Where’s the Tusk?

Republicans for Janet

Prior to the election, Janet Napolitano touted Republican support for her re-election campaign by putting up a section on her website called “Republicans for Janet.” Here is the link: http://www.janet2006.com/republicans/republicans.html

One thing I’ve wondered is if the State GOP ever challenged this ploy AND the use of its GOP trademark elephant on the site.

I seem to recall a certain consultant who was lambasted by the party for sending out a mailpiece with the GOP elephant logo on it. Something doesn’t reconcile with the lack of tusk used this year by the GOP in confronting Janet over the use of the logo.

Am I missing something?


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Yea, I guess a certain small-time radio host wasn’t interested in smearing our Democrat Governor or trying to stop a liberal agenda the way he was so determined to stop conservatives in 2004!

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Actually, quite a few of those folks have been quite public in their support for the Guv… The fact that they are Republican PCs doesn’t seem to bother them… Bums…

  3. What REAL Republican would actually support El Napo?

  4. There are very likely a few Republicans who liked the fact that Napolitano brought the Arizona state budget into surplus without raising taxes.

    If only the neoconservatives in the White House practiced such discipline.

    Ever since Reagan the Republicans have been the party of record deficits and profligate public spending. True fiscal conservatives have to vote for Democrats now, because Republicans are too likely to spend large amounts of other peoples’ money.

  5. That’s not the GOP trademark elephant anyway, so the state party would have no reason to complain… and I didn’t hear any Republicans crying when Zell Miller made his convention speech for W.

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