Where do they find reporters this lazy and stupid?

     The Arizona Daily Star has an article today in which they state that David Jorgenson has funded his campaign “out of his own pocket, records show.” What records? I’d be interested to see them. According to the Clean Elections web site David has received $53,754 from the commission. I doubt David has bothered to reach into his pocket to add to that especially since that would be a major violation.

     I used to get mad at the newspaper for being bias. Now I am just completely amazed at how incredibly sloppy their reporting is.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    The AZ Republic reports that Carolyn Allen has $137,000 and Colette Rosati has $3,000…

    Those are very old Rosati numbers pulled from another story and represent only her seed money. She has nearly $57,000…

    Yup, lazy and sloppy…

  2. RINOspotter says

    No, I suspect it wasn’t anything except calculated, intentional, and coordinated. It set up the Republic’s candidate Allen to be able to also say in their article that Rosati “can’t raise money” from the community (i.e., doesn’t have support) for her campaign. If they had reported the correct $57,000, it wouldn’t have supported the bogus assertion nearly as well.
    I truly doubt it was laziness — it was convenient for them to use the $3k amount.

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