Which Republican should run for Arizona’s newest Congressional District?

The newest Friday poll is about to go up and I want your input! Please submit your suggestion for which Republicans should run for the seat assuming that the new district will cover the far east valley down to Pinal County and even east to the Arizona-New Mexico border. I am already compiling a list of potential candidates but I won’t post the poll until tomorrow morning.


  1. Paul Babeau looks like the best on the list.

    Konopnicki would be better off running as a Democrat.

  2. My only comment is where is the option of “None of these candidates”? Even the government of the state of Nevada has that on the ballot.

  3. Just depends on where the lines are drawn. The growth of northern Pinal county does make it look like the lines DSW is quoting, but how far into the east valley will it go? Will Biggs or D22 guys be in that new district? Who know… Until there are some preliminary lines in front of the Redistricting Comm to gauge the support/ opposition, I dont think your list can firm up. Its just conjeture at this point. Babeau would be strong for a certain area, but depending on who else could be drawn into that district its still really a fuzzy picture.

    • Veritas Vincit says

      Paul Babeau will not run for the new seat. Smart money puts him running for McCain’s Senate seat when McCain steps down in 2016

  4. Sheriff Babeu is a known quantity among Republican voters throughout Arizona, as well as nationally. Does anyone really think that Biggs, for example, is better known in his district than Paul is? No, of course not.

    Paul could win any district in the state.

  5. I love Sheriff Paul – my only hesitation is his support of McCain.

  6. Double Decaf Latte says

    I would love to see Michelle Reagan run. Talk about a name that is golden. She is young, beautiful and appeals to all political animals from zebras to rhinos.

    • Veritas Vincit says

      And hasn’t held a committee hearing since the session opened. Insiders want to know what in the heck she is doing in the Senate? Certainly not moving legislation in her committee.

      young, beautiful with a golden name … and these are reasons to elect someone to public office? Double Decaf is spending too much time “Dancing with the Stars”… especially since Michelle’s done nearly nothing this session that anyone can tell.

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