What NAFTA Superhighway?

Jim Kolbe is resorting to threats of retaliation from Mexico to push the Canamex Corridor.

It is very sad to see such a fine publication as The Arizona Daily Star join Ron Paul in his belief that an ideology of globalism exists.


  1. cactus wren says

    “such a fine publication as The Arizona Daily Star”
    I had no idea you were a Democrat.
    The Arizona Red Star is a TERRIBLE paper.
    The Citizen has become just as bad.

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    LOL!! Wren, I’m afraid you don’t know OV Dad’s sense of sarcastic humor.

  3. cactus wren says

    Uh oooohhhh..
    Give me time. I’ll learn. :-))
    and, umm.. I’m Sorry, OVD.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    No worries. We’re just glad to have you as a reader and commenter.

  5. What politician in their right mind would consider a North American Union? I haven’t seen any legislation or any gov’t money being spent towards that goal. Ron Paul is not being forthright when he plays this up. Can you name a single elected official that is for a North American Union?

    Having highways that connect isn’t a conspiracy. In may days in WA State, we’d drive up I-5 to the Canadien border & the Canadians would have a hwy that continued up to Alaska…the gov’t would be morons not to link up roads. When Paul says there are plans to pull eminent domain to take land for more roads, I’d like to see the sources sited…because it just isn’t true.

    Trade with other countries is a good thing. Imagine if they could have had an in-land port in tucson, that would bring economic activity which translates into more money for the area.

  6. I don’t know of any politicians that have gone on record officially supporting a NAU, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me. They may just be waiting for it to be packaged in a way that makes it look harmless to most Americans. Given the fact that the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is supported by the majority of the senate and the President, I’m afraid that loss of sovereignty is not such a big deal to a lot of people.

  7. It would surprise me to see any politician push any legislation or spend money anywhere on this…it is simply a conspiracy that doesn’t exist.

    There is no loss of sovereignty in the US and any attempt to give American sovereignty away is ridiculous.

    name ONE American politician that would support it & back it up with factual information…you can’t.

  8. This topic and other fanatical-fringe issues are what gives Ron Paul relevance. If he were just a template Republican, what would set him apart? He has zero electability in the conventional sense. His righteous indignation over alarmist issues strikes a soothing chord in the ear of those waiting for a solid reason to feel good about our future when they feel so bad about our past. They do not want to abandon conservative principles but they cannot attach themselves to candidates they see as status quo. So, revolution rules. This quirky man who is so far out there that it draws attention and defines his existence when all the others are shoulder to shoulder.

    He knows better than to believe his own fear mongering scenarios have a snowballs chance, but just in case someone else doesn’t and would ever begin to try…he is here to protect us.

    Most of us see him for what he is. But, just as our former Governor continues to hold onto the UFO theories, even relatively bright and informed people can hold onto some pretty bizarre notions.

  9. I agree that at this point in time it is nothing but conspiracy garbage. My only point was that if it did somehow wind up on the senate floor, there are people who would vote for it. If you want a name, I’ll start with Bernie Sanders, although I can’t prove it since it hasn’t happened.

  10. Oro Valley Dad says

    “Can you name a single elected official that is for a North American Union?”

    George Bush

    Not only has he consistently neglected to secure the border during his 7 years in office but he wants to give money to Mexico for their prison system. Yes that same Mexico that is awash in cash from their valuable and extensive mineral resources.

    Ann it would certainly be a political upset if Paul won. Please note that Paul is at 8% in NH with Fred Thompson at 3% in the latest Rasmussen poll.

  11. OVD,
    that is not true. Provide ANY evidence that Bush is for a NAU?
    Of course all are not happy with the border issue, but to say that he is conspiring for a NAU is a huge stretch.
    People can support Paul all they want, but if they are supporting him due to a “NAU conspiracy”, they are delusional.

  12. Good morning!
    Michael Medved wrote on the subject of politician “demagogues exploiting” this conspiracy…in 2006 before Paul was even on our radar.


  13. Oro Valley Dad says

    His record while in office.

  14. sheesh, why is everyone hating on Northern Arizona University so much?

  15. cactus wren says

    We’ve got Fox wanting the Amero, and Jarislowsky in Canada avocating for it NOW and plenty of US officials working on borderless highways.

    The eventual nominees from both parties will most likely be members of CFR and I haven’t heard one of them claim they don’t support the CFR view.

  16. Please remove the foil helmets.

  17. cactus wren says

    “Please remove the foil helmets.”
    Is that your comeback when you can’t refute something?

  18. It seems to me the “highway” is already in place, just not as a single, conventionally constructed roadway. It is not the structure that is an issue but the freedom and ease of passage and symbol of oneness that it represents.

    Until we secure our present borders and institute a very clear and distinct practice
    (not just policy) of enforcing our present laws, what difference does it make…really?

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