Wes Is NOT Worthy

Anyone who thinks they will be casting a vote for a Republican if they vote for Wes Gullett for Phoenix Mayor is vastly mistaken.  Wes is a top supporter of liberal Democrats like Raul Grijalva, Harry Mitchell, Ed Pastor, Tom Daschle, and David Obey.  Wes gave Raul Grijalva $1,000 the same week Grijalva called for a boycott against Arizona over SB 1070, and Wes DID NOT EVEN DEMAND A REFUND!  (Check it out by going to the FEC website and typing Gullett in).

Well Wes, better late than never, if you are really a Republican why don’t you demand a refund of the money you gave to Raul Grijalva to help him keep his Congressional seat so he could continue his radical left-wing assault on Arizona and America??!!  All told, Wes has given nearly $20,000 to liberal Democrats in the last few years.

Wes is also a big contributor to the Arizona Democrat Party, shelling out $500 for them during Napolitano’s reign of error. (Search here). Oh, almost forgot—Wes has so many left-wing flaws that his support for Janet Napolitano almost gets lost in the shuffle.   Napolitano almost bankrupted our state, but there was Wes cheering her on.  Anyone who thinks this uberlobbyist insider will actually cut government needs to face the facts.

Gullett has also admitted working for the Service Employees International Union, which organized the 1070 boycott of Arizona.  

Gullett has also fought to maintain taxpayer funded welfare benefits for illegal aliens, as well as to keep it nice and easy for them to vote illegally (probably for lefties like Wes.)  Fortunately the voters of Arizona passed Proposition 200 in 2004, despite Wes’ urging a NO vote on this.  Wes thought that illegal aliens should be able to collect welfare from you and me, and not be bothered with things like having to show a real I.D. (NOT a matricula consular) at the polling place.

Wes should not be rewarded for being a RINO—his voter registration is the ONLY thing Republican about Wes.  There’s a word for such a shameless play–dishonesty.

Those who are tempted to vote for him should also consider what his real ambition is, and that is the Senate seat that Senator McCain will leave in 2016.  The timing would be perfect for Wes if he could just get elected Mayor—he could spend four years boosting his profile and getting good press from his left-wing buddies at the Republic, then run.

Senator Gullett would make even the most hardcore JD Hayworth supporter pine for the conservative by comparison days of John McCain as our senator.  Gullett is a VERY close confidante of Senator McCain, having worked for him and managed his campaigns. 

Let’s not kid yourselves, when we settle for RINOs we just encourage more of them.

NO Wes for US Senator, NO Wes for Mayor.  NO MORE RINO’s!


  1. amattclarkson says

    Why do I feel this is coming from either a Stanton staffer or Tea Partier?

    • And what’s wrong with the Tea Party? Pretty telling that a Gullett supporter would put a Stanton staffer and a Tea Party member in the same category. We are sick of the insiders and lobbyists of EITHER party who think that voters will continue to buy the same old BS. Wes has been one of the most vicious RINOs of the last 20 years and it’s time he gets a little bit of what he has dished out over the years as John McCain’s hatchet man.

  2. Elmer Bringleson says

    So let me guess AZBook Burner – Phoenix Republicans should voted for Stanton for Mayor!

    I am so flipping tired of hearing this RINO flap. First of all you had your chance with that Wright woman and we know how that turned out. Randy Pullen ran for Mayor last time. You see where that got you.

    This is a chance to elect a REAL Republican. Wes and his wife Debra are lovely people. Phoenix Republicans should be proud to call them party members.

  3. “Lovely people” don’t promote abortion, Elmer. This is a race between Jim Jeffords Gullett & Bernie Sanders Stanton. Not much of a choice.

  4. Phillip the Great says

    This is politics, people. As in “choose the lesser of two evils.” Actually applies to parties as well as candidates. Gullet has been a political operative and a lobbyist. He’s probably done lots of things some people don’t like. But EVERYTHING Stanton does supports Democrat ideals.

    • Conservative American says

      That’s your defninition of politics, Phillip.

      Tell us again about how similair The Constitution of The United States and the Communist Constitution are. I really loved that one from you, LOL! 😉

  5. The enemy of the good is the perfect.

    • Conservative American says

      Ah yes, quoting B. Hussein Obama who said, “Let not the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Great guy to quote on a Conservative website!

