What Jerry Lewis Really Thinks About Mesa and Arizona


  1. Sounds like straight off the Democrat talking points from last year’s smear of Arizona to stop the implementation of SB1070 … coincidentally while the ATF Phoenix office was pushing FAST and FURIOUS guns thru the illegal network.

  2. True Conservative says

    More deception from the Pearce supporters as the do a hatchet job presenting quotes out of context in a desperate effort to mislead voters.

    Simply stated: we can’t trust the Pearce supporters who are out there acting on his behalf.

    1) They tried to unlawfully run a sham candidate.
    2) They created sham websites pretending to speak for the recall.
    3) They routinely make demonstratively false statements about Lewis and his reputation.

    And now, we can’t even trust them to present excerpts from a televised debate in honest context.

    Why – because Lewis is right on the issues, and Pearce knows it. Lewis is who Pearce wishes he could be. The two men agree on most everything except that Lewis has the leadership, integrity and demeanor to actually put meaningful legislation on the books that won’t get overturned by the courts.

    Pearce has lived his entire professional life drawing a paycheck from the tax coffers. He oversaw the greatest expansion of Arizona’s government when he sat on the appropriations committee. He’s not just tax and spend, his whole professional life has been “tax them so you can pay me.”

    Lewis, in contrast, has lived his life running businesses. While Pearce has been in power killing jobs, Lewis was out creating them. We tried it Pearce’s way. He failed. Say no to professional politicians, say no to Pearce.

    Respect the rule of law, give a voice to the job creators. Vote for Lewis.

    • Russell Pearce won during a normal election with a democratic majority VOTE. Jerry Lewis needs to learn how to read a calendar. He didn’t bother to run during the normal election a few months ago and can’t wait for the next one a few months ahead. Is that how he plans to represent the voters who he tells everyone he thinks are perceived as racist?

    • Say no to career politicians; Pearce has benefitted greatly from being on the public payroll and he’s fighting hard to keep on the receiving end of those benefits.

      • Say no to mindless slogans. Who complains about a career surgeon?

        • Self-imposed term limits are a very good thing. Career politicians lose touch with the people. A successful career at SOMETHING prior to holding public office shows me something about the qualifications of a candidate. Serve for a few years and then step aside and go back to being a good citizen.

          An MBA with no work history isn’t really worth much when I’m vetting a candidate.

          • Normal election cycle is the time to resolve ALL that you’ve grumbled about. You pushing an off-cycle election for excuses that amount to no more mundane political disagreements, is abusive to the voters, the incumbents, our fair system of elections, and the voters.

            • True Conservative says

              It’s your right to oppose the Arizona Constitution, just as it is the right of the 10k LD18 voters to love it.

              • What’s with the slippery twist and fake of insinuating ANYONE who opposes a recall is somehow ipso facto “unconstitutional?”
                This recall is a political hit job. “constitutional” and “unconstitutional” are not being discussed, but the quality and character of the motivations behind it.
                If something is good and proper, then no need to LIE about it, hey?

            • The “normal election cycle” you refer to is just organized chaos where everybody lies and nobody takes the time to really check out the candidates. Then the elected elite take over and do whatever they want. They immediately begin to campaign again to make sure they stay in office.

              As one posted on the AZ Central website today: “Politicians should serve two terms: one in office and one in jail”. I’d have to add: SOME politicians.

              • THat’s a very extremist position to denigrate the normal election cycles, which have served this nation for centuries, in that way. The US system provides or more protections for the “little guy” than in any other country on the planet, bar NONE. And you are pissing on it, denigrating it.

                I’ve been in countries where the normal election cycles were destroyed. It creates chaos and spawns violence. You are promoting anarchy and rule by bullying, hardly “noble” causes or methods.

  3. Mike Triggs says

    I saw a sign that said politicians are like dirty diapers. Sometimes you need to change them for obvious reasons!

    Talk about a stinky campaign.

  4. More garbage from the Pearce propaganda machine. None of it sticks, people like Lewis and are sick of Riss

  5. True Conservative ve (no True MoveOn orger!): “Deception?” When the ads ONLY showing clips of Lewis’ speeches (only came out of hiding twice). Try these FACTS out :

    Lewis Facts:

    1) Lewis committed FRAUD against Arizona by falsifying the number of students at Sequoia Schools, which he used to manage until the State forced him to resign. Lewis asked Joy Christian, doesn’t take public funds, to have their students log on to Sequoia to inflate the number of students.

    A 2009 Audit by AZ showed that Lewis defrauded taxpayers $1.9 million by Lewis falsely reporting an additional 400 Joy Christian students. Lewis was forced to resign and Sequoia had to pay back the $1.9 million to AZ. For more information, go to Sonoran News.

    2) Lewis then became the manager of Pappas School, for underprivileged youths. Lewis was caught (STEALING?) taking from the Homeless Donations. The lawsuit by the teacher(s) is open and pending in MC Superior Court. Click on the link at Sonoran Alliance to print the court documents.

