What Price Honor?

Allen Award.jpgThe Arizona Republic’s blog has a post concerning State Senator Carolyn Allen. It seems that Sen. Allen has recently picked up an award to add to her resume. According to the Republic, “the Scottsdale Republican picked up her State Arts Leadership Award in Boston earlier this month, appearing on stage with the Boston Pops… The award, presented by the nonprofit Americans for the Arts as well as the National Conference of State Legislatures, recognizes Allen’s work in the Legislature to secure funding for the Arizona Commission on the Arts, as well as her work in pinning down $7 million for the Arizona ArtShare endowment last year. Allen, in a prepared statement, called the award a gratifying recogition of her work for the arts over the years.”

Yet perhaps it compares better to the U.K.’s “Cash for Honors” scandal, in which honors and titles were sold to those who could afford them. This scandal, still under investigation, involves people who made loans to the Labour Government in exchange for their titles. Is it fair to compare this scandal to the award bestowed on Senator Allen? Actually no, it is a quite unfair comparison to those in the U.K. At least they had the decency to purchase their honors with their own money.

The fact is that Senator Allen’s legacy is assured. A rash of awards and honors, each purchased with the money of hard-working taxpayers. In spite of the fact that you won’t find anything in our state constitution making the government the responsible party for funding the arts, Carolyn Allen took it upon herself to take money from education programs, crime fighting programs, and elsewhere to fund arts programs that lacked the support to stand on their own. With the billions of dollars in our economy, or even just the deep pockets in Carolyn Allen’s own district, surely a valuable arts program could find the funding needed to survive? These couldn’t, so that left it up to Allen to steal from the poor to give to the rich. Still, those who know her will not be surprised that she takes great pride in her accomplishments, or that she referred to the award she received as her “own Acadamy Award.”

So the next time you find yourself on West Washington, stop by the Senator’s office and take a moment to share in the afterglow of the awards you find there. After all, you paid for them!


  1. This is a stupid post. Say what you will about Senator Allen, she has been consistent in her support for the arts over the years. Some may disagree with the use of tax payer funding of arts, but surely one cannot say that Senator Allen supported the arts all these years just to get an award or two. She is a believer in the arts and fights for what she believes. Likewise, Karen Johnson doesn’t simply support gun rights measures so that she can get an award from the NRA. The pro-life legislators are not simply pro-life so that they can get an award from CAP. Pro-business legislators don’t fight for business to get recognized by the Chamber. The list can go on. Disagree with her if you will, but her motives are not as suspect as the post makes it sound.

  2. I would disagree with part of your response Kyle. Sure, she’s been consistent, but that’s not a part of the post or a part of the critique. The fact is that she has been careless with our money for her entire career. Look at her scores with the Taxpayer’s groups and you will see her at the bottom of GOP Senators virtually every year. We can all agree with you that she has been consistent.

    But pro-lifers don’t take my money to vote pro-life and pro-gun legislators aren’t spending my money to vote pro-gun.

    The post doesn’t question her motives either. It simply points out that the awards she wins aren’t for fighting for principles. They are for spending our money faster than the rest. Then she glorifies herself for “her commitment” to the arts? Its easy to be committed when you can take the money you need from taxpayers who can’t stop you. A real commitment would have been to go out and raise the money from willing donors.

  3. Legislators who defend the 2nd Amendment or Life are fighting to protect precious rights.

    Legislators who back in the glow of awards for spending our money on a bunch of stuff that government shouldn’t be spending money on are called Democrats or RINOs. Allen is a RINO from way back.

    No, the post doesn’t contain any “newsflash” items, since Allen’s record is well known to most or all of us here. But it is a healthy reminder to folks that we need to pay attention when our elected officials start bragging about their “award-winning” records. Sometimes those awards are for doing the right thing, other times, like this one, they’re just for spending our money on things government has no business in.

  4. Her legacy is certainly assured. A career of awards, purchased with the dollars she took from hard-working taxpayers, just like the post reads. Could that money have been better used on CPS, schools, or fighting crime? Certainly, and it would have been the proper use of it. Instead, Allen used it to “earn” herself her own little Academy Award. Might the award been for “Best Portrayal of a big spending Democrat by a Republican”?

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