  6. Down with Stanton says

    Wake up people! If we don’t beat Stanton now, he’ll be our governor in 3 years: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlOYpJxN3Lw&feature=player_embedded

    • Conservative American says

      Let’s look at the other possibility based upon your logic. If Gullett wins then he will be our governor in 3 years!

  7. Jay Williams says

    They are both liberals, and I will not cast a vote for either.

    Hearing that Gullett supports a sales tax for the arts was the last straw.

    I understand the need to get liberals out of office, but they must be replaced by reliable conservatives like Sal DiCiccio and Jennifer Wright not ‘squishy’ RINOs like Gullett.

    We have better ideas for all levels of government and if not now, but eventually, we will elect a real conservative as mayor.

  8. Wow, if you had spent as much time looking at Wes’ actual policies as you did on this post you might learn something.

    Specifically, he has a jobs plan that will get Phoenix working again. (http://wesgullett.com/on-the-issues/seven-point-jobs-plan) .

    A government reform package that will get rid of bonus for everyone and give incentives to only to the top employees. (like the private sector) This will not only save money, but will allow them to repeal the food tax. (http://wesgullett.com/on-the-issues/better-government/)

    He has also offered to give up a year on his term to move the city elections to coincide with the Governor’s election. This will not only save money, but will make the city more accountable to the voters. http://wesgullett.com/wes-gullett-announces-major-election-reform-for-the-city-of-phoenix/

    But hey, what do I know? You should just keep doing exactly what you are doing and not vote. That is exactly what the Democratic party is counting on. While you are sitting at home, why don’t you go ahead and go online and change your voting registration to “chicken.”

  9. TrueAmericanConservative says

    Yeesh, man! These aren’t child molesters giving money. Get real.

  10. Jay Williams says

    Thanks for the education Terry, but those of us who have been around for awhile are familiar with Wes and his buddies.

    He was opposed to Prop 200, which laid the groundwork for our victories in stopping illegal immigration. Is that how he’s going to get “Phoenix working again” by opposing laws that will stop illegals?

    The Democrats count on us to betray our principles and elect people who will compromise with them. I am not interested in that. We made great strides in Congress last year, we must continue to back the right candidates, and not people like Gullett who will sell us out.

    • TrueAmericanConservative says

      @Jay: Without compromise, we’ll never get anywhere. Consider immigration: neither we nor the left will budge. So what’s happened? Neither side has gotten anything. Stagnation. Immigration is just one example. I’m not happy with the status quo. Are you?

      • Conservative American says

        Without compromise Conservatives will prevail.

        TAC wrote: “Consider immigration: neither we nor the left will budge. So what’s happened? Neither side has gotten anything. Stagnation. Immigration is just one example.”

        Well ‘ya see, TAC, it’s like this. The battle isn’t over and it isn’t going to be over until Conservatives win. Thanks for the Liberal, leftist psychological warfare, trying to get us to throw in the towel. You throw in your towel!

  11. Audrey Hainley says

    Arizona is a red state. The danger isn’t Stanton being able to win higher office, it’s Gullett winning higher office. When McCain goes, let’s not let it be with his heir-apparent sitting in the mayor’s seat.

  12. What a joke! Sorry to say, but McCain is not going anywhere, come 2016 if we still have a country, you can bet McCain is going to run again. And if these RINOs want to run for higher office, they are going to have to gear their policies to a more conservative ideology. If you do not believe me look at the election for the Weiner seat in NY, who would have thought that a Conservative could have won there. Oh well, you Stanton stooges are real fun to read.

  13. Gullett–Has he not been a registered Congressional lobbyist ?

  14. Jay Williams says

    @azcowpoke – he lobbied for earmarks, I.e. – growing government.

  15. Steve Calabrese says

    Ok, someone is going to lead Phoenix for the next several years.

    Should it be the sometimes-conservative Gullett or the raving leftist Stanton?

    Krysten Sinema has made it very clear that she will be ecstatic if Stanton wins. There’s a reason for that.

    • Look Steve,

      When you WILLINGLY choose evil, what happens?

      When you encourage others to do the same what happens?

      When people collectively KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY physically select evil, what do you get?

      I appreciate what you believe to be your own pragmatism, but it’s precisely your point of you which has landed us with progressively worse and more liberal traitor RINOs and candidates to select from.

      As long as you continue to take your lesser evil position, it will continue to get worse.

      You have to draw the line somewhere.

