Wes Gullett: Stanton keeps lying

CONTACT: Daniel Scarpinato

New mailer uses claims already debunked

PHOENIX – Career politician Greg Stanton continues his campaign of lies and deception, demonstrating he’ll do anything to become Mayor, including making up his own facts.

His latest attack piece (attached), repeats lies about Wes Gullett that have already been called “false” and “misleading” by the Arizona Republic. Both claims received ZERO stars by the Republic’s Fact Check.

“Greg Stanton is a career politician who will go to any length to get elected, including lying to the voters,” said Gullett spokesman Daniel Scarpinato. “To Greg Stanton, facts just don’t matter. The truth doesn’t matter. If Greg Stanton won’t tell the truth now, just image what kind of lies he’ll tell as Mayor.”

Stanton and outside shadow groups pouring money into his campaign have made false and negative attacks the highlight of his campaign for Mayor. In fact, another outrageous mailer by a union group supporting Stanton includes religious imagery in an attempt to win votes. Stanton has refused to condemn the mailer.



  1. While I have never voted for a Dem and never will (i.e. I will not cast a vote for Stanton), I will also never EVER vote for a “Republican for Janet”, i.e. Wes Gullett.

    He is not the “lesser of two evils”. A vote for Gullet is a vote to open the conservative gates to let the barbarians inside.

    He must never be able to get into a position of public trust where he can enrich himself or stage for higher office. Again, he is a Republican for Janet. In other words, a Dem.

    I will vote against all overrides and bonds.

    Hint: How will Gullett himself vote on the overrides and bonds? Likely in favor as he has never, EVER opposed raising property taxes.

  2. Oberserve, you just dont understand that Gullett is a working man outsider. He has never been involved in these high stakes politics, he has just been a strategy planner for businesses.
    Gullett only supported Janet because he thought it was a strategic act of good will. Maybe his business benefitted from the relationship, but hey, thats what you need to do if you live in arizona.
    Gullett was opposed by most of his own legislative district to become a precinct committeman, only becuase they all didnt understand what an outsider everyman he really is.

    • LOL. I know you must be kidding! (Takes me a while sometimes 😛 )

      He was McCain’s chief of staff as far back as 1988 if not further.

      He knows where his bread is buttered.

  3. True Conservative says

    Oy, I can not wait for this election to end. Glad I don’t live in PHX so as to have to actually vote for one of these “people.”

    For more from AZ about lieing politicians, please see.




    I can not believe either of these guys has the gall to call the other a liar!

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