mustard!

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