      • TruestoftheTrueAmericanConservative says

        Right, that’s why it was better for Obama to win and give Supreme Court positions to Kagan and Sotomayor, who will be on the bench for 40 years spewing liberal tripe, because it would’ve been so much worse to have that lesser of two evils McCain …

        Someone above said the perfect is the enemy of the good. how true. The perfect is the friend of the worst.

        • That’s utter nonsense. The GOP picked the LOSING candidate when it picked McCain, therefore an Obama win was inevitable.

          In this case we are facing a potential Gullet as US Congressman or US Senator. That’s what must be stopped at all costs.

        • Conservative American says

          That’s why it’s better to offer a Conservative candidate instead of an anti-Conservative candidate like John McCain.

  16. Sorry Steve. I normally respect your opinion, but Stanton and Gullett are virtually the same. The Mayor’s office is lost, it’s only one vote of nine. We need to focus on ousting Thelda Williams and electing Eric Frederick. This will get us to four conservatives, not the majority we need, but considering where we were, which was zilch before Sal’s appointment, we’re gaining ground quickly. In two years we can focus on Simplot and Johnson’s open seat. We get a conservative in one of those two seats and we’ll have a majority, then the liberal Gullett/Stanton agenda will be toast.

  17. Goldwater Conservative says

    Stanton and Gullett are NOT the same. Stanton is an out-and-out socialist. If you listen to him in debates, he thinks the only problem with the City of Phoenix is that the city isn’t spending enough money. While Gullett may not be a conservative’s dream come true, he is all that stands in the way of financial ruin in Phoenix.

    In the Spring, the union contracts will be renegotiated. Stanton WILL roll over and sign off on ANYTHING presented to him. Gullett at every debate has committed to reforming the union contracts.

    Look at how much Obama has accomplished in just a few years. Stanton is woven from the same cloth. Phoenix CANNOT afford Stanton. Every Phoenix-loving voter MUST go to the polls and cast their ballot for Gullett. Any one who sits this one out on “principle” can pat themselves on the back when Phoenix morphs into Detroit.

    And this is coming from someone who steadfastly supported Wright. She may have been my first choice, but my LAST choice is Stanton!

    • Gullett is an out and out socialist.

      Give it a rest.

      Arizona, the US and the WORLD cannot afford Gullet. As the author of this SA post pointed out Gullett is running for this seat only to stage for Senate.

      Make no mistake. YOU MUST STOP GULLETT NOW.

  18. Sorry @Goldwater Liberal, but I’m not supporting someone who embraces the pro-illegal agenda. We can’t afford Stanton or Gullett, both are going to push us toward ruin.

    Wes is going to disappoint and give Republicans a bad name. I prefer focusing on electing Frederick and applying pressure with our four votes. We have already changed the narrative in city hall in our favor. We must think longer-term, and elect conservatives and not triage the one vote lost to the liberals in the Mayor’s office.

  19. Conservative American says

    As is too often the case, we are being offered the choice of being hanged with an old rope or a new one. Republicans need to come up with a better alternative. I won’t vote for Stanton but I’m not going to vote for Gullett either.


      When the Republican party runs a Republican, I’ll vote for him! Until then they’ll need to EARN MY VOTE.

      • Observer,

        Parties have primary elections so that the members of those parties can choose their candidate for the general election. If you and your fellow Repulicans don’t pick Republicans to represent you in the general election, then your party is really messed up and you’re messed up for associating yourself with it. But wait, why wasn’t there a primary election for the Republican party in the Mayor’s race? Oh yeah, because it isn’t a partisan race. So, there were a number of registered Republicans who ran for this office, and one of them was able to advance. What is it exactly that you were expecting from your party in this case???

  20. Same here. I couldn’t choke up a vote for Gullett, I know too much about him and his “lovely” wife.

    The simple fact that the majority of voters in Phoenix were willing to advance these two into the runoff speaks volumes about the type of government said voters want. So let them have it. We’ll see how much they still want it in four years …

    • TruestoftheTrueAmericanConservative says

      That’s exactly the junior-high level thinking (I’m going to take my ball and go home!) that got you Obama and his two lifetime supreme court appointments. Nice work.

      • Conservative American says

        Wrong, TAC. Republicans chose to run John McCain, a canidate who couldn’t win. That’s why we got Obama. The best part is, they haven’t learned a thing from McCain’s failure and they’re doing the same thing again in the City of Phoenix mayoral election.The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing while expecting a different outcome.

