Weekly newspaper disenfranchising rural voters!


     The problem with hiring college students to intern for your newspaper is that sometimes they do not know much about the topic they cover. A classic example is a story in the recent issue of the Tucson Weekly by Megan Neighbor. She writes an article about Legislative District 30 and comes up with following line:

Dalessandro has a much tougher job in winning the district, which is home to 13,000 more Republicans than Democrats.

     Megan might have made the mistake of looking at Pima County registration numbers for District 30, where there are about 33,000 Democrats and 46,000 Republicans. Just like Megan wrote, a difference of 13,000 votes. Problem is District 30 spans 3 counties, Pima, Cochise, and Santa Cruz. For sure the Santa Cruz portion of District 30 barely has enough voters to matter. The District 30 portion of Cochise does not have too many voters but it does have a sizable Republican edge, about 4,000 more Republicans than Democrats. Overall the Republicans have a 17,000 vote advantage in the district.

     According to our sources Frank Antenori is in the lead with David Gowan and Andrea Dalessandro battling it out for second place. I wonder how Andrea’s strong New Jersey accent and open border policies play in Cochise? Antenori is running traditional so he has to raise money the old fashion way. Gowan is using Clean Elections so the more money that pours into the district the more checks get mailed to Gowan. I wonder how he will spend all that cash? We’ll have to wait and see how the voting goes but at least you now know the correct voter registration numbers.


  1. Glendale GOP says

    Gowan will get around $40k and he’ll need all of it because the Democrats and their union bretheren have already spent almost $100,000 trying to turn their Jersey girl into a Cochise chick. Antenori may have even less than Gowan.

  2. GOP Spartan says

    Maybe Andrea can get Tony Saprano to do some commercials for her.

    He’s a big fan of unions too!

  3. Rural voters are regularly disenfranchised in this state. I am too tired this morning to expand so I will only say: Good post.

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