Western Free Press Poll: Who won the MSNBC Politico GOP Presidential Debate


  1. Lesson for all online pollsters: Ron Paul supporters will “flash mob” any online poll they can access. Thus, the actual results of any online presidential polls must first subtract the Ron Paul numbers – a data outlier – in order to see a more accurate result.

    • uh, are you seriously kidding right now? You do realize the majority of RON PAUL supporters have jobs, are in the military, or are busy trying to EMPLOYEE people as owners in a struggling economy.

      Wow, I cant even believe just how stupid americans have become.

    • Why is it so hard to believe that millions of Americans support Ron Paul? Instead of relying on the talking heads to tell you what Ron Paul is all about how about picking up a book and reading something other that People magazine? Try End the Fed and you will become a Ron Paul supporter also.

  2. In the case of this poll, it appears that the accurate winners are Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

    • You are a political consultant? You must not be very good at your job, you sure don’t know how to pick a winning candidate. Ron Paul is winning. Get over it and quit trying to spread lies and disinformation. There is no Ron Paul poll flash mob. We are citizens who are sick of the global elites who are trying to run the world, bankrupt nations and fight endless wars. You suck.

  3. You’ve got to hand it to the Ronulans (Paulbots, Paulestinians); they sure do know how to flash-mob polls!

  4. Well how can you tell who won since Ron Paul and Herman Cain were asked like 2 questions a piece, because you put a Republican debate on the most liberal newstation with the most communistic liberals asking the questions!!!! Our Representative Republic is lost!!!!! Everything is controlled by the Government and the media!!!!! Now we have to hear moron and another speech tonight cuz he loves hearing himself talk!!!! I’ll quote my brothers text to me today…”I WISH Obama would’ve proved us wrong and cared about the people!!!! The fact is, he is a union slave and a retard”!!!! Goodbye America, I tryed to save you when I was serving but find out we are our own worst enemy!!!!!! Worse than the terrorists is out own Government and the Media!!!!

    • CD6 Businessman says

      Claiming our government and the media are worse than terrorists that have mass murdered thousands of innocent civilians is a claim hardly worth responding to. However the part of your post that disturbs me the most is your excessive use of exclamation points.

      • freedomfighter357 says

        How many Iraq civilians are dead due to the war? How many? 600 thousand? 1 million?.. All because of lies, lies, and more lies… yeah, the government and media that pushed that war are totally RESPONSIBLE for those deaths! But what do you care.. they’re just some brown people that speak funny on the other side of the world that you’ll never see or meet… Only American lives that are lost are of any value.

  5. Newt Gingrich is still running for President?

  6. MesaConservative21 says

    I am really starting to wonder how Ron Paul people do it? How do they flash mob a poll.

  7. Ron Paul has a lot of supporters. You do not believe this because you watch the mainstream media who condition your mind to really think he doesn’t have a chance. It’s so blatantly obvious. Get your heads out of your asses and wake up. There is NO difference between obama,perry,romney etc. They let you feel in control by giving you the option of a couple of sleeze balls, but they all answer to the same lobbyists.

    • freedomfighter357 says

      Pointing out the truth is lost on these Americans… Why bother? They will never wake up! History tells us this time after time after time. Most people just don’t have the ability to think for themselves. It’s a FACT! Democrats and Republicans don’t care that their being lied to over and over… just as long as their party sits in the White House they could care less! Ron Paul’s message of Liberty is 100% lost on most Americans due to the fact they have no understanding of the word. I mean… 46+ million Americans are on Food stamps and even more are on some type of government assistance… do you really think these people want to take responsibility for themselves????? On the GOP side, well, they’re just completely brain dead… They think “War on Terror” is real… Believe killing people all over the world is a great way to spread freedom! I could go on forever…

  8. Re: Ron Paul,

    Ron Paul is the closest thing we have to getting back to the principles that launched the most successful country in the history of the world now being taking down by corruption at unprecedented levels.

    George washington in his fair well address warned Americans about just everything that is now wrong with our country. I have provided a link below to enlighten those who care.

    The powers that be want to maintain the status quo and and tramp all over the constitution at will.

    In case nobody has noticed it is not working to well and as Ron Paul pointed out if everyone respected the oath of office and followed the constitution they swore and oath to uphold there would be nothing to fight about.

    The government is stripping away our liberties as fast as they can in the name of security. Remember Benjamin Franklin’s statement?

    “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security”

    By msnbc.com staff
    Predator drones are being used in domestic law enforcement cases, raising concerns that the aircraft are being deployed beyond the missions that Congress originally authorized them for, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

    http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/washing.asp George Washington’s Fair Well Address Save America and vote for real change. Vote Ron Paul and shake up the establishment.


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