      • Gullet = increased property taxes, and entrenched unions.

        We’ll get that with Stanton too, but here’s why it’s worse when Gullet, a presumed Republican does it:

        It gives the mainstream media ammo to say hey, look, even Republicans support this.

        It will take ALL POWER OF OPPOSITION to government growth, property tax increases, and public employee unions away from us. ALL.

        Gullet must be defeated. It’s the worst of all possible worlds.

  21. Conservative American says

    This election will hang on what Republicans see as most important. Is it more important to keep a Democrat out of office or is it more important to make it clear to the Republican Party that as long as they continue to offer up lackluster, “moderate” candidates they aren’t going to win. I see the latter as more important. Why?

    On one hand, we are looking at one term possibly going to Stanton. On the other hand, we are looking at having an impact on the sorts of candidates which Republican offer up from here on out. I want the Republican Party to cease offering up loser, “moderate” candidates and to start offering up candidates who reflect Conservative Republican positions and values. “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” I want to teach the Republican Party how to fish so that they can get candidates elected going into the future.

    • Dude – it’s a non-partisan race for crying out loud!!!!

      The Republican Party and Democratic Party each had candidates in round one that ran the full spectrum of polical idealogy. Unlike a primary situation, all Phoenicians (liberals, moderates, conservatives, libertarians, greens, rent-it-too-damn-highers, etc) had the chance to vote for anyone in the entire pool, and the outcome could have been that 2 liberals would be vying for the mayoral job.

      As it stands, we have 2 candidates with different priorities on how to take the city forward. If you were to list their positions and priorities on paper, in a blind comparison without any awareness of party affiliation, name ID, or politican contributions, which candidate would you choose? that’s the grown-up way to approach this.

      Your argument is more commonly made in the context of a primary election not resulting in a candidate that is sufficiently aligned with conservative principles. I have never heard anyone take this attitude in a non-partisan election, probably because it is illogical to do so.

      unfortunately, in this sound-bite world we live in, people rally around an idea without thinking it through. If enough people blindly fall in line with this logic because some conservative leaders are pushing it in their LD meetings or Tea Party rallies, then all we’re going to get is Stanton for mayor. It will do nothing to improve the Republican Party, which actually did a field some good conservatives in this election. It just couldn’t get enough liberals and moderates to vote for them.

      In my LD, which is quite conservative, everyone is pushing strongly for Gullett. We understand how the world works.

      Oh my, I must either be a McCain staffer, an Obama plant, or a RINO, which are the only possible explanations why somecould could disagree with a self-proclaimed anonymous conservative. I can’t think of any others, can you?

  22. “That’s exactly the junior-high level thinking (I’m going to take my ball and go home!) that got you Obama and his two lifetime supreme court appointments. Nice work.”

    Ah yes. When you don’t have a rational argument, go with an insult. Good job.

    McCain staffer, yes? …

  23. Stanton is a disaster, that’s a given. What you’re not getting is that Gullett would be the same disaster only he’s going to have an “R” next to his name. If Phoenix is going to turn into a over-taxed sanctuary city, let the Democrats own it. Unfortunately, we have to vote for Stanton so when he screws over the greater Phoenix area, it isn’t a Republican at fault. The worse we make the Democrats look the better.

    • Conservative American says

      I won’t vote for Stanton because he doesn’t represent what I want any more than Gullett does. I won’t vote for a candidate unless he or she represents my Conservative point of view.

    • James Logan,

      Phil Gordan is a Democrat, but officially the mayors office is a non-partisan office, so you won’t see news article or reports referring to Phil as a Democrat, like you would expect to see for your local legislator or congressman.

      The problems with Phoenix, and the ideas, decisions, and policies, that led us to where we are, are case studies on FAILED POLICY. The Democrats do not own this. Phil’s failed policies do. If the Democratic party is arguing in favor of continuing those policies, or agreeing with them, then they are the owners of FAILED POLICY. If Wes becomes mayor and the city continues in a bad direction, the Republican Party won’t be stained unless it is in agreement with those policies that are causing us grief.

      Do not use this election as a way of sending a message to the Republican Party. Save that for the partisan elections!!!

      Use this election as a way of doing what is right for Phoenix!!! If you didn’t like Phil’s leadership, then hold your nose and vote for Gullett.

      And I’m not a Gullett staffer. I actually work for McCain. Just kidding, but I already know a lot of people will accuse me of something along those lines…

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