    3) Lewis at the debate equated AZ TODAY with the worst of the lynchings, KKK, and other civil rights travesties. Lewis “AZ is seen as something akin to 1964 Alabama”. (Video above)

    4) The article in the AZ Capital Times by a University of Phoenix lawyer(s) that Lewis’ “slash and burn” tactic in the Cortes lawsuit were brutal and unconstitutional.

    Quotes” The BEGINNING OF THE END OF DEMOCRACY IN ARIZONA. So let’s hope no one ever brings a lawsuit like this again”.

    “After establishing just how far, exactly to the political Right these people can be found on the spectrum, (Lewis’) Ryan executed what was probably the MOST CONSTITUTIONALLY REPUGNANT PART OF HIS LITIGATION STRATEGY -he required each to list every single political ally be name..their political beliefs and goals of their friends.”

    “The government has no right to pass judgment on the associations of its citizens-political, religious, ideological, or otherwise. Yet (Lewis’) Ryan asked a Judge to INVENT A LAW whereby such associations can also give rise to legal and criminal liability.” (AZ Capital Times article)

    5) Lewis claims to be a Republican-no Democrat is running because Lewis is the “sham” Republican. The State GOP and Maricopa County GOP broker tradition of not endorsing a candidate when more than one is running because they KNOW that Lewis is a plant. Pearce has the support of the prominent Republican AZ state officers and legislators.

    6) Lewis refuses to criticize/denounce his puppet master, Randy Parraz. Parraz is a union organizer and promoter of class warfare paid $117K a year by the unions (unioncheck.com) to disrupt and attack conservatives. Add in Lewis’ La Raza (kill whites) and AZtlan (return AZ to Mexico) buddies-Snow, Parraz, Grijalva, Pastor, Reze- and you have a witches’ brew.

    7)As US Senator Trent Franks stated in his endorsement of State Senator President Pearce, please do not allow the “Looney Left” to take over Arizona, “flooding Million(s) into the state from outside unions , to pay for Open Border Activists to swarm Mesa’s neighborhoods.

    • True Conservative says

      Thanks for the cut-and-paste. What is that, the third or fourth time? I understood the SA was looking to do away with such nonsense.

      I destroyed your false statements elsewhere. You’re just making things up, and your comments tell us more about Pearce than they do Lewis.

  6. Maybe diapers are required for the infants who can’t wait until the next normal election.

    • True Conservative says

      oy gestalt, what a way with the words you have.

      • Ah. You are the definition of chutzpah. THe man who murders his parent then appeals for pity from the court on the grounds of being an orphan.

    • Wanumba,

      Someone must be really pushing your buttons; your posts used to be somewhat thoughtful and “intellectual” for the most part. To now this cynical trashing of fellow posters?

      • Beverly. I have been called all the names in the book by Democrats who didn’t like the facts so they attacked me and “conservative” in the most personalized manner they could make up, and then posted right here to everyone could read the spew.

        I am VERY civil. I will call out a lie when I see one. Even though I strongly disagree with your argument, which I have plainly detailed as to why I disagree with it, I have not uttered a syllable against you the person, have I? If I saw someone attacking you personally, I would call foul and object. I can ridicule a position, a statement, a political stance, but to attack a human being, hit them where they are personally vulnerable… no.

        I have lived in countries for the past twenty years where they destroyed the normal elective processes.I KNOW what happens when that happens. You actually don’t have any exprience with this or you would be much more hesistant to lend your support to an unnecessary recall. If you had seen what I have seen, you would be AFRAID to go that route. The Democratic Party is publically advertizing, it plans to unleash MORE recalls across the country. This is a direct attack on our Constitution. It will have terrible repercussions for EVERYONE if allowed to succeed.

  7. Mike Teiggs says

    I am a bog fan of the ballot initiative that would do away with Primaries as we know them. All candidates, Republicans Democrats, Greens, Libertarian and Independents would be on the primary ballot and the top two finishers would go on to the General Election. It would certainly do a number on the extremists on both the right and left and would make candidates appeal to those in the middle. (think of it like a Mesa recall with two republicans (if you count out Olivia Cortes. The sham candidate who has withdrawn from the race). Voters could then determine do I want a conservative Republican who might vote with my best interests dome of the time or do I want a Conservative Republican who will represent my best interests nonebof the time.

    I like it a lot. Signatures are being collected now to put it on the ballot.

    Power to the people -not the special interests and out of touch parties.

    • “people” as defined as “Democrats Only” as you don’t want any power to as you put it, “”out of touch parties.”
      How “out of touch” is the Democrat Party going to be if it succeeds eliminating the oppostion, after much hysterical, unfair demonization? Every Democrat going to be “nice” all of a sudden, stop calling their political opponents nasty names? From where will the “compassion and “fairness come? We haven’t seen it.

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