When Janet Contreras Went Viral!

Remember this?

This was Janet Contreras on Glenn Beck’s show in June of 2009. Little did she know that after she got angry with Washington, and inspired millions of Americans, would she jump into the political fire with both feet. On January 8, 2010 after being asked by many supporters, Janet Contreras made it official and launched her campaign to run for Congress against Ed Pastor.

After winning her primary race in August on less than ($50,000), Janet now heads to the final hurdle to defeat 19-year liberal Democrat, Ed Pastor.

In these final days of the election cycle, please tell your friends about Janet Contreras and her effort to overcome the last Democratic stronghold in Arizona. She still needs money to run more ads on radio – donations can be made at NoMasEdPastor.com.

This is our chance for conservatives to make a clean sweep here in Arizona. Let’s get Janet the support she needs to put her over the top on Election Day!

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