Western Free Press: Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission — Public Comment Session — July 21, 2011

At South Mountain Community College, July 21, 2011, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission sought public comment. The following unedited video was recorded at that session.

This video is just part 1 of 11 unedited videos. Western Free Press has covered the Independent Redistricting Commission’s actions from the beginning.

Western Free Press is dedicated to generating public dialogue on Arizona’s most important issues and figures. 


  1. Phillip the Great says

    OMG I just looked at the 15:00 timestamp…if you guys or someone could just edit the feed and give us a 30 second summary we’d love it. And if you could figure out how to charge for it you’d be rich.

    If your goal is to generate senseless dialogue, well that’s just pathetic.

    I’m looking for a long term writer-reader relationship with decent people who are also creative but not also weird.

  2. Philip the “great” (great what?). That’s twice you’ve slammed an upcoming alternative media source which unlike the lamestream media locally hasn’t had GENERATIONS to get it right.

    Cut them some slack and maybe you could enlighten them with some CONSTRUCTIVE input?

  3. Western Free Press says

    We are working on a summarized video, but as indicated, there is a lot of video. We also think it is important to get the entire unedited video out to the public. We always appreciate input.

  4. Hey Philip the Great – I guess you want it cut down to a couple bullet points so you can understand? Maybe you could use the freakin scrub bar at the bottom and just watch a portion that you want to see? Oh, thats to hard and inconvenient. Phil, quick cheap and easy may be what you prefer, but that is what is dumbing down our country. maybe you want Keith Olberman to summerize for you.
    I think Western should be commended for making the effort to publicize an important govt function that most people wont pay attention to cause they are too cheap quick and easy just like Phil.
    When the redistricting process is scrapped and the lines are drawn in the courts, a whole bunch of know nothings will be griping that they werent included.

  5. Arizona Gal says

    Thank you Western Free Press for filming and allowing the public to see united videos. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you. We consider it our job and our pleasure.

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