When the consultant becomes the story

It is important in politics for candidates to communicate their message to the voters. Many campaigns hire professional firms to help with this task. When the consulting firm becomes the news story it becomes harder for the campaign to reach voters. That is what seems to be happening with Lincoln Strategy Group, the name de jour for Nathan Sproul and friends. Last week RedArizona published a story that the Bee campaign is not thrilled with an initiative that Sproul’s firm is supporting. Then on Tuesday Seeing Red AZ broke the story that Ann Day will be using Lincoln Strategy. The consultant is generating more news than the candidate.

We have confirmed that the Day campaign will be using Lincoln Strategy but we do not know which team member will be handling her account. There is Nathan himself or she may be working with former Rick Renzi Chief of Staff Brian Murray. It will be interesting to see what kind of material comes from the campaign given Nathan’s previous work in Southern Arizona.


  1. Geez!!! I thought Tim Bee would be more disappointed that Nathan Sproul is charging him $5,000 a month for doing nothing, than an initiative his consultant is doing.!!!

  2. Oh man, so if I gave money to Tim Bee, it went to Sproul? Egads!

  3. Live Free or Die says

    Tim Bee needs to quit holding up the marrige amendment. His stalling has created a crisis. With only 16 traditional marriage Senators and Sen Flake out injured, the bill can’t move. Good job.

  4. I do not know where you guys get your information but Tim Bee is not stupid I doublt he is paying Sproul for doing nothing. Where do you get your figures and facts.. Why are you not picking apart Giffords campaign ? The fact that Sproul is playing a role on Bee’s campaign is old news. I think this blog has become about gossip and character assasination.
    Note to “live free or die”- why don’t you just call Tim Bee and tell him how you feel about the marriage amnedment ?
    That would be a more effective approach.

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