Where Have All the Down Syndrome Children Gone?

Have you noticed that you don’t see many children with Down Syndrom any more? Have you ever wondered where they’ve gone?

The New York Times reports on the horrifying fact that 90% of pregnant women who believe they will have a Down Syndrome child, abort that unborn baby.

We certainly live in a world where anyone perceived as imperfect is vulnerable and disposable.


  1. If you read the supporting documentation from the National Institute for Health it is horrifying. The words seem to be something out of an Auschwitz journal based on a study of the “termination” rates of babies with various anomalies. When I opened the link I was prepared to see the references but the cold reality of the non-humane perspective nearly brought me to tears; especially when one of the studied conditions afflicts a very precious, vital, and “socially acceptable” member of my family.

    The judgment of value on an individual life based on a predetermined estimation of their importance and ability to bring the expected levels of “happiness” and non-intrusion into the lives of the expectant parent(s) is such a subjective measure. It is a life; can a person be pre-judged and eliminated if the mechanism of measurement presents a less than perfect possibility? How far will the genetic speculation of a predisposition to certain behaviors be allowed to go?

    Such an enlightened society should see the value in all not just in the cookie cutter model of a baby. The menu of options and order window for families can’t be too far away; “Do you want that baby girl with blonde hair and curls or brown and straight?” “Thank you, you are order number 479 and your custom baby will be delivered in 8-9 months.”

    God help us.

  2. Choosing to have a child with severe mental and physical problems is a moral atrocity. There’s no way to get around the fact that Down syndrome causes suffering in everyone involved, especially the child. The parents who support bringing more people burdened with this illness into the world only want to extend their and their children’s suffering to everyone else. They should be named for what they are – evil.

    Every child should be loved and valued – but a fetus is not a child until he or she is born – and what kind of perverted monster do you have to be to want children to suffer their entire life? Only the religious dogma behind the hypocritical “culture of life” is capable of sinking people to this level.

  3. HeroicLife,

    Sounds familiar: “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

  4. “what kind of perverted monster do you have to be to want children to suffer their entire life?”

    What kind of perverted monster to you have to be to believe that your version of happiness is the only one that matters? What special knowledge do you hold that allows you to predetermine the quality of life of that unborn baby? Down Syndrome children do not necessarily suffer anymore than any other child, they embrace life and all that comes with it. Their parents may have a different experience with their child but what makes different bad, because it is not YOUR definition of sufficient?

    There are many, many parents with children who look absolutely as they should, their speech is without flaw, and their day to day lives would represent what you would believe is typical and normal. Yet their hearts and minds have great defects. They are afflicted with such pride and selfishness that they cannot get beyond their own being to experience love and sharing. They will suffer everyday of their life.

    I mentioned my family member with one of the syndromes names in the originating article. She is an active, healthy teenager who just had a great time at the Prom. Unless you knew she had a “diagnosis” you would never know this beautiful creation of God was anything out of the typical. She is very active and successful in school, a leader on campus, and greatly admired by her peers as a person with a unique quality of character. Does she have some personal struggles? Yes, but who doesn’t? Does she have a love of life and all it holds? Absolutely! But more than that, she is one of the most beautiful, loving, and influential people in my life. Her beauty of spirit is something unfound in most, and even rarer among teens.

    I cannot imagine what kind of monster would have selectively eliminated her from our society based on the preconceived idea that her value was not enough.

  5. Well I recently got my blood results back for my unborn baby, and the risks for down syndrome were high, they want to do a amniocentesis, but I am not going to.. my last child born is beautiful and nothing is wrong with her, but I never got that blood test with her, I also have heard a lot of stories about people getting the results back and they are positive for down syndrome and the kids are normal and nothing is wrong. It is something that makes you feel terrified, but you should love your child no matter what. It is sad that women would go out an abort their unborn child because the risk is high but it doesn’t mean that your child will have down syndrome.

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