Wes Gullett: ‘Thank You’






Dear Friends,

This has been a long journey together.

I started this campaign nearly a year ago as a long-shot outsider up against the status quo, and with your help, we turned this into a serious, aggressive campaign that forced the politicians to talk about issues they didn’t want to talk about.

While we may not have gotten the result we sought, I want to you to know that your generous support for my candidacy is something I will always remember. This campaign was made up of many people who worked hard every day – you put up signs, opened your homes and talked to your neighbors. For that, I will forever be grateful.

And our efforts were not in vain. Together we created a voice for Phoenix taxpayers who are frustrated by the status quo and who were looking for something different. We changed the dialogue, and I hope, changed the future.

I talked a lot in this campaign about making Phoenix the greatest city in America.

I truly believe that, and while I may not have won this election, I’m still committed to that.

Again, thank you to all friends, old and new, who joined me on this journey. I could not have done it without you.



  1. Thank You Wes for running and standing for the people of Phoenix! We look forward to great things from you in the future!

  2. True Conservative says

    If you hadn’t gone negative, so soon and so loudly, you may have won.

    Many people I know simply couldn’t stand to hear another whine about this lie or that lie. Don’t tell us what you aren’t, tell us what you are. Don’t tattle on your opponent, inform us on your character. BTW: you can’t do both in the same press release. As soon as you start to whine, your message is lost and you are relegated to being the kid on the playground with the runny nose.

    Fire your consultants, rally your troops through positive works as a builder, not a destroyer, and come back again.

    I wish you nothing but the best.

    • “If you hadn’t gone negative, so soon and so loudly, you may have won.”

      Yup. He made a bad miscalculation in thinking Phoenix would fall under the thrall of a Walker/Kasich type politican. Phoenix is a blue-collar city – teachers, garbagemen, cops, firefighters, your standard office drone… And we don’t think of our neighbors as the enemy.

      Also, those “Taxpayers Support Wes Gullett” were laughable. I know he needed something to try to balance the “Firefighters and Police Support Greg Stanton” signs, but they were emiently mockable.

    • Is it not the job of a candidate to point out the other candidate’s flaws?

  3. Conservative American says

    My subjective interpretation of events is as follows:

    Mr. Gullett lost because he couldn’t get Republican voters to turn out for him in sufficient numbers. He couldn’t rally the Republican voter base. What was to rally about? Mr. Gullett’s total history is, to say the least, “lackluster”.

    The “moderate” so called “Republicans” continue to field candidates which guarantee Democrat victories. They did it with McCain and now they have done it with Gullett. While pundits like Karl Rove continue to tell us that conservatives can’t get elected, their lackluster “moderate” candidates continue to get their butts kicked big time by Democrats. ‘Ya think it’s time to rethink things, Mr. Rove, or do you actually prefer seeing Democrats win? I’m definitely beginning to wonder!

  4. Hello, I’m sorry that the election didn’t go your way, you had my vote but please have your camp take dowm your signs. Thank you, J Syith

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