What about actual campaign committee papers?

     I should go easy on Scarpinato except he gets paid real money to do this. Last I checked filing for a Campaign Committee qualified for more than talk. Getting people to donate (from the full ideological spectrum of your party no less) and signing up for a national campaign school for women should qualify you for mention in a story about the district in which you are running. Then again maybe someone has a bias. There is a purpose for blogs after all. Who would correct the professional media?


  1. OVD,
    do you have the link to the AZ SOS that confirms filings?

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    You ask, we answer.

    Go to the link below and under Office code(s): scroll down to State Representative – District 26 and then click Start Search.


    So easy a professional journalist should be able to do it.

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